Mother & Sister

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I'm now 34 and am still recovering from the Accident of 10 years ago. But I can now walk, even if it is with 2 canes. I was in an accident in the family's scrap steel yard. I standing near they were moving scrap and when it was dropped, part of it hit a piece rail and it catapulted a piece of scrap that hit my back. I was badly injured and was in hospital for 11 months and 2 operations. With a lot help and treatment I slowly improved. My fiancee didn't want to look after cripple and she departed. My father died 3 years after my accident in light plane crash. My mother sold the business and we live on a 30 acre farm. My mother and sister run and they look after me. My sister Grace is 31
5'3" little overweight and mum is 53 5'2" and slim. The doctors told my parents that they should keep my legs and low parts stimulated. Like tickling my feet and rubbing my legs to get the feelings I had in my lower body to improve. About year after the last operation, I started get erections I was embarrassed at first, but my mother was happy to see I could get an erection and she would stroke me to get me to cum. Even my sister would pull me off. About a year after my father death. I started to learn walk again. With a frame on each leg at first to help me stand. Then without, we moved to the farm when I was able to walk better with the canes. My sister and mother still gave me leg rubs and hand relief. Mum was away at a wedding of her nephew (sister's son). I was with Grace, I was having a shower and Grace came in and joined me in the shower. She said she would wash my back and I could wash hers. After the shower we dried each other off. I got a erection, my sister said you go and lay on your bed and I take care of it. I layed on my bed and sister came in still naked and on the bed beside me. She started rub my cock and then she started suck it. Saying it would better than a hand job. After about a minute she asked me to play with her and then she moved to place her vagina over my face for me to lick. After a while she moved and placed herself over my cock and lowered on to it. That was the first time I fucked my sister. We done everyday for a week when mom returned home. The day after mom got home went into town to get some animal and groceries. Mom came to me and asked how did I like fucking Grace. I was shocked at first, then she said they had decided that they should have relief instead just me and Grace wanted to have baby. She didn't want to go looking for a man with all the hassles when there was 1 right here. Then mom said that she wanted some relief as well and that how I started a family. I have a boy 3 and a girl 11 mths from my sister, as well a lover in my mother.

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