My Castle


Growing up I was really into Knights and the medieval period and decided when I was grown up, I'll build myself a castle. So, after finishing university with honors, I got access to my trust fund and inheritance. As my parents had me when they were in their late thirties and both being heavy smokers had lung problems that took them in their late fifties. Now free of all restriction I could do what I wanted, not required to work and so I went touring museums and old castles, and, on my journey, I came upon a private museum closing down. With all its contents up for sale and I bought what I wanted and then started planning my castle, not wanting its construction taking years I decided on modern shortcuts. I already had the location, and it was a private island already owned by me in the middle of 1000 acres mainly forest. Only one road running thru the area, with prefab concrete for curtain walls and a central keep it went up quickly. Then dressed in stone to make it look like it was made of stone it took 2 years to fully complete. The island had 2 landing points no beaches, but I reduce it to 1 landing point by having a dry-stone wall build to block easy access to my island. With everything I wanted in place I moved in and then realized I (then 29) was alone in my dream castle and decided I needed a wife or woman to keep me company. But most women wouldn't want to live in a remote castle all the time. But I decided to get woman who would be happy to have a secure future and better life as a result. I had 3 things I wanted a poor woman wanting to improve her future, not a party girl and most of all limited number of relatives. I went travelling again and soon found several prospects, most were dismissed quickly for one reason or another. One stood out an only child 21, quite shy and only had her mother 38 widow. Both worked at the hotel I was staying in and once I had found out they were living alone and having a hard time. Their interest to me rose greatly, I decided to ask as there aren't any problems asking. I asked the mother as she was the more talkative of the 2. She was shocked at first. Mainly thinking I wanted to use her daughter for a sex toy, once I said I wanted a wife, she became interested more and as we were restricted as she was working arranged to meet later. At the meeting her and her daughter listen to my proposal and said they would let me know. Not a refusal, not an acceptance either and so I decided I would wait no more than a week. But they accepted my offer the next day, after health checks and passports, visas and the wedding were done we return to my castle. Turns out it suited them as much as it did me and I quickly started a family with my wife. I also was fucking the mother, but she cannot have more due problems after the birth of her daughter. So, I don't need to take precautions with either and now years later I've 4 children with my wife, life is great. We do travel and enjoy ourselves but can't stay away from our castle long as we miss it a great deal. We've had our own family coat of arms made up and bought a title for show more than anything else, it's nothing more than a paper title.
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