Leaving School was best for me

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Never a great student and so I decided to leave and become an electrician. I'd been helping my mother's brother (electrician) over the years to make pocket money; I became his apprentice and on qualifying I stayed with him as his business expanded. I (28) prefer the actual work to the paperwork, which I leave to my uncle. I do the little jobs as well as helping on the big jobs. On one such small job I came across my old history teacher (47) divorced and I knew her straight away. She only remembered me after I told her, her memory of me was of a bright boy wasting his life away, by not studying. Anyway, she had power problems in her house, and I was there to fix the problem for her. I found the problem quickly the power board was almost older than my grandpa and all the wiring was in need of replacing. My history teacher was the only one who had really tried to help me at high school, and I decided to help her. I would just charge her for materials and do the work on the weekend. I date but no girlfriend at the moment, my dating history is a hit and miss affair, win some lose some. The Saturday I ran all the new wiring and installed a new power board, but only had time to finish the bathroom, kitchen and the main bedroom. As I had a family gathering to attend, grandpa's 76th birthday party but promise to finish everything Sunday morning. I returned as promise Sunday morning and quickly done the other bedrooms, lounge and laundry and also installed a light in her garage, as there was none there before. I was almost finished by the time she got home from church, and she offered to make lunch. So, I stayed for lunch, and she caught me looking at chest and asked me straight would I like to see her topless. No need to ask me twice I answer I very much would like to see her topless. I soon found out my old history teacher was very horny and as they say one thing led to another and we had sex and then more sex. I became her go to guy for sex, she would text me when she was horny, and I would visit her. So, I got regular sex from her and during her daughter's break from university, I started dating the daughter (25) still fucking the mother when I could. Anyway, I started fucking the daughter and the rubber broke (it didn't, I didn't use one) so I decided to marry the daughter as a result before she got pregnant. She accepted my proposal and my family accepted I had stuffed up using an old condom. She didn't pregnant but did in the first 5 months of our marriage and she went back to university, I was now living my mother-in-law (history teacher) keeping her company. Also sharing her bed every night, my wife finished her courses and came home to have our baby and we still live with her mother still and my lets her mother share me, especially now she is pregnant again and in her last trimester. Great having 2 willing women.

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