Long way home.

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I sat on my front porch and took in the incredible breath taking view that was painted out by God before me. Alaska was like no other place in the world. It was as wild and deadly, as it was heavenly on the eyes and soul. I had to believe that the garden of Eden was hidden here someplace.
..... My name is John Henry and this is my true life's story, or at least a note worthy part of it as I remember. I'm an old man now, but I can look back on those days and it feels as if I'm still right there.
I guess this story should start with the death of my beloved grandfather, Carl Henry, in 1975.

In that year, I was just a pup of 18. My father died in the Korean war before I was born and I don't think my mother knew him very well before he shipped off to that piece of hell on Earth, cause she never spoke of him in any detail. His father, my grandfather, helped raise me like his own son.
My mother's parents died when I was very young and my grandma on my father's side died before I was born, so my mother and my grandfather were my whole family.
My father who's name was Peter Henry, was quite the ladies man at the tender age of 19, from what I hear from granddad and some fellas in town that knew him back in the day. I know he must have liked the more seasoned women, cause my mother was a 38 year old librarian when he sweet talked his way inside her and he just 19. She was a widow of 5 years when they met and the story goes he brought her flowers every day for 2 years and she always politely said thank you and then asked him if she could help him find a book, giving him no hopes of anything more. Inside she was oh so flattered that such a big beautiful young man like that had eyes for her, but never the less, he was just a boy still and she a middle aged women in her mind, and never the two could meet.
That is until my father at the age of 19 joined the army and was set to go halfway around the world and fight. I guess when he brought her flowers that last time and told her he was going, something happened to her and she took him home with her that night and they made me before he left two days later. He was Dead four months later.

My grandfather was a great man.
He was wise and loving. He raised me in a world of hunting and fishing and showed me how a man can live and survive off the land. When I was very young, he bought a log hunting cabin in mid Alaska, and we spent many incredible times there over the years, it was a Paradise up there.

My mother was an angel, always making me feel like the most wonderful son a mother could have and also always making me feel as the one and only, Man Of The House.
She never laid eyes on another man after my father left and I was born.
It will be all to easy to describe my mother to you, because I can't believe how much a NOW famous woman we all know, looks just like her!
My mother looked just like Hillary Clinton when I was 19.
When I was 19, mom had just turned 58 and I know you my be thinking, Hillary ain't pretty, but my mother was the seed of my lust back then, it was as simple as that.
I loved her as my mother of course, but I also felt as though I had a right to her as my woman, it's hard to explain. I felt like her husband, even though I had never touched her in a sexual way, somehow I just always thought that I would get to sometime when I grew up. You know how boys think.

I guess I will describe myself now, back then when I was a young man, I was 6'4, around 235 of solid powerful muscle. Between football and the outdoors, I had become a man amongst men. I had every girl in town after me and half the married ones to, and I made my way through most of them and I unleashed my 10 inch, as thick as a beer can, cock on them all. There were more than a few wives around that were passing off my off-spring to there husband's as there own, but I was young and a bull in need. But it was always just a release when I was with any of them, it was just a way to help the frustration I felt at really wanting my mother in that way.
You see, I didn't want my mother as a wife really, I wanted her to be my loving mother and be my lover. I was very confused in those days and took it out on many of the girls and women in the area around our town.
I found out at an early age the effect I had on women. I could have almost any woman I wanted.... Except the one I truly craved, my mother.

I escorted my mom everywhere she went, she wouldn't leave the house without me on her arm. I was her son, her protector,her consultant and her Man, in all way except one of course.
By the time I was 13, I took care of her in every way a husband would,.. except one of course. I got a job to pitch in at 13,(even though my grandfather always made sure we were taken care of). I balanced the bills each month, I fixed what ever needed to be fixed in the house (with Grandpa's guilding hand). I killed the spiders and I checked the locks on the doors at night, I was MAN of this house and she was woman and she always made sure I knew that, GOD how I both loved her and lusted for her, but for all her acting, I was always to be her special baby boy, and I couldn't bring myself to tell her how I felt, it would kill me to see shame in her eyes, not from the person who thought I was some Demi-GOD put here on Earth to bring her happiness.
So I fucked everything around me to easy the pain and frustration, it helped for a little while,.. that is until grampa died.

