Convertible sex

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Me and Anita took the convertible out last night for a cruise first time in a few years since the car has been on the road we take great care of it a 1966 Chevelle light metalic blue with white interior and white convertible top only has 53,000 original miles on it.

Any how Anita and I had been getting it ready to go out on the road for a week doing the usual things flushes and fills tune up adjusting the clutch pedal checking the shifting linkage, we had the car ready and Anita was excited to take it out for a spin.

It was about 9"30 when we rolled out of the garage down the drive and on to the road we drove around for a while Anita was as she always is hornier than a June bride on her wedding night, she had on these black hot pants and wasn't wearing any panties she had on a yellow halter top that was tight enough to see her gum drop sized nipples through.

She was leaning on me blowing into my ear as she was rubbing her c*** through the fabric of her shorts I could see the crotch of her shorts getting wettter by the second she leaned in again this time she nibbled on my earlobe she whispered into my ear I want you baby I know you want I can see that tent pole stretching tight against your jeans , you want me to help you with that baby she cooed, I nodded yes I was busy keeping the car on our side of the road.

She reached over with her hands unfastening my belt undoing my fly buttons when it sprang loose sticking straight out like a tree limb , she cooed at the sight and grabbed hold of it oh she said in her soft sultry voice looks like someone is in need of oral attention, is that right baby?

Before I could answer she was flicking the tip of her tongue against the tip of my engorged purple head she had hold of my shaft with her little hand unable to reach all the way around it as she worked her other hand down her shorts to finger herself , she quickly took her hnd out of her shorts undid the button and zipped them and was working them down her hot a** trying to get them off quickly.

Here we are out on this deserted country road I'm driving with the top down when she let's go of my c*** long enough to get her shorts off when she finished doing that she pulled off her halter top , she slid up underneath my arms facing me she was kissing me licking my neck nibbling my ear I could barely take anymore I had to get off of the road and give her a good long pounding, luck was on my side I found an old abandoned driveway that lead up to a burned out old house's foundation.

I pulled in shut off the car and was going to put the top up when Anita pleaded with me to leave it down I relented I had her stretch out on the seat I got out of the car I pulled my shirt off , pulled off my jeans slid out of my flip flops and joined her back inside of the car as she laid there with arms stretched out towards me I leaned down and we kissed as I fondled her breast my thumb and fingers working her nipples rolling pinching and pulling on them as our tongues flicked against each others.

She was ready she c*** twice already and was about to c** again as I kissed my way down her body to her thighs I had her lovely legs over my shoulders in two shakes and was busy making her moan and squirming as my tongue flicked around her labia around her hard c*** and pushed in between her wet labia I could taste her sweet silky flowing c** as my tongue worked deeper into her I worked it side to side as I probed up and down .her wet snatch, she was stuttering in and quivering as she laid there moaning in pleasure when her back arched groaning as she grabbed on to the back of my head.

She was pulling on my hair as she c*** on my face she collapsed back onto the seat her body pouring sweat as I was about to be shortly she reached out for me her arms shaking as her body quivered I slid up on top of her letting the head of c*** rest against her c*** I could feel the heat from her now extremely wet snatch against the shaft of c*** we kissed and cuddled for a few moments as her orgasms subsided .

She told me I want you to take me while I stand up with my hands on top of the windshield framei stood up behind her one foot on the driver side floor pan the right just right of the middle hump I had hold of her breast as I kissed and nibbled her earlobe and went on to kiss the nape of her neck as I slid my throbbing c*** inside of her.

It took a couple of minutes before I could get further into her as she was clamping down on my rigid shaft, once she relaxed a bit i slid further into her and backed offf an inch or so and slid ti further into her she was in ecstasy her body shook as I pushed further inside of her my hands massaging her breast as I licked up and down the side of her neck she let out a sigh and then moaning louder and louder as I picked up the pace we were in that position for nearly a a half an hour when she started bucking against me screaming at the top of her lungs f*** me baby f*** your slut like you want to baby.

I was balls deep inside of her pounding away hard and fast when was gasping for breath we were both pouring sweat and I was going like a freight train, she stammered my name her back arched she threw her head back as she screamed even louder she was shaking her legs twitching as she was now in the throws of another orgasm she ws pounding hard against me as I thrust hard into her I knew I was about there my balls were so tight and I was so full of c** I saved up all day for tonight I was going to coat the inside of her with my c** I was jerking my knees were weak and I was gently biting down on the nape of her neck as I let loose inside of her rope after rope pulsing deep inside of her she reached orgasms as I was filling her with my c**, the two of us quaking and shaking moaning and panting covered in sweat our c** leaking out of her around the shaft of my c*** making a thud sound as it landed on the floor liner, we were both out of breath and unable to keep in that position I was still holding onto Anita as she let go of the windshield frame and we fell back onto the seat. she was siting on top of me ym c*** still buried deep inside of ehr as she wiggled around on my lap she was grinding against me as I sat there unable to move.

This lasted nearly fifteen minutes when she reached another orgasm riding and grinding on my c***, when she stopped convulsing and was able to speak again she said ok baby I think we should go home and finish this in bed. I said your right babe let's go home we got our clothes together I started our car put the top up backed otu of the driveway on to the road and headed for home Anita slumped up against me stroking my c***.

We made it home a half hour later pulled the car in the garage shut the doors locked up the car and the garage and went inside to our bedroom , we ended up ni the shower we had gotten each other worked up again I had her back against the shower wall her legs wrapped around me as we f***** to orgasm again and again I was spent and so was she , we cleaned each other up got toweled off and went to bed it was 2 am and like clock work by 5 Anita was ready to go for another 2 hr of f*****.

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