Lost my virginity to my dog

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I’m 45 years old now. When thinking back how I lost my virginity I can be quite embarrassed at the same time it was unique.
I was 11 years old at the time and only recently had been exposed to how sex works. Blame it on reading Anne Franks diary and talking with friends. I had explored my vagina figured out parts were. I hadn’t masturbated yet because I didn’t know it was even possible.
My parents went off on a date and I was alone in the house.
I took a long bath after went to my bedroom naked. Ha! I thought my body was something! I did erotic positions on m bed and looked at myself in the mirror.
Sometime then dog merlin longer getting bedroom. He was a collie mix, almost my weight. I don’t know why but What happened next was totally unplanned.
I had seen dogs having sex. How they rubbed Against each other and; well, looked at each other’s parts.
I got off my bed on all fours and started doing the same, pretending I was a “girl dog”
It worked!!!
Merlin started painting and before I knew what was happening he mounted me.
I don’t know what was going to happen. It was fast. I think I was totally in shock.
He was in me! His front legs were tight around my waist and his dick was in me. It felt like nothing I ever felt before; fear, excitement, pleasure and my mind went blank.
It was over in a minute.
I didn’t know what to do. I laid flat on the floor. Merlin walked about around me panting with his dick hanging out.
I just had sex with a dog!
I got up took a shower. I was so scared.
In the shower I was trying to wash my vagina and trying to figure out tingling sensation that was there. The more I rubbed, the better it felt. I rubbed until I experienced my first orgasm. Again I didn’t know what was happening.
I put on pajamas and went to bed.
When my parents came home I pretended I was asleep.
Next morning I was scared I thought somehow they would figure out something. I was awkward and cautious.
Somehow I made it through the week.
Later at school I checked some sexual education books. I learned what an orgasm was and about masturbation.
I didn’t find anything about having sex with dogs was okay, in fact it was illegal!
I had regular sex Merlin until my first boyfriend, age 17.
Never told anyone.

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