His lawyer and best friend, Dan Miller was the first to tell me. I knew something was wrong as soon as I opened the door and saw Dan standing there with a long dark face.
He told me my grandfather's small single engine airplane, had hit a flock of birds and he went down in the mountains. After we grieved together a bit, he got around to telling me to come by his office after the funeral, he needed to go over the will with me.
The next week went by in a blur.
I truly felt as though I had lost my father. The funeral was long and drawn out as hundreds of people came over a three day period and many of the women there just wanted to console me in order to split themselves open on my cock, I for once, was not in the mood for such things. I stayed close to my mother.
My mother cared for my grandfather as a loving friend that was so good to her boy, but I knew she was worried about the loss of income she would have know. Grampa always wanted her to stay home and raise me, so she only worked at the library two days a week for four or five hours at a time and grampas money paid our bills. He always told her, it's what my boy would have wanted me to do for his son.
Now she had no real work history and being a 58 year old woman about to be 59, I knew she was worried about money in the coming future.
I was not so worried, I would always make sure she was taken care of.
We got through the week and laid my grandfather to rest.

The next Monday, I saw a message my mother had left for me by the phone. It was from grandfather's lawyer to come and see him at his office. I wanted to get out of the house for a while anyways, so I drove into town to his office and went to settle grampa's final affairs.

As I sat with his old friend, I wondered if he had left anything for my mother, even though they weren't family, he always treated as if she was.
I found out grampa left all his worldly things to me and me alone.
There was his house and cars, there was the 60% of a logging company, a 250'000 dollar life insurance policy and two pieces of property in Alaska, one of which was the hunting log house grampa had bought years ago for us to go to.
Next I was to learn that the other piece of land had oil under it and grampa was just about to sign a deal with a very big oil company for the rights to drill there, and my grandfather's old friend told me that if I went along with the deal, I would be a very very rich man.
I told him to go ahead with the paperwork and I would sign. I hadn't set in yet that I would never have to work for a penny again if I chose not to. I had just became richer than my wildest dreams at only 18 years old.

I thought long and hard on the way home that day. I couldn't wait to tell Mom! I could take care of her the way she deserves now, like the man of her dreams would, like I always wanted to!
I was over the moon. I instantly let my mind go places I never thought possible. I could move us anywhere, and no one would know we were mother and son, we could live anyway we wanted, I could be free to love her completely and fully!!
I pulled in the driveway and had to settle myself, but I still wasn't thinking straight at all.
I walked in the house and found mom in the kitchen cutting up veggies for dinner. I sat at the kitchen table and in a fevered state of mind, tried to think of how to not only tell her of my new fortune, but that I wanted to run away with her.
This is how it went... She smiled at me and asked if I wanted a snack before dinner, I said no thank you.
I said, hey Mom, can I ask you something?
Of course she said.
How come you never married anyone after my father died.
She stopped cutting for a moment...
... Oh, well, I never found anyone I felt love for and you are all the man I need John Henry, she said as she looked over her shoulder and smiled.
So I'm your man mama?
I guess so John Henry, I guess so, at least until some beautiful young girl steels you away from me.

I guess in my young over worked brain, I translated that into what I wanted to hear.
I said, mom grampa left me money and I'm going to take care of you from here on out!
She looked over and said oh sweetie, that is wonderful. If you could help your old mom out a bit that would be so great, but you need to save most of that money to start a life with whatever woman you decide start a family with baby boy.
I stood up and walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her in a close backwards hug and wispered in her ear, your my girl mama.
She snuggled back at me and I could feel her smile even if I could not see it.
She said, oh John Henry, you make an old woman feel young, now go wash up for dinner.
Squeezed her a little tighter and kissed her neck tenderly as I let my hand cup one of her big sagging breasts as I said, I want you to always be with me mom, I want to take care of you and share your bed.

I felt her body go stiff and silent.
She slowly raised her hand to my hand that was cupping her breast and gently moved it down and away.
My heart dropped.

