Separated young and now back together

Written by , on 2023-09-20, genre incest

Our mother died when I was 2 and my father couldn't cope and gave us up for adoption and then disappeared. My sister was 4 almost 5 at the time and our never asked for us to be kept together and so we were split up. Years later I was 23 and in university, knew I was adopted and knew I had a sister. But my father had dropped off the Earth it seemed, never any contact nor information about our family. As I was studying history as one of courses, I decided to look into my family history. Once I got my adoption records, there wasn't much to go on. My adoptive parents supported my efforts, and I had a DNA search done no results 2019. My adoptive parents were in their late sixties and had given me every chance to succeed in life. 2020 turned out to be a bad year for me, both my adoptive parents got the virus and passed away together as they would've wanted. Once things started to return to somewhat normal, I was back at university and got an Email for the DNA search company, I had a match an older sibling. My sister was found, and she lived close by. Like me she had attended the same university and had graduated in 2019 and her adoptive parents were also deceased (2017 & 2018) natural causes, they had been in their fifties when they had adopted her. We arranged to meet and got on very well but having been apart most of our lives. We started to develop feelings for each other, that a brother and sister shouldn't have. Long story short we started fucking and yes, I got her pregnant. We married and now have 3 children, a boy first and twin girls last month. We kept digging to see if we could find our father or other relatives, we found our father. Well, his grave he died 5 years after our adoptions, work accident. No other relatives as yet, but there's always hope and not much in the way of family history either.

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