I left a trail

Written by , on 2023-09-14, genre straight

After a massive fight with my father, I left home at 16 and started travelling. I joined a group of casual workers who travelled about, working here and there. Nothing special happened for the first few years and I had filled out and started reading books. The fight with my father was because I was playing PC games instead of studying and grades were tanking. On the road I didn't have much access to the games and was weaned off them you could say. Getting bored I found a book and started reading it and once finished I got another then another book. Finally, I was more into reading than playing games when I was able to play. I got into history and that became my new passion, as we travelled around and came historical sites. I could see where everything I read about happened, another passion was women, and I had a string of romances on my travels. I left a string of pregnant girls behind me, and my parents were searching for me. Once they happened on the first pregnant woman, my trail was easier to follow. They finally caught up to me in 2018 and I was 21, as we worked mostly cash in hand and stayed in accommodation provided or just camped out. We never left much of a trail to follow, except for the pregnant women. My father mainly wanted to make sure I was safe and well, but also wanted me to return home. My family is very well off, and my father believes in a good education and me playing games instead of studying rubbed him the wrong way. I'd also grown wiser in my travels, not just because I was reading books, but from my life experiences while I was travelling. No sparks flew on our reuniting, we acted like adults should. So, I decided to return as I was asked to do and my parents had taken in the 3 women, I had left pregnant in my wake. I'm still single and still love reading and have 3 wives you could say, as the women are still with me and all live together in a house provided by my parents. They were thrown out by their families on getting pregnant and my parents took them in with their children. On my return home I'd 3 children and now I have 7, they share me is the best way to describe our arrangement. They don't have to stay with me, if they don't want too, as they will be still looked after by my family if they left. But it suits them to stay, and they are accepted as part of the family. I'm still a reader not a player and have built up an impressive library of books I've read and others I haven't got to yet. My relationship with my father is better than ever it was, even though I never went to university. I got a job with the family and use computers, I read books for enjoyment. I've also became a very quick reader and impress clients with my ability to read and absorb its contents. I'm also making my children read instead of playing just on computers, something I now know is better than just playing games. I could be called a book nerd, but my build deters people saying it to me.

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