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I okay financially and live alone and don't socialize much at all. But my sex life has improved greatly recently. I have a woman come and clean my house and do my laundry as I was restricted in movement due to swollen feet from insect bites allergic reaction with immune system it's painful walking. So, I employed a short-term housekeeper and as it was short-term, she decided she liked working for me and offered extra services for a little extra money. She offered to masturbate me and give blowjobs on top of her normal work. I'm 61 and she is 53 and neither of us are centerfolds and I took her up on her offer and she really good at all her work. With my feet back to normal, I really had no need of a housekeeper anymore. But I decided just in case of a recurrence, have hired her as my fulltime housekeeper. Extra duties were added as well, showering with me to wash my back and take care of any swellings that come up. No actual intercourse, but you never know your luck. All because I walked thru an ant's nest barefoot, something I will never do again. But it had some benefits I hadn't foreseen.

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