The Old Lady

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I'd a spot job helping to deliver whitegoods and I went with the driver and delivered a washing machine and dyer combo to an old woman large house. She lived just outside of town on a large block and had a housekeeper and maid or 2. She (61) never took her eyes off me the whole time we were there. Anyway, once installed we left and at the of the day, I was out of work again. Collecting my pay I was told the customer we had delivered too, had called and enquired about me. Told I was spot worker, she asked them to have visit her for job. A job was a job, but as it was late I would go in the morning. I walked to her property and on arrival was let in to see her. I'm 25 a high school dropout and fairly fit stocky and 5'8" and work low paid jobs. Never good enough at sport to make a career in sport. I was waiting for 15 or so minutes and old Lady came in, asked me was I any good at gardening. I said I don't plant names but know weeds from plants and have mowed and trimmed yards over the years. Good enough she said your hired, I was shocked at how quick it was. Then she took me outside and showed me my duties, telling her previous gardener had died of a heart attack he was 73. Asked me where I lived and then suggested I live on the property and showed me the bunkhouse as she called it. It was basic with a bed, table old TV on it and attached shower/toilet. Meals in the kitchen of the main house, all her staff lived on the property. Her housekeeper 58 and the 2 maids 57 and 54 and overweight, while old lady was slim and looked good for her age. I moved in that day and started work next day and I was quite happy with everything. The bunkhouse had heating and cooling and was insulated. I soon realized the staff had lovers, the housekeeper had butcher in the town and the 2 maids (lesbians) each other. That left me and the old lady unattached, but she went out most days and was away for quite a while. I just did my work and wanted it to last, it was best thing in my life for years. Several months passed as was normal in my job and I was quite settled. Then without notice I saw the maids packing and so was the housekeeper. They were going on 2 weeks holiday, the maids somewhere together and the housekeeper to stay with the butcher. I'd no plans and assumed I wasn't getting holidays as I hadn't been there a year yet. But I was told by the old lady she was going to her mountain retreat and told me I would go with her to tidy up the yard and do any minor maintenance. Two days later we left, driving the 2 hundred miles to her retreat. As the other staff wasn't coming, I thought it a small place. It was only half the size of her home only having 5bedrooms 3baths and sauna. The building was made of logs and has great view; it was cleaned by cleaners from the closest town, and they only came twice a month. The old lady cooked our dinner, and I checked over the yard and there wasn't much to be done. After dinner and having cleaned up, I asked where I was to sleep. She said with me and took my hand and led me to her bathroom and we undressed and bathed together. Then slept together, fucking her was my main job while there. I enjoyed the sex and was quite happy with the whole arrangement. On getting back I was back in the bunkhouse most nights, not all. Sex continued and I was quite willing all the time. Finally, she was going to the city and told I would be going with her. She was going to see her niece 25 and only relative she ever mentioned. I was now 26 and had been vetted by the old lady, I was to fuck her niece and get her pregnant. The old lady visited her niece when she was away from her home most days. Her niece was a very quiet girl and shy around men, her aunt wanted her to have children and wasn't concerned if she married or not. Already having a sexual relationship with her niece, it was quite easy for her to include me. My prime job was getting her niece pregnant, which I did quickly too quickly in my book. But getting pregnant wasn't the end of sex with the niece, she had just graduated and hence the trip to the city. Returning with us to her aunt's home and I shared both their beds thereafter. The niece told her aunt she really liked me and so I was told to marry the niece not asked. It suited me to marry the niece albeit with a prenup in place. Marrying quickly and my wife had our son, and her aunt was very happy and happier later when our daughter was born name after her. I'm now 38 and still married to the niece and we've 6 children 4boys and 2girls. Still living her aunt who is still active sexually with us, but not as much. New house staff as the housekeeper finally married the butcher and the maids retired last year. No gardener employed that my job, not paid as I get an allowance which is 4 times my previous pay. My wife can't have any more children due trouble with the last birth and 6 is enough anyway. Her tubes tied and I've had the snip. I was chosen as a breeder by my wife's aunt and I'm quite happy with that. I'm treated more of a nephew-in-law and my advice isn't dismissed due lowly past. I refer to myself as the family stud, it makes my wife happy.

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