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Angie Gets Arrested and Fucked
genre: bondage
Angie lived with her boyfriend, Evan, in a small apartment near the main street of Greenville….a backwater, hick town in rural Mississippi. They had been sleeping soundly one night in the middle of summer, when the Greenville police busted down the door to their apartment and rushed into their bedroom with guns drawn. They hollered that they...
wrote on 2024-06-22 | by AmyPaneee
Fucked By Boyfriend’s Father
genre: cheating
I was a senior in high school when I started dating Nate, who was also a senior, and one of the stars on our school’s football and basketball teams. Since we typically went out after he was done with practice, I’d often go over to his house an hour, or so, early to wait for him to get home and shower. It was just Nate and his father, so I...
wrote on 2024-06-22 | by FranebyFrane
My Aunty fucked over the Kitchen Table
genre: incest
Seventeen and Horny. One afternoon my 60-year-old aunty came to visit, having fantasized about her for years I was shocked to see how she had changed. She wasn't as slim as I remembered but still, she always got my cock twitching. Sitting across from me in the lounge, I noticed her legs slowly opening, I could see straight up her dress to see...
wrote on 2024-04-06 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Fucked to shit, a dog’s tail
genre: zoophilia
I trotted outside with my brother. We were just two young dogs. I cried out as a man jumped on me, his large boner sticking into my back. I looked to my brother and he had a large, gay looking man on him, pinning him down too. He called out to me, telling me about how big the man’s cock felt. The guy on me felt my beneath and called...
wrote on 2024-03-25 | by Zoophiliagal
Fucked by a stranger
genre: exibitionism
It was on a Friday morning which was my off day.i was lazing around at my small house when I heard a knock on the door.I went to open the door only to find a man who was hawking girls skirt's.he asked me to let him in so as he could show me the clothes and I innosently agreed.i started selecting them and I choose two gray ones.i was about to pay...
wrote on 2023-12-23 | by Terrific
Fucked my girlfriend's Mother.
genre: cheating
In my youth, like most men that age we spent most of our free time on the hunt for pussy, for me every weekend it was a case of going out Friday and Saturday on the hunt to get as much as we could. Sometimes I got lucky and spent the whole weekend shagging some woman or on odd occasions, I struck out but that was rare for me. Then over time, I...
wrote on 2023-10-07 | by Honey Windowcleaner
You better keep me fucked out
genre: incest
Eldon sat on the couch looking down at his chubby mother as her head bobbed up and down. "I'm gonna cum." Eldon hissed out between clenched teeth as his cock started to swell. Dianna looked up at her son and pushed her mouth as far down on his large cock as she could swallowing hard until she started to starve for air. With a deep...
wrote on 2023-09-04 | by Janice joe
I Fucked My Drunk Sister
genre: incest
I fucked my drunk sister. I decided to visit my sister who I hadn't seen for a few years. Arriving at her house we hugged it out and enjoyed quite an enjoyable evening together. We had a great time reminiscing and talking about our lives. She brought out the wine and the whiskey. After a few hours, we both ended up absolutely plastered, we...
wrote on 2023-08-09 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Taking Advantage I fucked my Mom,
genre: incest
My mom's in her late forties, she's still very slim for her age. My dad left us a few years ago leaving just me and mum to fend for ourselves. She struggled for a good six or seven months and did let herself go. Then something seem to click with her, she started to get fit and eat properly, but the one thing she couldn't seem to quit was her...
wrote on 2023-07-24 | by Honey Windowcleaner
I fucked my friends wife under hypnotic suggestion
genre: cheating
A guy I hung out with had a really cute, 18 year old wife I really wanted to fuck. One day when we were alone, I asked her about learning to relax, and she seemed eager to learn, so using a Chinese method I had learned in Singapore, I,put her in a deep trance. I began asking her questions like did she like being fucked, of course she said...
wrote on 2023-07-12 | by Annonymous13
How I fucked Judith, our new neighbor. Pt 3
genre: cheating
Judith and I finally told her husband I had been ducking her. He was broken, but slowly seemed to,recover with lots of TLC from Judith. He confessed to,having had fantasy’s of seeing her get fucked, but not by anyone in particular. I cached Judith on the things to say to,him if he brought up his fantasy again, and had her put a listening...
wrote on 2023-06-24 | by Annonymous5
How I fucked Judith, our new neighbor pt. 2
genre: cheating
As the days went by, J. Began to relax and actually seemed to,enjoy me fucking her. She also,seemed to like sucking my cock, but she said she still didn’t suck off her husbands cock. I finally decided I was going to fuck her tight little ass hole. I had her clothes off and had her on her knees at the edge of the bed. I began to open her...
