I just kept the women I already had.

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To some people, my story my seem distasteful. I on the other hand, look back with only fond memories of my sexual Awakening.

My name is Jim. I grew up in a upper middle class home in Michigan.
My father was in advertising andy mother worked a a bank in town.
I have a sister that is two years younger than me. She was born with a genetic disorder. As a result, she only grew as tall as four foot and it also gave her a child like appearance.
To this day many years later, you have to do a double look and look closely just to tell she is not a fifteen or sixteen year old girl.
My sister's name is Amy. Even though she was only two or so years younger than me, it always felt like more than that to me. She always looked so young and small, and I was always very protective over her.
Don't get me wrong, Amy was cut as a button! She looked just like my mother in many ways, just not her body. For her whole life she would have to live her life trapped in a child-like body, and doctor's told my mother that she would never have children.
My parents where busy people, and much of the time I basically raised Amy and ran the house as I saw fit.
Buy the time I was 16, my father was almost never home, he had an apartment in the city that he kept to cut down on the commute,(so he said)? But I new something was up?
My mother would usually come home around 9 or 10 and have a cocktail before going to bed. I was for all intents and purposes, master of the house at 16.
My mother's name is Cindy. She always made sure to let us know she loved us, but it was clear that she was looking for something to fill her life. But I loved her deeply and also had formed a crush on her over the last few years.
When I was 16, she was 38. She was about 5'7 and 140 lbs. She had jet black hair and green eyes. Mom's breasts were a very mouth watering 44DD and she had gorgeous wide flaring hips that tapered up to a nice slim waist, and her legs in her work stockings could make you hard with just a glance. She was the only woman I masturbated to, I thought of her with every orgasm.

But she was my mom and that was that, I thought.
Because I spent so much time with my sister Amy, she thought I was Brother, Father, Mother, Hero and good like figure all rolled up into one package. She thought I hung the moon in the sky just for her!
To say that she warshiped me would not be vain, just how it was.
At the age of 8 she started telling everyone that she was going to marry me when she grew up, and at the age of 13, she still would say that to me. I always laughed and told her that I'm not good enough for a beautiful girl like her. She would just smile and kiss my cheek and say, your perfect Jimmy. I loved her with all my heart. I was the one who taught her everything. How to ride a bike, how to do her hair, how to cook, how to do things around the house,.. hell, I even showed her how to use feminine pads when she started her first period. She came to me for everything she needed or wanted to know about. At night,.. and I mean every single night, she would sneak out of her room and crawl in bed with me. She would either crawl on top of me and sleep on my chest or if I was sleeping on my side, she would curl up next to me and put her head against my stomach or something and wrap herself into me and sleep.
Mom tried to get her to stay in her room at night, but nothing she did or said to Amy stopped her from sneaking in at night. My mother told her that she was to old to be sleeping in the same bed as her bother, but Amy didn't see it that way. She said I protected her and she needed me. After a few years, mom just gave up on arguing with her and nobody brought it up anymore.

So as I said, at 16 my hormones we're running crazy and I was masturbating as much as I could.
It was hard to find time away from Amy cause she basically followed me around like my shadow. So that pretty much just left stroking it in the shower, and yes I was a CLEAN boy!
After a bit, l really started to get into using my mom's worn pantyhose and panties from the day before when I jacked off. Her smells drove me over the top.
It was everything, the smell of her cunt, the sexy sent of her ass and even the intoxicating sent off her feet. Now don't get me wrong, I don't like stinky feet! But mom's feet didn't stink. She wore high heels all day, every day. But her feet smelled so sexy and good to me.
She had long slender feet with beautiful long toes that we're always painted red just like her fingers. They had a slight oder after a days work that could only be smelled if you got your nose right up to them or on the feeling of her pantyhose, that would make you hard instantly!! I don't care who you are, she was a sex goddess in my eyes. But at the time, we were not very close to each other's lives, and I day dreamed of her giving herself to me as a way of making her absence up to me. It was just a horny kids fantasy.

