Alone No More


Short version.
Being well off and living alone was how I lived, never great with women and so I became more or less a hermit. Not needing to work but did by the internet and kept to myself mostly with some family visiting rarely. I'd had no contact with young women usually, except when shopping. I've always felt awkward around women especially ones close to my age group. Anyway, the pandemic changed that, not making me comfortable around women but got me a woman. Due to death of people locally and financial pressure put on them, I found a local woman who was left alone by the death of her parents and brother due to the pandemic and loss her home due to medical and funerals costs. They had been struggling before the pandemic the pandemic was the last straw as the saying goes. Anyway, I would buy her family home and hearing of her dilemma, I decided to help. She was similar to me in being awkward around others, in my case women. Her's other people in general, but it was simple she would do my washing and some cleaning and still live in her old family home. No other I felt no sexual attraction to her at the time and thought it would help her out. Till she found her place as they say, but I got use to her being around my home as she done housework and washing and as I got more and more relaxed around her. Feelings started to develop, and I was getting sexual thoughts about her. Anyway, she also relaxed around me as time passed and her doing my washing and hers using my washing machine and dryer. Meant I saw her underwear either in a pile awaiting washing or folded after washing, which meant I knew what she wore underneath her dress. Adding to my sexual attraction to her, finally in early 2022 (January) it was a very cold day outside and she had relaxed around me a lot more than she had been at first and likewise me also around her. She was ironing my shirts and I asked what her plans for the future were, she said marry someday and start a family of her own. Adding a short time after, it's a pipe dream and I realized we both had a similar dream. I realized I was comfortable around her and in a shock to myself and her, I suggested we marry. She never answered and I was still coming to terms with hat I had suggested but decided to continue. Adding as we got on so well together, we should marry and fulfill our mutual dreams. To my great surprise she nodded approval saying nothing. Of course, we didn't start sex straight away and would think it over more the following weeks. But both came to the same conclusion, it was our best chance to have a family. So, we married quickly in March, not allowing too much time to change our minds. Now living together fulltime and sleeping together and after an awkward start to our sexual relationship. She tested pregnant in July, and we had a son in February 2023. Still a bit awkward during the first months of marriage, we had started showering together and sleeping naked together. Which was really awkward at first, done the trick after a time seeing each other naked wasn't a problem and we are really good together. She loves being a mother and I a father and more children are planned; we don't take any precautions during sex and will let nature takes it cause.
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