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Peter: I am not sure how much longer I can put up with the shit from the sunstruck state, for those from overseas, that is Queensland, the part of Australia given over to guys who wear flip flops cause they can't tie shoe laces, and they drink beer called XXXX cause they can't spell beer,

Peter: Everyone knows I am the king of the ring in Australia, but this guy Dave has been dissing me right, left and centre, telling me that I am too old, over the hill, have no balls, and so on, so finally with an excuse to see friends and family I take a night off, my gym bag and go to an underground club in Fortitude Valley to line up with this guy, no rules and stakes he wants, no rules and stakes he gets,

Peter: Get into my gym gear, high five a few horny guys, 5 9 and 225 of ripped Victorian muscle, speak slowly to cater for the locals and make my way to the ring in green and gold trunks and bare feet.,

Dave: Its been a long time coming, but my match with Peter has finally arrived, Despite the bush he's been telling everyone about me I'm keen to get in the ring and show this guy who the owner of the Australian wrestling title should be. The match has been organised in a seedy fight club and I head in shaking the hands of a few mates in the crowd, my reputation as a new fighter quickly gaining momentum as I've been working my way through the local studs.

Dave: I hit the ring pumped in my black Speedos, barefoot as per the instructions of the club, DAVE on my ass and a big picture of a missile covering my already growing bulge in my Speedos. Climb through the ropes only to hear the announcer calling out it's a no rules stakes match, my lips curl up in a sneer as I picture myself literally fucking the hot vet all over the ring from the moment the match starts until I finally put his lights out, .rubbing my 8" as I check you out, "CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE THIS DEEP IN YOU FUCKER" I call out, making the guys in the crowd cheer, at 190lbs and 5'10 I'm ready to put on a show that will earn me the title of Aussie Champ..

Peter: You taunt me and show me what you pack., rubbing it to make it stand up in your black Speedos, tight and showing off, and look back at you, and say, nice package Dave, see you have had plenty of hands on experience as you rub it up, smirking at you, looks like I might get to play with that myself later, like a play-station joystick, put my hands up to lock up and move to the centre of the ring, taunting you to come and show me your power,

Dave: I rush in, eager to show you the mats, lock arms with you and start pushing you back as I pump my legs., grin as I feel your back hit the ropes then BAMM, I knee your abs and dance away, first shot to me., grab my cock., "You'll get this very soon stud"., grin as I dance around the ring on my toes.

Peter: You rush in and your momentum pushes me back, into the ropes, knee up, into my abs, and I fold for a second, first blow in the match, to you, face flashes in anger when you grab your cock, my own starts to tent in my shorts at your constant play, dancing around the ring on your toes,

Peter: Come out towards you after a cough and a rub on my gut, and circle you, as you dance I charge in and ram my shoulder into your abs, but just before I get to the corner, I go lower and grab you around the knees flipping you down on your back, my arms slip up to your ankles, and my foot goes to your crotch, my toes starting to do some cock play of my own, rubbing up and down your tool, making you moan in surprise..

Dave: You shoulder charge me, flipping me to my back. legs pulled up in your grip as you rub my crotch., groaning as your foot strokes my 8" throbbing manhood., reach for the ropes, grab and PULL myself away from you, kicking my legs to free them, roll and pull up on the ropes, mad that you took me down., turn and rush out, arm raised for a clothesline..

Peter: I had you too close to the ropes and your desperate thrashing, as I threatened to make your missile misfire with my foot, causes you to get free, I stomp my heel down, just missing your crotch as you get out of the way, and back off, you charge me arm raised for the clothesline, at the last second I duck under it and you step past, I hook my arm under you shoulder and press my hand behind your neck stopping your momentum, lift and slam you to the mat, on your back, back away surveying your hot body as the ring shakes from the momentum, as you smack hard, down,

Dave: my clothesline was mistimed and you duck and reach around, grabbing my shoulder and neck then LIFTING me and slamming my back to the mat., groaning as I roll., back on fire, get to my hands and knees., moaning as I crawl slowly to the ropes, gasping from that hit..

Peter: Rush over as you slowly crawl to the ropes, on all fours, as you gasp for air, I straddle you and grab you by the hair, and smack your face to the mat, going to work you over a bit, let go before you can recover, and grab DA with one hand and VE., with the other, and give your glutes a nice squeeze, then a slap and say, tenderising the hard muscle Dave, stepping back to let you time to get back to your feet,

Dave: crawling., you grab my head and slam it to the mat. dazing me, then humiliate me in front of the guys as you grab my Speedo covered ass squeezing and slapping, I reach the ropes as you step back., pull up, spin., face red., not going to miss this time., I duck and RUSH you, spearing your abs as I shoulder charge you, lifting and drilling your bigger body to the corner post,

Peter: Humiliated, taunted and pissed off, you get to your feet, as I let my actions speak louder than your words, you charge in low at me and spear me into the corner, driving your shoulder into my abs, and as you pin me, hurting my back a bit, I climb up to the first rope, and drop a double axe handle into your back between your shoulder blades and as I land on the ground again, a second hit for good measure,

Dave: FUCCCKKK, your axe handle drives me down then a second ramming into my upper back, crushing me to the mat., humping my thick cock against the mat as I groan in pain, my body flopping on the mat in the corner under you, trying to raise up..