..... Anyhow, my life was pretty full back then. I was pretty popular at school, but I didn't have much time to hang out with friends after school or on the weekends. I had a house to run and take care of and a little sister to watch over.
I did most everything around our house. I cooked, cleaned, did laundry and yard work. I had all the credit cards that were used to pay bills and I paid all the bills when they were do and I took care of Amy.
Like I said, not much time for anything else. But I never felt like talking care of Amy was a chore, I loved her to much and she adored me.
Amy as I told you, quit growing at 11 years old. She was just shy of 4 feet tall and she had long black hair just like mom. She had a very pretty China doll like face with green eyes and pouty lips. Her body was the body of a 10 or 11 year old girl, even after she started her period. The doctor said that in all likelihood, that is how she would develop. It is what happens with girls that have this disorder, nothing could be done. She would forever be looked on as a little girl, or at least have the caricaturists of one. But she kept her chin up and always had a smile on her beautiful face. She could light a room up with her smile and eyes. I always made sure she had her fingers and toes painted the same color as mom had as well, at Amy's request of course. Even though she didn't have the body of a woman or even a young girl for that matter, sometimes I started ketching myself looking at her with wondering thoughts, but I would quickly ketch myself and shake my head. I was 16 after all, give a guy a break!

... One night of my 16th year I woke up in the middle of the night with a raging hard on after a dream about mom. I had to scoot Amy off me some so I could sit up on the side of my bed. I looked over my shoulder at Amy as she slept facing away from me. My cock was throbbing hard so I fished it out of my open crotched boxers and rubbed it a little too ease the ack a little bit.
Just then Amy's dog, Princess came from around the end of the bed were she sleeps on the floor and walked over to me and got between my legs and started licking my twitching cock.
.... Now 2 1/2 years ago, our dad bought Amy a puppy for Christmas.
It started out looking like a poodle, but grew to the size a miniature pony! But she loved Princess and groomed her every day.

.. anyhow about a year ago I was getting out of the shower and drying off when I felt something touching my cock! I looked down and princess was looking up at me and then she went right at it! She started lapping at my semi-hard cock and my hanging balls like they were a doggy treat she was trying to get to!
I was about to push her away, when I started to feel how good it felt on my then 15 year old package.
So I just stood there and let her do her thing. I got so worked up that after a long while I could not take it anymore and I grabbed my acking boner and started to stroke it. With only a few strokes I'm started to cum! When my sperm began to come out, Princess started lapping at my piss hole and and a pleasure I had never felt before.
I feed her the rest of my cum and she slurped it down with a fever.
After I let go of my dick, I sat down on the toilet and caught my wind and the whole time I sat there Princess kept lapping at my deflated cock hang on my thigh. I really liked it. So too make a long story short, for the last year, I have been letting princess follow me into the bathroom to lick my cock while I smell and taste my mother's panties and pantyhose. She licked the cum out of me and then licked me clean.
Judge me if you want, it felt really good and she loved doing it.

So back to 16 and sitting on the side of my bed next to my sleeping sister as her giant poodle services my throbbing pole.
So as I sat there just enjoying the cool summer nights breeze coming through the window and princess lapping at my dick and balls, I started to think about the puppies princess had about 4 or 5 months ago. We gave them away to other families, but we never figured out what dog got in the back yard and then got into princess!
Looked down at her as she worked me over and I had a thought.
I ran my hand over her hip and felt behind her until I felt her cunt.
It was very warm and I rubbed it for a few minutes and then I tried to get a finger in her. She was very hot but a little dry, so I grabbed my KY lube out of the drawer next to me and put some on my fingers and tried again. This time they slid right in knuckle deep. She quit lapping me for a minute and looked back behind her at what my hand was doing, but after a moment she went right back to pleasing my rode.
My mind and hormones went into overdrive. I reached under the mattress and got the hose and panties my mom had worn that day out. I had fished them out of the hamper before I had went to bed, just like every night, and I began to breath there intoxicating sent in as I fingered Amy's dog.
Then it just hit me like a lightning bolt! This is a pussy! A dog pussy yes, but still a warm cunt!
I guess my sex drive won over cause I slowly turned princess around so her ass was pressed on my balls and put some ky on my cock and started to line my hard dick up with her warm doggy cunt.
I was sitting on the edge of my bed and with princess standing, it lined up well. I touched the tip of my dick to her pussy and felt it's heat on my cock head.
Now you have to remember, at the time I was a virgin that only wanted one thing in life, to feel my mom's pussy on my cock. To finally know what pussy felt like!
I guess my drive got the best of me and I started to push into princess.
At first she just looked over her shoulder at me, as if to say, what's up??
As I pushed my head in her, she started slightly pumping her ass downward and as a result, my cock slipped in further.
I just stopped a moment, just to feel it on my cock. It was warm and good. I pushed in more, now holding her hips and pulling her back on me.
She yelped a little but didn't try to pull away. I think having those puppies definitely helped out at that moment.
I got about 3/4 of my dick up inside princess and started to pump in and out of the hot dog cunt between my legs. I could feel her animal pussy stretching around my bloated tool. I have to admit, it felt assume at that moment. I kept ahold of her hips and just slowly worked in and out of her enjoying the sensation on my dick as she panted and flexed her rear in a downward motion. I think she must have been in heat because she was just standing there and taking it up the cunt shoot with little resistance once I stretched her out some. Every time I pulled my cock back, her cunt gripped me and her cunt ring plunged out with me and then I would push it back in her.
The cum was building up and I knew I needed to shoot off. I looked back at Amy to make sure she was still sleeping and she was but her little night gown had bunched up around her hips and I was stairing right at her beautiful little ass 12 inches away from me. That was it. I grabbed hard on princesses haunches at blew my load inside of her. I had to fight not to yell out, but I didn't as I emptied my sperm into that dogs birth canal. When I was empty, I let go of her and pulled my cock out of her cum filled cunt, and turned her around so she could lick me clean, which of course she did. Princess was a good girl. I pulled my boxers up and crawled in bed and curled up with my little Amy and slept like the dead till the next day.