wrote on 2023-06-19 | by Annonymous4
How I fucked Judith, our new neighbor
genre: cheating
When I lived on Oahu in Hawaii, I lived in an apt building near Ala Moana beach. One day I noticed a very petite young blonde who was cute as a button had moved in. She was a living doll. There was a platform in front of her apt that I used to lay on to sunbathe so I went there and was laying out, when she came out of her apt. She smiled and...
wrote on 2023-06-18 | by Annonymous1h
Aunty fucked in the garden!
genre: incest
Hello everyone! About 20 days aunt called to tell me she was at home all day and if I wanted to come by. I gladly accepted. After a while I went to her, it was around 3pm and I saw that she had just returned and had left the car near the porch of the house. I rang and entered. M: "Hi Aunt" A: “Hello, I'll be right down. I have to show you...
wrote on 2023-06-16 | by Mat&Aunty
I fucked Sandra again
genre: cheating
It's Jesse I'm back just finished fucking Sandra stone again she can't stay away from my cock she worships it she begged me to let her suck it she said fuck my husband your dick is what I want not his little dick ass he could never fuck me like u Jesse please shove your big dick down my throat give me what Jamie can't his sorry ass can't feed me...
wrote on 2023-05-18 | by Jesse
I got fucked in the middle of a crowd at a festival
genre: exibitionism
I cannot even believe that this happened but I was at a music festival a little while ago and I was raging hard and ngl I dressed pretty fucking slutty and I was getting alottttt of attention. I was basically just wearing a super short skirt and a bra lol. I mean I had a thong on as well but it provided almost no coverage lmaooo. So anyways, I...
wrote on 2023-02-17 | by Trish Maine
Sandra stone fucked
genre: cheating
hey my name's Jesse this story about a white girl takeing black coke for first time I met Sandra stone on line one day she said she was married I told her if she ever want to talk call me so bout a week later she called we talked at the end she asked me is it true bout black men I said what do y'all have big cocks I said ur haft to come see she...
wrote on 2023-02-12 | by Jesse
The first old men who fucked me
genre: swingers
One evening I was alone at home with Gerald my black friend, we had just made love. - I know you like getting fucked by black guys with huge cocks, I'm proof of that... But I'm going back again to what you told me the other day. You also like to stuff yourself with old people! That's what you said, when my uncle was fucking you! - Yes, I'm not...
wrote on 2022-10-08 | by Trixie
Alfred dreams of seeing Trixie fucked by a horse
genre: zoophilia
It was some time after the virtual reality session. — By the way Trixie, the other day you said that you often had a recurring dream, old Louis had you taken by his billy goat. Knowing you wouldn't you have had this experience? - Oh no, it's immoral and first of all Louis does not have a goat, but a pony! — Philosopher and author Peter...
wrote on 2022-10-03 | by Trixie
Fucked my Sister-in-law Prachi Part 2
genre: incest
This is continuation of the incident which I described in my first story where I had sex with my Sister-in-law Prachi. After that incident things were beautiful with her She used to call me like she was my girlfriend and during over conversation I once asked her how she knew so many techniques. She said during her college days there was a...
wrote on 2022-06-02 | by emank2
Getting Fucked for a better life
genre: straight
I'm Lois 37 been misused just about all my adult life, I had just been dumped again left broke and no place to live. I got fed at a soup kitchen and a bed for the night. While I was there I decided I was thru with being used. I was going to be the user in the future, but as usual it was just wishful thinking. I wasn't in anyway capable of being...
wrote on 2022-05-25 | by Lois
Surprised & Fucked by Strangers
genre: first times
By Dina Petro This story consists of three parts, which will be all listed here bellow Part One: Being the executive secretary and the public relation officer for an international insurance & help on the rood company, which was a job that required lots of attention, pressure and time, I am a very good-looking Girl in my late twenties, and...
wrote on 2022-03-03 | by Dina Petro
The time I fucked the biggest cock I’ve had so far
genre: straight
If you told me before that to this day I’ll still think about the man I met 2 years ago after only spending a weekend together, I’d say you’re absolutely delusional. Yet here I am, looking at the videos he sent me while fingering my pussy so hard that my bed is soaking wet from so much squirting. He might just be my “the one that got...
wrote on 2022-02-08 | by Nora Wilson
The black man who fucked her harder than anyone
genre: first times
We met him at a porn store and my wife sucked him off and he then fucked both her holes and she said that no one else has ever fucked her harder. He gave her a$50 for the fucking he gave her. He just arrived at our place and she had nothing on and yes I was nakid to. He commented on her pussy and then said that I was average for a white man....
wrote on 2022-01-12 | by Curious Man
Annette gets fucked at an park
genre: zoophilia
Annette by now was in her 40's and i could tell she was becoming addicted being knotted and pumped full of doggie cum by now she would drop down on to all fours and take which dog want to breed her even when we outside or the park i had made her throw away all of her pants and shorts all i let her wear was dresses and mini's. i could never get...
wrote on 2021-12-08 | by annetteandspike
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