Peter: I give my abs a rub. and in front of me you begin to rise, I grab you by the hair as you are still stunned, and ram your face deep into my already sweaty crotch, making you take a deep breath or two, before, I raise by knee to your face, flipping you to your back, I get out of the corner, and stand behind you waiting to see if you can get up, watching your boner twitching in your Speedos as you try to gather your senses...

Dave: lifted up by the hair and smothered in your man scent as you crush my face to your crotch, then your knee cracks my jaw, slamming me to my back. my muscled frame hitting the mats as I lay there dazed, my cock pulsing pre in my Speedos, groaning and shaking my head, roll and grab the ropes, trying to pull myself up, my DAVE covered Speedos on display as I hear the guys in the crowd jeer.

Peter: You slowly pull your self up, playing right into my hands, stunned and in the corner, and I wrap my left hand around your throat, from behind and duck under your back with a hand between your legs..grabbing your cock and then lifting you up in the rack, putting pressure on your breathing, and then starting to stroke your eight inches as I bounce you on your shoulders hurting further your already hurting back, 

Dave: Lifted in your powerful rack, my throat pulled back and airborne as you shoulder me up over you, my massive 8" in your grip as my arms and legs wave over your body, gasping and coughing in your grip as the guys watch on, stroking my cock through my tight Speedos, my body writhing over yours as my hands slam into anywhere I can reach...

Peter: Racking you and jacking you now, your arms flap around and try to hit me, slapping my back, and a couple to the face, really pissing me off now, as I give your balls a squeeze drop to my knee and drop you across my knee to the mat, hard in your back, get up as you writhe on the ground, hurting bad,

Dave: SLAMMED down over your outstretched knee as my body cracks in pain, screaming, my back arched, neck and cock abused then tossed face down to the floor, cock humping the mat in pain as my sweaty muscled frame writhes on the mat, groaning, trying to raise up to my hands and knees as my DAVE covered Speedos raise and fall..

Peter: Come at you again, and this time see you rising and falling, arching your aching back, and I drop my elbow into your abs, slide my hand back as I increase your suffering, and hook a leg rolling you into a pin, one, and then release you, smiling, and say, I am not finished with you yet, Dave, and get to my feet and step back,

Dave: You crash down on my abs as I roll in pain, arching up then lock on a pin, hooking my leg, my body struggling as my brain goes into overdrive in fear as you start counting, then drop me, gasping., roll to the ropes, get up slowly and turn, face red, back in pain., push from the ropes, rushing at you, slamming my shoulder into your abs trying to lift and take you down..

Peter: You get to your feet, confused as I do not go the pin, and charge me low and hard, trying to lift me, and take me down, and I use your momentum to roll with it on my back and bring you over, on to your back again, release and roll to feet.., motioning at you to come at me again..

Dave: Taken down as you grab me and roll, toying with my weakened frame, the guys hungrily watching the match, I get up, dazed and shaking my head, rush at you as you wave me in, feint that I'm going for another shoulder barge but SLAM my knee up into your abs as I get close, then hammer your back, elbows cracking between your shoulder blades...

Peter: You counter and look like you are going to go in hard again and low, but instead you drive your elbow up into my abs and drop me to my knees with a hammer strike , elbow between my shoulder blades, I push up on my legs in pan and head butt you in your crotch,

Dave: About to grab you as you go to ground on your knees, I grab your head then BAMM feel you headbutt my crotch., staggering back roaring as I hold my nuts, then rush you before you can get up fully, cracking my knee into your jaw...

Peter: You crack your knee to my jaw as you charge, taking the fight back on your terms now, and I smack hard on to my back, curling up my legs as I roll, blood streaming from my mouth, surely teeth damaged, and i uncurl my legs kicking you hard, in your abs. and roll to my feet holding my face with one hand, 

Dave: grin as I see you hit on your back hard, your body curled, I move in thinking that I can go for the kill my eyes on your curled ass, cock pulsing in my speedos, but BAMM you uncurl and lash out, your legs hitting my abs, lifting me off the mat to crash on my already damaged back, I roll to my front, groaning as I get to my hands and knees, slowly crawling towards the ropes..

