Marrying my Doctor

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I'm now 39 and I married in 2019, I'm nothing special in looks or build and fairly secure financially. My doctor 35 was working on contract, and she would have to return to her country unless she married or got an extension. Which wasn't looking good due to politics then and even now. I was not great with women and rarely dated, but I got on well with women. Just not in relationships, friends without benefits you could say. As the only single male close to her age and having an easy-going personality. She decided I was the perfect person for her to marry and be able to stay. She asked me to meet her, when she wasn't working, and I agreed. She asked me straight out and I was shocked at first and after a recovering thought it a great idea. She is a gorgeous woman and somewhat strong willed, I asked what was in it for me. Told children and a wife, also saying her culture doesn't look on divorce as an option. Once married you stay married, so I agreed, and we married a week later October 2019. Once married sex was regular and very enjoyable and I was lucky in getting her pregnant quickly as when the pandemic started, she stayed home due to her pregnancy. We got on very well then and now and have 2 children and another on the way. Best decision I've ever made was marrying her and she continues her career and I mine. I'm able working from home so I make sure the children are okay and hired a housekeeper to clean the house and do the laundry Monday to Friday. I've never been into housework and my wife is too busy herself and it gives us more personal time.

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