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HI. I like to "try" to write erotic stories.

Emma was my historical classmate in high school, we paired up halfway through the first year and until graduation we shared a desk every day. Our relationship became increasingly closer and little by little we became great friends, we studied together, we spoke for every little stupid thing, we had breakfast when we came to school later, etc. A relationship that continued even after graduation.
Emma was a small girl, about 1.50/55, she was light brown with two beautiful eyes, physically she was beautiful, all the curves in the right place and well proportioned, a little ass almost always enclosed in two tight jeans, two toned legs due to frequent training sessions, proportionate and very firm breasts, a third size and finally two cute little feet.
I often thought about her in my fantasies but never in a concrete way, I never had a real opportunity also because I never looked for her.
During the fifth year the trip period arrived, we didn't go on the trip abroad due to school organization issues but we still managed to go on the (school) trip week. The destination was Rome.
We spent a lot of time together or at least close to me, but we also spent time apart with other companions.
On the last evening the evening out was planned, who wanted, could have stayed in the hotel and I, given the amount of hours standing and walking in the previous days, stayed in the hotel, my 2 roommates went out and out of about 24 in 5 or 6 stayed in the hotel. Both of our companions went out to "supervise", up to a certain point my companions leaving the others in the hotel relying on our sense of responsibility.
After dinner I then went to my room to relax a bit, the boys' rooms were on the upper floor compared to the girls'. My intention was to rest for an hour and then join the others in the common room.
I dozed off on the bed, I was completely relaxed, I didn't realize how long I had been dozing until I heard a knock, I didn't realize it immediately, I heard it again,
I opened my eyes, got up and went to the door.
I found Emma, ​​entering quickly and closing the door, E: "What a lazy person you are", "Come on, these days have destroyed me", E: "For goodness sake, we've walked a lot, but falling asleep at this time seems to me exaggerated" . We laughed together and hugged each other. Emma was wearing red leggings, a white sweatshirt and slippers on her feet, even so I liked her a lot. Once the hug was over we broke away and looked at each other intensely, Emma became serious, she moved and kissed me, a long, passionate kiss, full of excitement, one of my hands squeezed her ass, she placed her hand on my package.
We broke away, E: "Fuck, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this opportunity", "Madonna, who are you telling", I replied and we went back to kissing, she jumped into my arms twisting her legs behind my back, I leaned her against the door and I continued kissing her, squeezing her ass.
I moved, made her lie down on the bed and positioned myself on top of her, we kissed again and again, she grabbed my cock inside my pants with her hands, our breaths made everything damn exciting.
Her hands let go of my cock, took the elastic of my trousers and she left me with my cock sticking out of her, she went back to wanking me while we continued kissing.
The ice was broken, and the tension melted away. I took off her slippers and comments, took those little feet in my hands and kissed them, took off Emma's leggings and panties, I thrust myself into that shaved and much desired pussy.
I licked as much as I could, I kissed the inside of her thighs and her very wet pussy lips. One of Emma's hands was in my hair and caressing me, I brought my hand to her pussy and penetrated it with two fingers, Emma enjoyed it and I got more and more excited.
I went back on top of her and kissed her again, her hands took my cock and made it rub against her pussy, E: "Put it inside her" she whispered to me.
I pushed with my pelvis, I entered her, she was tight.
Emma started to enjoy and pant, I tried to hold back by increasing the pace.
My body was slamming into her, causing Emma to moan with each pump.
We looked at each other intensely and gave each other a kiss, E: "Don't come in, eh", she warned me and I replied with a nod.
I took out my cock, moved closer to her face and placed my cock on her lips, Emma immediately took the cock into her mouth. A decent blowjob that I really appreciated, I almost thought about coming but I held back.
I went back to licking her pussy, savored all the flavor of Emma and fingered her.
E: "Put it back in, please", I didn't ask myself to repeat it, I put it back in and started fucking her again, I brought her legs to my face and kissed the soles of her feet, her ankles and her calves.
E: "Fuck me, I like it too much", she urged me to fuck her and I didn't hesitate to increase the pace more and more, I lowered myself and we kissed again and again, I gave the deepest strokes possible, "Emma you're fantastic" I mentioned with a faint voice.
I spread her legs, took out my cock, she took it in her hand and jerked me off, I cummed on her belly which she promptly discovered by pulling up her sweatshirt. A huge, satisfying cumshot, which Emma also appreciated a lot.
Once my orgasm was over, I lay down next to her exhausted, we hugged each other, E: "Damn, what an orgasm you had, thanks for the fuck", I thanked her and we got dressed.
Settling down, Emma hugged me, she kissed me, we looked at each other and practically in chorus said "I love you", we laughed and kissed again, from there our story of love and wild sex began.

Thank you

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