A few nights later, mom came home late and very drunk, it was Saturday night and she didn't have to work the next day. She didn't know I was awake but I watched through the crack in my door as she stumbled into her room and fell on the bed.
I watched her struggle with getting her hose and panties off for a few moments until she got one leg out and then just passed out on her stomach. Her hose and panties we're on just half of one leg. I couldn't resist, I crept into her room and just looked at her gorgeous form.
I took my cock out and stroked it as I looked at her bare ass, legs and feet. I decided right there that I was going to taste her ass at the very least. So I ran back to my room and made sure Amy was sleeping and got my KY jelly and headed back to mom. I shook her once or twice to make sure she was out and then I started with those sexy feet of hers. One foot was in hose and one was bare. I had the best of both worlds! I licked and tasted and sucked each perfect long toe on both feet and rubbed my face on her silky soles and breathed the sent of a long day on her feet on my nose.
She always smelled so fucking sexy!
I licked and tasted my way up her beautiful legs until I came up to her wide fleshy ass and I stopped and just looked at it for a few minutes. It was the bain of my existence, but at least I would taste it once in my life I said to myself, yes, tonight I will taste that ass and maybe that pussy if I can get to it. So I bent down and put my mouth and nose into the crack of my mommies ass, and it was good!
I almost came I was so excited!
I put my tongue out and made contact with her butt hole. I loved the tangy flavor and lapped at it with a hunger! I couldn't get enough of her taste. I stopped jacking off and used my hands to spread her ass cheeks and really get in there.
I forced my tongue inside her ass hole and lapped at what I could, it was overwhelming at the time. I was ass drunk. I moved down and licked what I could of her warm pussy, but I couldn't get at it like I wanted to, but I was still a happy boy in mommies ass play ground. I licked and sucked on her for a long long time before I couldn't take it anymore and I just had to release the cum that was boiling in my acking balls. I thought about fucking her for a minute, but it was just to risky, I was to worried about getting caught, then I thought about fucking her legs or thighs, but l new she would see the cum stains on her and the sheets, but I had to cum and cum soon, my loins acked and I needed release.
I quickly came up with an alternative. I looked back at the bedroom door and puckered my lips and made a few kissing sounds and a few moments later, princess came trotting into mom's room.
I scooted to the edge of the bed and let her talented tongue have it's way with my leaking dick.
She went right to town. I was so worked up and sensitive, it felt incredible as her tongue worked me over. As she serviced me, I licked and sucked mom's feet. When I couldn't take it anymore I sat up on the edge of the bed and put some KY on my cock while princess lovingly lapped at my nuts. Then I turned her around and started to feed my cock into that bitches furry pussy from behind. She yelped and wined a little while I was pushing inside her, but she didn't try to move away, so I fed her about 3/4 of my cock and fucked her with slow steady strokes. I picked up my mom's foot by the ankle and sucked on her toes while I fucked princess. A few minutes later I dropped a nother load inside my sister's dogs snatch.
I pulled out and laid down by moms ass and just put my face between her cheeks as I let princess clean me up down there. After a while I went back to my room and slipped into bed with Amy. I had to move her a little bit to get in and she kinda woke up for a second, but just long enough to crawl up onto my stomach and chest and fall back to sleep again.
Now was used to her doing that but this time was different. Between me laying my face back in mom's ass and letting princess clean me up, I never really got all the way soft and still had half a chubby sticking out of the fly hole in my boxers.
When she straddled me it ended up between her young soft thighs and when she straightened her little legs out, she was holding it snuggly between them as she slept. I didn't know what to do, so I just let my self fall asleep and figured she role off me before morning and she wouldn't ever know.

