The Cabin

Written by , on 2023-11-02, genre straight

At 24 I inherited a cabin in mountains 2022, nothing really fancy. It had 2 bedrooms an inside toilet and shower hot and cold running water with mains power connected. Mainly because a holiday lodge was built higher up mountain, and all services passed my cabin. So, my late uncle had them connected at the time they were installing everything for the lodge. He had a third small bedroom, and it became the shower room with toilet. My uncle never married or had children preferred the quiet of the mountains to living close to people. I was the only one to visit him and so I got the cabin and others got a few shares and some money. The cabin can't be sold for twelve years after I took ownership but suits me as I like getting away for the quiet of the cabin also. While I'm okay financially and at university, I was between girlfriends at the time of inheriting. But I had a friend at university, never dated her only talked with her in class. Anyway, I was planning to go to the cabin on the upcoming break. Everybody knew of my inheritance, and she asked me could she join me on my trip. I agreed and so we headed off together and I wasn't expecting any romance as she as far as I knew didn't date. I wasn't attracted to her and hadn't given it any thought at all. We settled in and had fun and then returned home after our stay no romance. Another break a longer one and I was asked again and again agreed. As before we had fun and this time, I got interested in her sexually. I tried my usual seductions techniques and failed, but it gave her the idea I was interested in her. Anyway, a couple days later she joined me in my bed without my asking or making passes. She had decided she wanted to sleep with me and so she did. Of course, it wasn't the one night it was every night there after and she is now my girlfriend/lover and I'm thinking of proposing.

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