Taking Advantage

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I'm David single and I fully admit I'm a real bastard. I take advantage of anyone for my own personal pleasure and personal profit. So in 2008 I'm out on the west coast having a good time at the companies expense. When it suddenly crashes and I'm unemployed, I have never saved money only spent it. No more expense account or anything else, so being the type who would do anything. I started to look for work, the easy kind of work. I don't like working hard that's for fools and there was a complete lack of my type of jobs. So I decided to visit my aunt Carol my mother's youngest sister, she was the only family I had on the west coast. Carol 40 at the time and I was 26, Carol no children of her own and she had married at 20 to Henry who was 25 years older than her. Henry had died the year before in a car accident and left Carol very well off. Carol was interested in painting and such things, not a great artist I admit. But least you knew what the was about when you saw it, you might have guessed I'm not an art connoissuer. So I arrived at her home, after calling ahead first. I was welcomed warmly, that was a good sign she had heard too many bad things about me. Carol is short overweight, but still has a fuller figure. She has a warm outgoing personality and I intended to stay with her until I got back on my feet. I was outgoing to her and help her out around her home, nothing too hard and made myself at home. I didn't ask for any money, but was given it as a sought of pocket money. Not large amounts but enough to get by in the short term. Then one day while laying by her pool I noticed her rubbing her lower back. I realized that she had a strain or something and went to give her assistance. After a time of helping her and she had taken some anti inflammatory pills. I suggested that I give her a rub down to help ease her pain. She said That would be nice, but you don't have to. I said Its the least I could do, she laid on a bench covered with cushions and I started to give her a rub down. Short time later I asked if she could remove her top, so I could give her a better massage. Then without asking first I unzipped her skirt and foldered the skirt back a bit. I could see the top of her blue panties no more and after half a hour or so. I finished and she said Her back felt better, as I was rubbing her back I heard her moaning softly. This gave me and idea and I waited till after we had dinner and suggested that I give her another massage before she went to bed. She agreed and I told her to have a warm bath and soak for a while and went she was ready to go to bed, I would give her the massage. This she did and I got some talcum powder and started to massage her. She was very relaxed and I suggested that I give her a full rub down and she agreed, her loose top I just pushed up out of the way, She had no bra on and I ran my hands under her PJ bottoms and then under her panties. I didn't take too long with this. I went down her legs and on the return up her legs, I gently opened her legs wider and then entered her pant bottoms from below. Not doing anything to alarm her, then I went in from the top again and foldered her pj bottoms down and done the same with her panties. Then I proceed to massage her bare bottom, even running my hand along her ass crack. Not getting any reaction I move my hand lower and started to massage her vagina and she turned her head towards me and I just said Just relax and I will give you a great massage. She said nothing and I was soon fingering her and she was really enjoying it. She climaxed and I asked her to turn over so I could do her front. She started to roll over and asked her to remove her all her clothes. She did and started to massage her feet and work my way up her body and only gave her vagina a quick rub and moved higher and after a few minutes. I started to lick and suck her nipples and kissed her on the lips and then I returned her vagina and gave it a good licking. Then I quickly undressed and mounted her and was in her and fucking her and she didn't say anything. I stayed the night with her in her bed and started to fuck regularly. My only mistake was not using a condom that first time and I got her pregnant, but I considered that a bonus. As she couldn't kick me out then, I helped her tell the family that she used Henry's sperm which had frozen and this was the first time it had worked after a few failed attemps. After 6 months I finally got a job similar to my old one and I still stayed with Carol. Why not free room and board and sex, anytime I wanted. I had affairs with other women, but kept close to Carol and our daughter Elizabeth and our son Henry jr. I married the bosses daughter Gwen in 2013 and have had a son David jr by her and we are trying for another child. We live next Carol and I still fuck her every chance I get, she's past having children and we have a ready made babysitter next door. I do love Gwen a great deal, but I guess I'm a sex addict or something. I still pick up women went out of town on business. What the Goose dosen't know can't hurt the Gander.

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