Nude Camping

Written by , on 2018-06-30, genre incest

My family are all nudists, as far back as I can remember. The whole family, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and Siblings have always been nudists. We all go camping to a lake each year and all strip off and go around naked. I never new anything different till, I was in my teens. On average we're not the sexist bunch you would want to see naked. When I turned 19 I went to my Aunt Kathleen's 53 house to help her with odd jobs, after Uncle Frank passed away from a heart attack last October. I was to stay 2 weeks and help her with getting the her house ready for sale and then she would move closer to the rest of the family. Kathleen has a good figure for her age, not slender like a younger woman. But she was well proportioned for her height, they had 2 children who were grown up and married families of their own. Hence I was sent to help her, she would walk around naked most of the time and put on a dust coat to do anything outside. Nothing underneath. She caught me looking at her a couple of times and would just smile at me. After the house was really it went straight up for auction and was sold. We stayed in a motel that night and were going going back home to my parents home next day. Kathleen only got 1 room and we had to share the bed. She slept naked and so did I, during the night I couldn't sleep that well. I got an erection just thing of her naked and started playing with it. When she turned over towards me and caught me, she smiled and took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. I could feel that I was going to cum and told her. She stopped stroking and went down on me, taking my cock and starte suck it. I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Then she said I've taken care of you, now you can take care of me. I went down on her and soon she was moaning and then she told me to mount her, which I did. After we cuddled up and went sleep, on us waking in morning she want me to fuck her again. Which I did and then we showered together, had breakfast and headed to my parents place by. We had been on the road about an hour of a 3 hours trip. When she asked me to pull off the road and out of sight of it, so we could have more sex. We had sex and then continue on, on arriving home. I unload her bags into the guest room for her. My father was at work and my mother and Kathleen started talking. My parents were going out to the golf club dinner dance that night and Kathleen was asked to join them. But said was too tired from travelling to go, I wasn't going either. Only because, Kathleen said to me If you stay home you fuck me again. So I did, a couple weeks later the extended family was going to our lake for a weekend camping and fishing trip. Of all the younger adults going I was the only single one, as the others are all married. So while at the lake I went for a walk and was soon followed by Kathleen. I climbed on a large rock and when she came by, I asked her if she wanted to fuck. She said Not here it to close to the camp site and others will be walking around the lake. She suggested we go up the hill to the trees there, so we did and we had sex. That night I sneaked out of my tent and went to Kathleen's tent and entered it. She was asleep and I just kissed her on the forehead and she woke up and then we had more sex. After returning home, Kathleen's new home was ready for her to move into. Which she did and she found a job and had soon had got boyfriend and sex together stopped. It was nice while it lasted, I had started to look at mature women in a sexual way. I seen my mother Marie 54 nude many times. But now started to get hard when seeing her, I walked in on her drying herself after a shower and got an instant hard on. Which she saw, She Kathleen said you had a big cock. You better show me what she taught you. With that I started fucking my mother and still do.

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