My Mother My lover

Written by , on 2018-10-09, genre incest

Short story, I run a good size business. An since my wife died 3 years ago I've been feeling really horny. My 2 children are at university and rarely see me, I was advised by a friend to get personal assistant. He has a 25 yr old and a couple of months later his wife caught him bed with his PA, They are got a divorce and he could lost most of his assets. As well the PA is going him as well as she is pregnant. I was thinking of get a PA, but I was put off by what happening to my friend. I watched an old about some old movie women getting even with their ex's and I thought that they were very horny looking women. What's more they are passed having babies, so I thought if I could get a good looking widow. I might be able to get sex from her as part of her job. I put ad for a PA and waited for the applications in the name of my company, I got quite few I checked them off as usual. But keeping an eye out for someone mature and that I might be able to have sex with. Most I short listed came in for interviews. But there were 2 who couldn't come in due work commitments. After the interviews were done I hadn't found anyone that suited my busniess. But there still the other 2, so I sent them an email of what I wanted my PA to do. I didn't put in anything about fucking the boss, but I did include the must be able to travel at short notice and work very closely with me and be fit. As I hadn't seen them I didn't know what they looked like. One said That they were unable to travel on short notice and so they were dropped. Karen was only 1 left, she was 64 a widow and fit. So I rang her to talk with her about the job. She sounded very nice, I asked if she would able meet me, so I could see if she would be right. She replied Yes, she is will to anything I wanted to get the job. Anything, I responded That could be taken more ways than one. She said I will do anything and that includes sex. So I made the arrangements to meet her. All she knew was that I was called Dave and when we met, at first I didn't recognise her. After talking with her and I suggested that we go to my room and we had sex. She was very good and after talking a bit more after we had fucked. I realised that she was my mother, who I hadn't seen since I was 9 just after her and my late father had divorced. He got the children and she wasn't allowed to see us anymore. She had an affair and dad made her suffer for it. He had moved us across the country, so she wouldn't be able find us. All her pictures he had got rid of, she had remarried and hadn't had any more children. So I didn't recognise the name, after the shock had gone and we talked. I told her about and how everyone was, I said You can have the job. But I will miss having more sex with you, your great. She replied I enjoyed the sex also, I don't see why we can't have sex again. As long as we keep it secret. She stayed the night with me and I fucked her again in the morning. That was 8 months ago and we have regular sex and she live with.

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