Peter: You slowly crawl towards the ropes, on your hands and knees, and I charge at you, stripping off my shorts as I go, all natural for me now, as I see the DAVE retreating, straddle you and wrap my arms around your neck, and roll you into a choke and scissor combo, my boner humping your back, as I roll us to our sides,

Dave: You strip. the guys all roaring as they see you bare and hard, my body aching as I crawl then grabbed and rolled side by side, scissored and choked, my Speedos the only thing protecting me as my body struggle, arms grabbing at yours, eyes wide as I gasp., yanking hard on your arms to slow pull them from my neck, legs kicking as I try to buck out of this devastating combo..

Peter: You yank on my arms trying to get free as I squeeze and choke you, slide my legs down a bit to grapevine you. to stop you rolling, and take a hand off your throat, and wriggle it free from my arms, and reaching down and stripping you of your Speedos, now around your thigh, the word Dave, had covered a cave, and as you wriggle my cock starts to get close to entry, keep the choke on with one hand, as you writhe 

Dave: struggling, the guys all cheering as you strip me and expose my muscled bubble butt, my Speedos around my thighs, hard cock against my abs leaking pre, your choke slowly weakening me, I struggle against your arm as your speaking cock pushes between my ass cheeks, eyes wide, the guys watching expectant., slamming elbows back but weakening against your power, no on gasping., struggling desperate..

Peter: Your elbows go back now as I weaken you further but my body is shielded by yours to a certain extent as they slide down my sides as you fade, my cock, looks like it has found a place to hibernate, and it needs no radar or direction from me to find a warm and inviting space, my free hand alternates between squeezing your balls now and jacking you off, distracting you as my cock penetrates you as I thrust, not choking you as hard now. as I do not want you to miss the pleasure, 

Dave: your powerful hold keeping me pinned, choking slowly as you crush then release, keeping my body exposed but not letting me go out, it suddenly becomes very apparent that you aren't interested in making the pin or KO and as your cock penetrates deep to the roar of the crowd I realise that you are going to show the guys your domination, almost hoping that I'm choked out as you work my thick 8" shaft and impale me in the middle of the ring, knowing that if I can't escape you are free to do as you please until the end of this match., struggle to pull your arm from my neck, weak, your cock tip destroying my ass and breaking my concentration as my muscled frame groans

Peter: I finally impale you my cock, no match for yours in size, slides in quite easily, figure that you have been copping a bit up here in Queensland anyway, up at these clubs, and I start to thrust in and out humping you on my side, use the choke, and grapevine to roll on to my back bringing your with me your back to my chest as my hips thrust up and down slowly, jacking you, I whisper in your ear, you are mine Dave, and I am the champion of Australia..

Dave: your powerful hold gripping as you roll me, my own body weight sliding me down on your impaling cock, not as large as mine, but massive enough to put me out of contention for concentration, my body spread over yours, groaning as you whisper in my ear, slowly choking and releasing to keep up the pressure and keep me owned, my cock slowly being jacked as I groan, hearing your taunt, my shaft stroked as my balls churn, desperately trying to hold off from shooting a massive load..

Peter: I know you are close, stroking you, my cock reaching your prostrate, and working it, you are getting enough air to be conscious, but your muscular frame is more and more at my mercy., now Dave, entertain the crowd I hiss in your ear, let your self go, cummmmm, spray like a fountain..

Dave: My body shuddering with the effort of not losing my load, trapped in your choke and grapevine. Too weak to pry your arm from my throat as your other hand expertly works my precum slick shaft, the guys cheering as your hips buck your dominating cock into my hole. Gasping now as you taunt me, no coming back from this, my cock explodes, Shooting rope after thick rope up into the air to splatter all over me and the ring, your hand working more and more till my cock is painful, forced to blow till there's nothing left then jerked beyond that keeping me hard, My body sagging in your grip, knowing now there's little chance, Praying that you make this quick as the guys roar for more,

Peter: Feel your body surge and explode, as my humping and jacking drives you to the edge, and at that it is the ultimate turn on, and I spray ropes of cum in your QUEENSLAND ass, can feel your body go limp., and with some still in my tanks, I pull out of you and push you off, I stand and get to my feet and jack myself off to finish the job, spraying one, two, three ropes of cum over your face, ..

Peter: Well Dave, that is a three count to me, I reckon that counts as a pinfall,

Dave: Cummed, bred then rolled and forced to cop your 3 count cum load over my face, my destroyed muscled body groaning on the mat as the fight club owner rings the bell. Awarding you the win and the title of Australian wrestler, Trying to focus through my defeat and breeding, the guys cheering you. Vowing to get better and bring you down next time. End

And the Aussie champion is Peter.

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