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I was a party girl and had a lot of fun, high school thru university and after, till last year it came to me I had no future my latest boyfriend had dumped me. Claiming I wasn't marriage material, that was shock to me and so I started to look at my life. How it was going and what type of future I had before me. I quickly realized it was dismal at 30 I wasn't seen as a possible wife, just a party girl (slut). I decided I needed to change, and I saw a vacancy in the company I worked for and applied and got it. It meant a transfer and that would give me the new start I was seeking. On starting my new job, I was now an all work no play woman. I had done well at the job and was promoted due to my strong work ethic. The new job I realized my party girl image was gone and a no-nonsense woman was my new image. But I wanted children and marriage, I pondered changing myself again. But I didn't need too, I was promoted again and was now the executive personal assistant to the big boss (now 59) and he was single and was looking for a suitable wife. A wife like the woman who had started the company and had raised him, which I was now the mirror image of. His mother had him at 38 and had passed away, I had to live with him as I was to be available 24/7 as they say. After a time living together, we started sleeping together and we married I was almost 34. Soon after I got pregnant and now pregnant with our second child, and I've just turned 37 and have a very good future ahead. My husband knows of my past and said it was similar to his mother's early adult years.

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