Compliant Women


I was at university and decided to live off campus and rented a room and the daughter of the lady (widow) who I was renting from was also going to the university. Both were very quiet, and I didn't take that much interest at first. I've always been well off and brought up to respect others or get a clip around the ears. I'm not a jock nor a nerd, I'm in between and I play sport and study or get into trouble if my grades slip. Anyway, I would walk to and from the university with the daughter and got attracted to her. She the same age as me and do some of the same studies not all. Anyway, I asked her out and she accepted, and couple of dates, we were getting very well and so I made an advance and got to feel her up. The next time I went a bit further and the next we had sex, she never tried to stop me doing anything with her. My sexual precaution was the pull-out method and blow the sperm over her belly. One afternoon she was at the university I had a late lecture and was home with her mother as I had a spare period. There was a sudden thunderstorm, and it was loud and lightning flashing brightly all around. Her mother was scared and hugged me and as she hugged me, I got aroused and I made a move on her and fucked her and left my sperm inside her. She was passed having children and so no worries, she already knew I was fucking her daughter also. After the sex we showered together the storm had passed and I went to my lecture. I walked home after with my girlfriend/daughter, while she went to help her mother get dinner ready, I went to my room and all my things were gone. I went to find out what was going on and the mother told me she had move my things into her room along with her daughter's things. From that night onwards I've slept with both, which led to the daughter getting pregnant (boy), I failed to pull out and she got pregnant. No worries I married her as I was already thinking of doing and my parents already knew and liked her and her mother also. With us both graduating her mother sold the house and moved with us to a house on the family estate. She still sleeps with me and her daughter, I work for my father's company along with my wife, who does anything I want of her and so does her mother. I've never seen women so compliant before, but I treat them well and couldn't be happier. I was raised to respect people and treat people right; my wife was raised to be compliant like her mother. My parents only had 3 boys and I'm the middle one and my wife is the daughter they didn't have, I'm the only son yet married. My wife works for my father's company and is in his office and as she is pregnant with our second child, a girl this time. Not that she is there much at the moment as my mother keeps coming and taking her places. Just over a month till she is due, and my mother can't wait till her granddaughter is born. My mother is the no nonsense type and has a watchful eye over her daughter-in-law and her mother. As she knows how compliant they are, but she doesn't know I'm fucking my mother-in-law.
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