Troubled Neighbor

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I'm 44 now and 2 years ago I moved into my now home after a divorce. My ex-wife got our 2 children and didn't want alimony or child support as she is very well off via her career and family wealth. I have a fairly good career, not as good as my ex-wife's career, so I asked for nothing off her and get limited access to the children (Christmas, Birthdays and some holiday time as well) all must be made in advance (at least 2 months' notice) and not on the spur of the moment. In my new home a 3bedroom 1bath house in a quiet neighborhood. Which I got at a great price, but I soon found out why. I'd a weird neighbor 54 and he had already spooked the neighbors around him, and one sold up and moved away. He was married to a shy woman 39 who I saw rarely and never heard, no children living there, and I found out later they had none. My neighbor would suddenly start yelling and cursing at unseen aliens saying they were trying to abduct him again. Put into care and then released, okay for a time then repeat it all over again. He was a schizophrenic I was told by another neighbor and would stop taking his meds and then it started. Quite well off and no need to work, he would just around home and then stop taking his meds for some unknown reason. Starting it all up again, never threatening anybody or damaged any property. Then 11months after I moved in, he went off his meds and climbed up onto his roof and shaking his at the sky yelling and then he slipped falling to the ground and rushed to hospital, but sadly passed away. It was then I discovered I'd been wrong, the woman I thought to be his was his sister and only close relative. I was the only neighbor to help her and made all the funeral arrangements she wanted for her. It was just me and her at his funeral, with the message on his tombstone reading "Finally at Rest". The sister had started to rely on me, and we started to date you could say. She isn't really shy just reserved and didn't interact much with the neighbor because her late brother and the ill will of the neighbors bore towards him. Which was great for me no competition, after several months she moved in with me and we married a month later. With her already pregnant, my ex-wife likes my new wife and so no fiction there and so do my children. Especially my daughter who can't wait till her little stepsister is born next month. Even my wife is excited about my forthcoming daughter. With her old home now sold and us getting a dog, I can say we are quite settled in now. I believe myself to be very lucky having a new wife and supportive ex-wife and children.

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