... Morning came and the light invaded my blurry eyes. I was just coming out of a very sex filled dream staring my sexy mother, when I opened my eyes and saw Amy on top of me smiling at me. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips and said good morning Jimmy! I had noticed lately that she had been kissing me on the lips alot more than ever before and sometimes trying to hold the kiss longer than a little sister should, but I just chalked it up to her strong love for me and the new feeling's that come with being a 14 year old girl that is always with her bother and not other boys.
But this kiss was tender and had feeling. I looked at her and said, morning beautiful, how did you sleep. She giggled and said, next to you dummy! HA HA, I said. You got jokes this morning, huh? And I laughed with her.
Then she said, Jimmy can I ask you something? Sure baby, you know you can always talk to me.
.. Jimmy, I learned at school in sex-ED about boys bodies and how there privates work and all that stuff and mom told me that a husband gives his sperm to his wife because he loves her, right?
I started to feel a little uncomfortable at that point.
I said, well huh, yeah that's mostly right baby. Why do you ask??

She took her hand off my chest and reached back behind her like she was going to pull the blanket up or something and when she brought her little hand back around to my face it was coated in my cum!!
My blood froze in my vains, I didn't know what happened or what to say, I was speechless!
Then Amy said, does this mean you want me to be your wife, Jimmy!
Is that why you gave me your sperm, she said with big hopeful eyes.
My mind raced, what the fuck happened!! Then I realized, I cock had been between her little thighs and I had the dream about mom and I put two and two together. My cock had blown all over her tiny ass and thighs. OH GOD, I thought! What if it gets in her pussy!!!

I rolled to my side and laid her down on her back. I was in a panic!
I knew that the doctors had said that Amy would probably never have a child, but my luck sucked and even a one in a million shot scared the hell out of me at the time. Without even thinking I pulled up her nighty and pulled her little legs apart and started to look and see if any cum made it to her teeny tiny little pussy. The river of cum had flowed down her ass crack and ended in the only place it had to go, all over her rose bud. I instantly started to wipe my cum off her pussy with my hands, I wasn't even thinking I just reacted. All I knew was I had to get it away from her virgin womb.
She didn't say anything, she just watched as I rubbed all over her young sex. Now I swear what I did next was not meant in any sexual way, I was just in panic mode and not thinking straight. But my hands just seemed to be smearing all the cum around a I dove down without thinking and started to suck up my cum off her tiny slit. I didn't realize what I was doing until I herd her gasp and squeal. Buy the time I realised what I was doing, I had already got whatever sperm I was going to get off her and I jumped up and off her. She yelled right away, DON'T STOP JIMMY, please don't STOP!! That felt so good!!
I didn't know what to do??
She had that look on her face that she used to get right before she threw a temper tantrum when she was younger. I just put my thumb on her tiny clit and rubbed a little bit and she went off like gang Buster's!
When she came down a minute or so later, she jumped and wrapped her arms around me and said she loved me and wants to be with me forever.
I hugged her back and told her I would never leave her. I was on autopilot at the time. My mind was blown and I just wanted to get the situation under control for know before mom found us. I held her for a while and then told her to go shower and dress. She smiled and kissed me and ran off gigging.
I fell back in bed and just looked at the seeling. What a way to start the day! But the day was just getting started.

When I got dressed and went downstairs, I passed the kitchen and mom saw me and called for me to come in and talk to her. Oh great I thought!!
Jim, I'm only going to ask this once. Did you come into my room last night?? I went cold again.
Huh, no mom, why?
Are you sure, Jim?
Yeah, mom. When did you get home last night?
It was very late,Jim.
Then she paused...
I just called your father and he stayed in the city last night.
Oh, well ok mom?
.... Jimmy, if your dad wasn't here, then how did I get cum stains on my bed sheets,son??
She had me and we both knew it.

My eyes started to tear up and I saw my future burning in flames before me. I blurted out the first thing that came to my 16 year old brain.
I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to, I just couldn't help myself!!
Please forgive me mommy, please!!
I love you Mommy, I'm so so sorry!

Mom looked like she had just sat on a nail. Her eyes went wide as she realized the scope of what was going on.

I'm fell on my knees and barried my face in her lap. She put her hand on the back of my head and just as she cleared her throat to say something,
There was a very loud knock on the front door and then a nother louder knock almost right away.

Oh dear lord she said, who the hell could that be? She gently pushed past me and walk out front to see who it was.
I heard some shouting and the door being slammed against the wall, I jumped up and ran to the door.
It was the police and they already had my mother in hand cuffs and we're walking her out the door as she yelled at me to call my father.

The End
Of part one

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