Finally Married

Written by , on 2023-09-15, genre straight

I've never been great with the ladies but have had my moments also. With all my friend married I was the only single guy and started to feel awkward being the sole single male at events and started to avoid those events. But I still saw my friends, but not at events. Using my job as a cover, self-employed and would say an urgent job came up and I had to do it or something similar. This worked mostly at first but less and less and then no invitations were given as I never came. But my closest friend wanted to help me and got his wife to find someone for me. By closest we live next door to each other and have been friends since starting preschool together. His wife decided she knew the perfect woman for me her cousin and she had similar traits to me. Without notice of her cousin coming or any arrangements they had made to get us together, I was invited to a barbeque. Which was a normal thing in our friendship, and it was in the late afternoon and no big deal was made of it before hand. So, I went not expecting anything and my first knowledge it wasn't the usual barbeque was being introduced to the cousin. Nothing more than this my wife's cousin and we said hello and had some small talk during barbeque and later I went home. No more was said during the following days, like how you like the cousin. She wasn't mentioned and later on another barbeque and again the cousin was there, and we got on fairly well. Still no pushing to date the cousin or trying to get us to an event together. But it was coming, I knew my friend and family had a big family wedding coming up. But I wasn't on the guest list that I knew of, but I was. They hadn't told me, the day before the wedding the bomb dropped as they say. Somebody had dropped out at the last moment, and they were one man short. No mention of me replacing the guy, but saying the cousin would be alone, unless they could find someone last minute. Still no request that be me, like a lamb to the slaughter I said pity she a nice woman. Caught hook line and sinker, that when I was asked straight out to be the replacement. Having already said I hadn't anything on and my work truck in for maintenance. I tried to say she wouldn't want me but got she doesn't want to be alone even more. I agreed and so I was her companion at the wedding, and we had a really great time together. Not straight away but we started dating and then sleeping together and finally marrying. By the time I realized it was a setup all along, I was hooked and really like my then girlfriend and was thinking of asking her to marry me. When the penny dropped as they say, I suddenly realized and was very happy they had done it all. My only nervous part of the whole relationship was asking her to marry me, afraid she might say No. But she said yes, and I don't need to make excuses anymore to avoid being the odd one out.

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