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At 34 recently divorced 1 child who lives with me as my ex-wife didn't to be burden with a 3-year-old. So, I live at home with my widowed mother who cares for her grandson. In the company I work for I started in HR and was tasked with efficiency improvements, first as an assistant than the manager for efficiency and got a reputation as a heartless "sob". But I did such a good job the section was disbanded, and I was made area manager of my state. Of course, everyone knew of my past and started fearing for their jobs and nothing I said could change their minds. The former area manager had an assistant 47 and she became mine on his retiring. She firmly expected getting fired and being replaced, as I said nothing, I said changed that belief. I have to travel because of my new job and that's the main reason I live with my mother, her minding my son. Anyway, I had to go away for a week and set up a new office at the other end of the state. Some staff were transferring in, and others hired, the manager had been promoted and transferring in. I was mainly there to see everything got off without problems or fix what problems came up. My assistant was travelling with me and would also help with the setting up process. But she thought it might be her last act as my assistant and neglected to book two rooms, only booking one. As there was a major concert in the city at that time getting another room proved impossible. But the room we had had two beds, she said we could share and probably hoped I wouldn't fire her straight away. But mistakes happen and anyone who says they doesn't make mistakes isn't trustworthy. Mistakes help you learn, that's why I wasn't worried about the oversight. She would know better next time; she is good at her job usually. First two days nothing happened and then on the third evening as we were walking back to our hotel it started raining quite heavily and we got soaked. On getting to our room, I suggested she shower and change, and I would do likewise after her. She suggested we shower together and then put on dry clothes. I thought she was seeing if she could shock me, she did a bit, but I didn't let it show. I agreed and both being naked in the shower, I got aroused and one thing led to another, and we became lovers. It didn't at the once we were fucking every night that while we were away. On our return sex became part of our normal routine, she had also believed me about job being safe. Of course, having a sexual relationship with my assistant didn't go unnoticed. My mother picked up on it fairly quickly and suggested my assistant move in with her, me and my son. She asked my assistant directly and she agreed if I was okay with it. I was and my son calls her aunty now, she sleeps with me regularly (every night) and is okay with me dating other women. As of now I'm not ready for a relationship other than the one I've with my assistant.

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