Roped In, lucky for me.

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After years away I returned home and there was a family wedding in our long-term neighbor's family. They have been close friends of our ever since I can remember and are seen as aunt and uncle. Anyway, their youngest 10 years my junior wasn't in the bridal party and didn't have an escort. She okay on the eye and quite timid/shy, but as we had been neighbors all her life, she wasn't shy around me. Shortly after my return, it was like I never had left. Seeing her interacting with me gave the parent's the idea to have me escort her to the wedding. Being smart they went thru my mother, and I wasn't really asked more like I was instructed to accompany her to the wedding. Being a good son, I did as I was told by my mother. Well, I had a great time and we really bonded at the wedding and as I wasn't in any relationship at the time. The next time I was going out, I asked her to accompany me, and we started dating. After five dates and attending a wedding together we slept together, and I took great care as I was her first lover and didn't want to upset 2 families. Mine and hers, but as they say I was hooked, and I'd decided to ask her to marry me. She accepted and we've been married 23 years and 5 perfect children like their mother.

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