She slowly turned around, still wrapped in my arms.
Oh John Henry, you are such a good boy and so beautiful, you have the pick of any woman you could ever want, and she would be blessed to have you. I think you are just a bit confused with your feelings right now. You just lost your grandfather and I know how much you love me, you are just a little mixed up right now sweetheart. I'm your mommy, John Henry. You can't touch your mommy like that. I know every woman you meet, throws themselves at your feet, but I'm your mother sweetie and you must remember to behave yourself. I hope I have not failed in teaching you how to be a gentleman, she said with a smile and a playful slap to the shoulder.
With that she turned around and went back to cutting up the veggies.

In that moment, I was destroyed.

I slumped over and quietly walked away and went to my room. When mom came to get me for dinner, I pretended to be sleeping, I couldn't face her or even be in the same room as her right then. She wispered my name a few times and then gave up and quietly closed my door.
The next morning I made a decision that set my life going in a completely different direction.
I got up early, far before my mother would wake. I drove my truck into town and proceeded to get my affairs in order before I was to leave. I felt I had to get away for awhile and get this longing for mom out of my system so we could be happy together or at least I could be in the same room with her and not want to be inside her.
I went to the bank first, I put two million in mom's account and paid the house off. I then bought mom a new car and made arrangements to have it delivered to the house.
I also bought a 1969 GTO in mint condition. The oil company deposited the first 5 million in my account as soon as thier lawyer picked up the signed paperwork. I didn't have to worry about money ever again. You would think I would be happy, even joyous! But knowing that I would never feel the love my mother could really bring me, had my young mind looking to run and sin.
I left town that afternoon, leaving everything behind, except my check book and a lot of cash I hid in a compartment in the trunk of my new GTO. I mailed a letter from town to mom before I left, telling her I had to get away for a while, and promising to keep in touch with her until I returned soon, I was lying.

For the next year I wondered from town to town, from state to state, from bar to dive bar. My life was only three things, fighting, fucking,and drinking. I fuck so many men's wives and girlfriends and daughter's from place to place, they are all a blurry memory to me. I was pretty mean from the whiskey in those days and with my size and raw strength, I was also Leaving a long line of broken men behind me as well..... I was alone and lost.

It had been a year and a half since I had left home. I think I was somewhere in the state of Kansas, I'm not really sure anymore?
Anyhow, I was outside of some bar, sitting in the back seat of my car with a 40 something bleach blonde, big titted babe, riding my one eyed monster and screaming her head off as I just sat back and drank some Jim Beam and smoked a joint.
She was riding and screaming and I got a real laugh at her crazy face.
It looked like she was hurting her self on purpose and loving every second of it. She was lost inside herself.
As I went to take a swig bourbon, a hand reached passed me and grabbed her arm, ripping her off me and out of the car.
Just as I pulled my pants up, the large hands appeared again and pulled me out as well.
Before my whiskey soaked mind knew what was happening, a mighty blow landed across my jaw and two more came fast to my mid-drift.
My eyes saw red! I grabbed the figure in front of me and pulled forward as I sent my iron hard head forward crushing the flesh and cartilage before it.
The large figure stumbled backwards several steps, and my vision cleared.
He was every bit my hight size, but he was probably nearing his late forties and to much old man wight hung off his aging frame to hope to win a war with a younger bull like me.
With the wind whooshing as my broad iron hard fist swung through the air, I broke his jaw with one blow to his hard grisly face, dropping the old bear to one knee. When the next blow landed, I don't think it was ever needed. The old bull knew he was far out matched and the second blow insured him of that painful fact as he layed at my feet, beaten and bloody and at my mercy.
As I prepared to finish him, he yelled at me from the ground,.. you damn son of a bitch, what if I took the women you loved!!!
In that moment he put a picture in my head as clear as if I was standing there looking at it with my own eyes. I saw him on top of my mother with his manhood plunging into her. Then I just saw blood!
My mind was fueled by bourbon and anger. I reached down and grabbed the man bye his shirt and pulled him up, letting him hang from his shirt off the ground as my right fist drew back behind my head getting ready to drive straight through the man's face and out the back of his skull.
He saw this clearly and I will never forget the look on his face as he realized in that one second, that this young bull was about to take everything from him. His woman,his pride and maybe his very life before it was through. His face sank and went white, he knew his end was here, he knew for the first time in his life that he faced a warrior he could not best, he look ready for the end.
Just as I was about to deliver the final blow, my grandfather flashed through my mind. I could see him standing there, disappointed in the man I was becoming, disappointed in how I was treating people, disappointed in what I was doing with my life. In a fraction of a second, all the rage I was feeling, turned to shame.
Shame for my life, shame for what I had done with this man's wife and shame for how I had destroyed him in front of her.
I dropped my fist and let loose of him, letting him drop to the ground and I backed away.
I was so ashamed and confused and still drunk. I quickly said to him, I'm sorry sir, it was all my fault.
I got your wife drunk and took advantage of her. I said, you will never see me again.
I jumped in my car and I saw his wife helping the old bear up as I peeled out of there and speed away down the dark deserted mid-western highway and into the night.
I didn't know what to feel,I didn't know where to go? I was home sick but I couldn't go back until I had gotten the lust for my mom, out of me. I drove down the highway for hours until dawn and as I saw the sunrise, it also dawned on me,... ALASKA!!! I felt at peace whenever I went there with gramp! I love it there!
I still owned the house up there!
In that second, I made my mind up.
A week later, I was home in the wilderness of Alaska and my grandfather's cabin.

