Shocked news about my relationship

Written by , on 2023-10-31, genre incest

I was adopted at 3 and knew I'd a sister (1 at the time) and nothing much else. I was at university in my last year and had a girlfriend and we were sexually active, and she got pregnant. My adopted parents knew my girlfriend and said I should marry her and so we did. With the arrival of our daughter, we were very happy and then a lawyer came to our home. He was representing a relative looking for his lost nephew and niece. The state laws on record of adoptions had been relaxed and so he had found me. My sister had been adopted interstate and that state was relaxing it stance on adoption records but hadn't allowed any viewing as of then. Anyway, I got to know my uncle and became interested in finding my sister. It was then my wife's parents both died of the Corona virus, and it was only then she found out she had been adopted. Still no connection drawn between the two of us being adopted. With my wife pregnant again and having finished university herself the year before. We got news of my sister, and she was my wife. After getting over the news, we were brother and sister. We had our son and have stayed married as far as we're concerned it was the path fate had chosen for us.

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