My Little Brother

Written by , on 2018-10-01, genre incest

I'm Jane 34 divorced no children, I'm the second oldest of 5 children. A lawyer by profession and lived by myself. My mother rang earlier in the year, as my brother David was going to go to the local university near me. David 18 the youngest of the children in our family, is a very quiet shy boy. Keeps to himself and never engages in much outside the family. He very smart and is tech wizard, at 10 yrs old he fixed my old computer. It was beyond I was told and he fixed it. Increasing it speed and saving my work files for my final year in university, the local repairman said They were unable to do. That saved me a lot of work doing them again. So mom wanted me to let David stay with me while he went to university. I agreed and a week later he arrived, he kept to himself as usual and rarely left his room. When not at the university, my laptop was playing up and I asked him to look at it. He fixed it and I had mention at work how good he was at fixing computers, so when the chambers head laptop failed and it contained files for an upcoming trail and no one could retrieve them. He asked me could David have a look at it for him. The next morning Saturday I brought David into work with me and he had a look at the computer. He was unable to fix it, but was able to recover all its file by hooking up its harddrive to another computer. My boss was very impressed and got some computer repair work, so he started making some money to help with his expenses. It soon became known around the legal proffession, thet if your computer crashed or other problems he would most likely be able to fix it or retrieve files for you. Anyway I came home from work later than usual and went straight to the bathroom and walked in on David showering and caught him midstroke masturbating. I was shocked by the sight, not of him naked or him masturbating. But by the size of his cock, it must have been at least 12 inches long and 4 or so inches round. It was massive, I left the bathroom and all I could think about was his cock. It was a Friday night and I got hornier and hornier, after a while thinking alone. I went to his room to apologize to him for walking in on him, he was quiet as usual and accepted my apology. I asked him if he had ever been with a girl and he said No, he wasn't comfortable around women other than then family. I said you start meeting people, I too shy around strangers, I'm okay if I'm working on something, but not just talking with them. I couldn't resist having another look at his cock and asked may I see it. At first he was hesitant, but agreed and dropped his pants for me to see it. I just had to touch it and then I started to stroke it, it soon harded up and so I got him to lay on his bed and I said I would get him off. I continued to stroke and start to lick it and then suck it. I got very wet and horny and then undressed and got on top of him and lowered myself on to his massive cock. He just laid there and I came first then him, I stayed the night with and have started to fuck him on a regular basis. My mother Karen came last week for a visit and when I got home from work, she said So your fucking your brother. David had told her, after she asked what new happening with you. I was lost for words at first and then answered After I saw that monster cock of his I couldn't resist. It is big isn't it and I would like to see it myself and so we both went in to David's room and I fucked him in front of Karen. I said You should try it, so she did. Her and Dad rarely have sex now as Dad is 75 and Mom is 66 and Mom is just as horny as me. We got David to promise to keep it a secret and we are still fucking him. Mom is going home to tomorrow and will be having sex with David when he visits on breaks and Dad is out golfing, which he doses regularly. Untill then I have David to myself.

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