Visit to my Aunt

Written by , on 2018-10-25, genre incest

Last June I went on holidays and as part of my holiday I visited my Aunt Joan 42 and her daughter Cheryl 22. They live on a small farm raising chickens for meat and eggs, Aunt Joan is a widow and has been for 5 years. Cheryl is her only child and is handicapped from birth with one arm not fully developed. She has an artificial arm that allows her to do almost anything. I was welcomed and they showed me around the sites and Cheryl and I went horse riding together. I was going to stay for 3 days, as I didn't want to hinder their routines too much. On the second night was there, I heard noises from another room and went to see what it was. When I got to the door I heard Joan talking to cheryl who was also in the room. I was about to go back to my room, when I heard a moaning coming from the room. I cracked open the door about a inch and had a look in, I saw Joan and Cheryl both naked and in a 69 position and Cheryl was rubbing her stump arm on Joan's vagina and Joan was lickings Cheryl's vagina. I couldn't stop watching them and soon started to play with my now ridged cock. I made a noise and they both saw me watching them and Joan told me to enter, I started to put away my cock. Don't put it away, you can take off all your clothes, So we can see you naked like us. It's only fair She added. Once I was naked they both looked me over and then Joan said Well you know our little secret now. So you might as well join in with us. I still had a hard cock and so I joined in. I fucked Joan first and later Cheryl and we spent the night together. Next day I decided to stay longer and make the most of my visit. I was able to fuck Joanne again that afternoon and after dinner cheryl gave me headjob and then we also had sex. I wasn't allowed to fuck Cheryl first as they weren't on the pill and we had no condoms. They said It would be less likely for her to get pregnant, if I was drained first by Joan or a blowjob. I didn't care one way or the other I was getting sex, I didn't have a girlfriend and hadn't had many sexual encounters before. I'm just a skinny 24 year old with thick glasses, I stayed with them till I hadn't to return to work. I wanted to stay longer and they said You can come back here anytime. Once back at work I couldn't stop thinking of them, I knew my employers had a office in my Aunts town. I started to see if I could get tranfer there somehow. I even rang the local office seeing they had any vacant positions. Then I just asked my manager What was the chances of a transfer to there. He replied Not much, only I could get a swap or something along those lines. But he rang the local manager there and worked out a swap with him for. It meant a lower payrate and I could have it. I accepted and 7 weeks after returning holidays I was heading back to stay with Joan and Cheryl. On my arrival they had news for me, draining my balls before fucking Cheryl hadn't worked. She was pregnant, I was delighted and then Joan added I'm pregnant too. I was over the moon, my mother Marie wasn't all that pleased. Her only child had knocked up her only other family members still living. My father had cleared out when I was 7 and we hadn't him since. After a bit of time my mother decided to join us. She arrived last month, Joanne had asked her to join in the sex with us before she arrived. She watched for a couple of nights before joined in, I didn't have worry about getting her pregnant as she was 50 and was past having babies. We all live together and I get sex anytime I want. I'm a really greedy person.

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