Cum loving Cousin

Written by , on 2017-10-03, genre incest

Long story short. Just over 3 years ago I was hit in the groin by a baseball. It hit me very hard and I was taken to hospital. A inch lower and I would not be here, but there was some nerve damage and lost of feeling. I live on the east coast and all my family live out west. Except for Rachel 33 my cousin, She single & works as a Manager at clothing supplier. I'm 29 a Lawyer, single and a sporty type. Rachel is a less sporty type, what some would call cuddly and wears thick glasses. When I was released from hospital, I was told to rub my groin with a ice pack and when the swelling went down to massage the area to stimulate healing. I was home alone for about a week when Rachel phoned me asking could she stay with me for a couple of weeks as her apartment was damaged by fire and her apartment had a lot of water damage. I said Ok and she moved in that evening. She was great, she got me breakfast in bed before going to work. I was on sick leave till I could move around a bit better. Anyway 2 days later I was laying on my bed massaging my cock, when in walked Rachel. She stopped and said sorry and left. I got up and dressed and went to her, telling her that I need to massage my cock regularly to get the feeling back. She said That okay we all need to do it now and again. I said Really I don't get off doing it and haven't cum since before the injury. I can just barely get it up at all. Sorry she replied I should have made you feel bad, maybe I can help. Would it be easier if a woman was to massage your cock for you. It couldn't hurt I replied. She said We will have dinner first and then I will help you with your massaging. After dinner she done the dishes and I laid down and waited for her to come in the room. When he came in, I was still limp and she sat beside and start to stoke my cock. It stayed limp and I said It will take a while to stiffen. She said Maybe you need more stimulation. At which point she stood up and removed dress sitting back down beside me she started to stoke me again. After a couple of minutes she remove her bra and there was some small movement of my cock, she then removed her panties and my cock got hard. She said finally there is movement and I will get it flowing soon. After 5 monutes or so she started to suck my cock and after some more hand massage and some more sucking I finally came. Which she swallowed the lot, she said too good to waste. That was about 8pm and she left to shower and get ready for bed. To my surprise she returned to my room around 9.30 naked and said I might as well stay with you tonight and give you another massage before sleep. She also gave another before she went to work in the morning and more that night. On the Friday night she push her fingers in around my groin to see if I had pain. I had some pain but not a great deal. So she said I could move a bit better and my cock wasn't so slow rising to attention as before, we would move it up a notch and after she had sucked she mounted me and rode me twice that night. That was 7 months ago and we are still together same room. She gave up her apartment and has moved in with me. We still see other people and we use the my spare bedroom if we someone else home. We have a little sign on the door to let each other know.

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