Before I left, I sent mother a post card from wherever the hell I was. I told her I loved her and I was safe. I told her I would see her soon, again I lied.

It took me a few days to get the place up and ready to be lived in.
I hadn't been here in three years and the place needed a once over. After I got the generator running, I got going on the house, taking all the dust sheets off everything.
Grampa had thought off everything a man needed to survive comfortably in this place. I felt very happy to be back.
On the third day, I was up on the roof making a few repairs. As I climbed off the latter, I Hurd these words behind me,.. Turn around real slow big white man.

As I turned, I saw an old Indian man holding a rifle at my guts.
He said, this is the Henry house, my brother,... What are you doing here. I put my hands down.
Damnit, Falling Elk!!
I thought I was a dead man for a second!! It's me you old blind bastard!! John Henry!

The old man squinch his eyes and rubbed them and took a nother look at me. He lowered his gun and said, my mind See's better than my eyes these days boy. Come here and let me put my arms around my white son.
I hugged the old Indian and invited him in the house.
I had met Falling Elk when I was ten and he adopted me as a son, it's his people's version of a godfather.
I had missed him and his console.
We talked and drank for many hours, catching each other up on what had happened since we saw each other last. He said a prayer for my grandfather and his friend and chosen brother.
As the sun began to get low in the sky, the door to the cabin opened up and a beautiful young girl came in.
She looked at me as if I would jump up and bite her at first. Then she looked at Falling Elk and said, grandfather, we must be heading home, you've been gone all day and I have been looking for you. Falling Elk just smiled and said, you are right girl. I am coming. With that he hugged me goodbye and made me promise to come for dinner at his village tomorrow, I happily agreed.

Over the next year,life was as good and peaceful as can be when you have no woman and can't have the one you want. I stayed very busy with hunting, trapping and fishing. There was always something that needed to be done around the property and cutting fire wood was a never ending thing out here. When I want company, I went to Falling Elk's village or I drove the snow cat the 30 miles to the white man's town (as Falling Elk calls it). It was a little hole in the wall, called Orion. It was a bank,a bar, a hotel and a suppiles store. It served as a place for the loggers and oil worker's to buy suppiles and get drunk. On the weekends, there were about 5 hookers that worked the bar. Those boys would blow there whole checks between those whores thighs. I didn't go there much, just now and then for supplies and such. On my last trip there, I finally sent my mother a long over due letter and mailed it from town.

One evening I was sitting with Falling Elk's family in his lodge having a pipe after dinner. There was his wife,his two daughters and his young granddaughter, who's mother died giving birth to her.

