The Wedding

Written by , on 2018-09-03, genre incest

I freely admit I'm a arrogant person and I think that's okay. Last April I had to attend the wedding of a cousin Laura, I really didn't want to go. But my mother said If I didn't go, that her and dad would have me transferred to the remotest place in the family company. So I attended, I went alone and was seat next to aunt Jane 43 divorced nice looking for her age who also was alone at the wedding. I was planning a quick exit from the wedding as soon as I could. But my mother was watching me like a hawk and wanted to keep her sister in law Jane company. After a while I decided, that I had to stay and so I danced with Jane a couple of times and kept her glass full of wine. It was a relief when Jane said she was going back to her motelroom. I used this to leave the wedding, by taking her back to her motel. While driving Jane back to her motel, she fell a sleep in my car. On arriving at the motel, I woke her up and help her to her door.On entering she fell to the floor and I had to help up. She started to call me Donald her ex husband and even kissed me. I told her I was David her nephew. But she kept calling me Donald and so I thought I will play along and see where it goes. When she kissed me again, I kissed her back and felt her up at the same time. She didn't reacted against this, so I went further and soon had her bra off. She has the best breasts I've seen and I got horny and decided that I would fuck her. After more kissing and cuddling, I ask her to let me fuck her. She agreed to sex and I spent the night with her, in the morning I wanted to fuck her again. She let me, but not she knew I was David and we had sex again. Last July I received a call from Jane saying that she was pregnant to me, this was a big shock to me as I thought she was past being able to have children. I then got a visit from my mother Karen and she was very upset with me about me getting Jane pregnant. Jane and Karen are as close as sisters and tell each other everything, Karen hasn't not told my father Robert about my fucking his sister Jane. Mother told me that if promised to watch out for Jane, that they would keep it a secret. Jane and Donald hadn't had any children of their own and so Jane was going to keep the baby, if there were no problems and as of now the tests have shown everything is fine. The rest of the family things Jane had a one night stand and got pregnant and are happy for her. My father Robert is happy that Jane is going to be a mother and is still unaware of me being the father. As for me I'm okay with it and go and see Jane regularly and I'm amking the most of it and have spent the night a few times as well. Even getting caught in bed with Jane by my mother Karen, last Saturday morning and she had come over to Jane to go shopping together, she has her own key. Jane got up and went to shower and Karen just looked daggers at me. I just said You said I should take care of Jane and she likes me staying over sometimes. I've just purchased the house behind Jane's house and am going to put a connecting gate in. When the sale is complete in a couple of weeks, I'm still dating other women and getting told by my parents I should settle down. But they are both happy I have the house behind Jane's. Karen has warn me that if I keep sleeping with Jane after the baby is born, I should use a condom. Also Jane last week told me and the family that she is having twins.

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