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I'm Bruce 26 single unemployed, I live with my mother Clare 47 divorced & unemployed and my sisters Robyn 23 single unemployed and Ellen 20 single unemployed. I couldn't get a job and neither could anyone else in our area, as there were none going. I lifted a few things to get by, one day I lifted a digital camera. It could record video and sound, it was high end and I kept it. Instead of selling it, then one day my mother was doing some part time cleaning for some cash in hand and she found a mens magazine. She had a quick look and kept it, bringing it home with her. She had a story in about making big money in porn movies. She thought that we might be able to get work making porn movies. But on looking further into it, we found that it wouldn't be easy to get us job in the industry. As there were plenty of girls and guys fucking for already. More research showed that amateur porn movies might make a few bucks. But we couldn't pay anyone to fuck for us in front of a camera. Then Clare said Bruce you could fuck me and we sell as real mother and son. So we did, I fucked her 3 times in one day and and Robyn and Ellen filmed it. The first time wasn't good and second was all that much better, the third was the best we sent it away and got paid it. $200 was all we got, so we had another go. It started ok, but Robyn said it needed something and so she joined in and I fucked her and mom. It was sent and we received $500. So the next time we made a movie I started to fuck Robyn and mom was to catch us at it and then join. We made quite a good job of it and we received $1200. Then we made a few more and started to get very good money. Robyn dressed as a schoolgirl and mom as a lesbian teacher and I caught them at it in the film and joined in. Then mom said We need another schoolgirl and asked Ellen if she would be up for it. She wasn't at first, but finally agreed to be naked and lick Robyns and moms cunts. But No to me fucking her, with we accepted and we had made almost 15 grand from all our movies. Robyn got her period and we needed to finish a movie, so mom asked Ellen if she would let fuck her. So we could finish it, she finally agreed and we got our best payment for it $2100. But there was cost to all the fucking, I got both my sisters pregnant. We decided to keep the children and make more movie while they were pregnant. We started to hire girlfriend of Robyn and Ellen into our movies. I liked Grace a lot, she was a very petty girl and we never used condoms and I got her pregnant as well. I married her and we have been very happy and have 4 children together. That was 11 years ago and we have grown to employ people to be in our movies and make a good living. Robyn and Ellen haven't married, but have 2 children each by me. It really is a family business. None of us perform in the movies now.

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