The old Neighbor

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I'm William 45 divorced average height and weight. I work as foreman in a Steel mill, I by myself in a quite suburb. I have an old neighbor called Elizabeth 68 widow great body for her age. I can see into her bedroom from mine and nobody can see in to mine as I a special glass that lets you see out, but not in. There is a thin film applied to the glass that stop you seeing in when the lights on in the room it sort of illuminates the film and blocks the view in. So after I first saw Elizabeth undressing, I couldn't help myself from watching her. I sit looking out at her window watching her undress, even if she was to look at my house all she would see is the window of light. I watched her every night and even when she lays on her bed masturbating I have a good view. I got friendly with her by offering to help her with her gardening on my days off. Two months ago I mention that I was go to the movies that night and asked if she would like to join me, as she had said to Roseanne her other neighbour her otherside of her house. That she had been to a movie in years. I waited until a movie I thought she like started showing before asking. I also told her that I preferred not to see a movie alone, I was happy when she agreed to go with me. When we went to the movie I took her for coffee before the and after it was finished. I was going to ask her go for another coffee, but she started talking about another movie that followed the other. So I said "Where here we might as well see it now". She agreed, so we did I took her home afterwards and had coffee with her before going home. The following week we went to the movies again and after the movie we went for coffee and talked a bit. After I got her home we had another coffee. As we were saying goodnight, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. So the next week we again went to the movies, had coffee after and talked a bit and returned to her place for another coffee and as I was about to leave. She gave a hug and kissed me again, this time I said " I don't think I will be able after being hugged and kissed by such a beautiful woman, you've got me so excited now" with big smile my face. Hoping that she would ask me to stay the night or at worse think I was joking around. She smiled and said " You must be really desperate if you think I'm beautiful at my age". I replied " Your as beautiful as Helen Mirren". She said " Do you really think that'. With that, I took her in my arms kissed her on her lips and grabbing her bottom gave it a fondle. She was a bit shocked and pushed me away and I apologized saying that I was carried away in the moment. After a awkward couple of minutes, she said " That alright, but if you really think I'm beautiful. Would you like to sleep with me". "Yes any time any where". " Well you better take me to your place, as I can't have sex in my bed as it was where me and my late husband had sex and I wouldn't want to have sex with anyone in that bed". I took hold of her hand and we went to my place and we had sex and are having sex twice a week. She is very willing we have tried different positions and she great oral. I've start fingering her ass and she said " That she is willing to give anal a try, on the condition that I stop if it hurts too much". I have agreed and going give it a try shortly after I have got her used to sex toys in her ass and me fingering her ass. Last Sunday morning she woke me up with a great blowjob, then we had sex before she when to church and when she got home from church. I went over and took her again on the lounge.

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