As we sat and smoked, Falling Elk asked the women to leave us so the men could speak.
He sat quite for a while, just looking into the fire.
Then out of the blue he spoke,...
John Henry, why do you not take a woman?
I don't know,I said. I love one,but I can never have her.
He thought for a moment, this makes no sense,John Henry.
You are a young buck, you should be in rut. You should be making a little John Henry to hunt for you when you are old like me.
Yeah, I guess you are right Running Elk. Maybe one day I shell be so lucky.
Good John Henry, it pleases me that you say that. I want you to marry my granddaughter,Dark Moon.
She is my love, and her father was a white man so good buck in the village wants to make children with her, they just want to mount her and dishonor her. I can't allow this.
I see them looking at her John Henry, when I am goen, there will be no one to protect her.
You are a good man John Henry, I know you will be good to my Dark Moon, you will take care of her and you need a woman for your lodge to make you a little John Henry.

I didn't know what to say? I was shocked to the bone. I didn't want to insult my old friend, but I didn't plan on getting married, and certainly not to a 15 year old girl no matter how beautiful she was, hell it was illegal !!!!
I started be mumble something and he cut me off saying, John Henry,.. I know this is what you and Dark Moon need, I have spoken to the great Creator and he has told me this.
He said as he slowly got up to his feet, you will stay here tonight John Henry and the woman will get you ready for the morning.
In the morning i will marry you and Dark Moon and when the white man's law says she's of age, you can marry her under the white man's law... Goodnight, John Henry, my white son.
.. and with that he walked out of the lodge, leaving me there by myself.
I thought to myself, the old bear killer has lost it, but I knew better. I was just getting up to make a speedy exit when Falling Elk's wife and daughters came quickly back into the lodge gigging and surrounded me. They pushed me on my back and started trying to get my clothes off! I yelled, what the hell are you woman doing!!
They just laughed with each other and kept ripping my clothes off me.
Then Falling Elk's wife spoke up.
.. HUSH!! John Henry!!... Falling Elk says you are to marry Dark Moon when the sun rises! We must prepare you for the ceremony!
We must clean your body.
We must shave your face.
We must drain your old seed,
And we must dress you in you ceremonial buck skins and holy stone crown.... Drain my whaaaaat??

Now I could have easily moved all three of these women with a slight movement of my powerful arm, but they were my friends! My only friends! I was at a loss on how to handle this??
By the time I had time to even think that, they had my boots off, my shirt pulled over my head and had my pants coming over my feet!!
I was as naked as the day my beautiful sexy mother, pushed me out her sacred vagina.

I was speechless and dumbfounded?
They, on the other hand, we're moving with purpuse! I was being pushed on my back and all the sudden they all had a soapy cloth in there hands and I had six hands all over my hard muscled young body. They washed and giggled. They massaged and giggled. They dove into every nook and cranny of my body and giggled. Then they rolled me over and started more of the same. Until of course, all of the sudden, Falling Elk's two daughters climbed up on me and sat on my back!(side note: they were not thin women).
Just as they planted down on my back and folded arms, I felt the old women's fingers go up my soapy asshole!!
BE STILL, JOHN HENRY!! She yelled back!! Be still so we may clean you!

I settled back down as my poor ass got used to her probing fingers. It seemed to me that this seemed to take far too long?? That was one clean ass!! And I have to admit, that when they rolled me back over, my mighty cock was at full mast.
All of them stopped and just looked at it, hard and powerful, standing before there wide eyes!
The old women grabbed my shaft with both soapy hands and washed my cock and balls to a shine!!
After rinsing me off, she put her hands on her chubby middle aged daughter's heads and lightly guilded there heads down to my hard dick as she kneeled between my legs. The two women started to lick all over my cock and balls like they were starving for it!
Now I had not touched a woman since I got to Alaska, it had been over a year! When I felt this, I gave in and just closed my eyes and felt the pleasure that they were giving my acking boner. They licked and tasted and sucked on the sides of my cock and shared the crown like it was ice cream! Each daughter took a heavy testicle into her mouth at the same time and massaged it in her mouth as they stroked my dick with there hands, it was incredible!
As I opened my eyes I looked down at there heads and then up at the old women kneeling between my legs.
She was tying her long silver hair back into a tail, then she put a hand on the back of each daughter's head and said, IT'S TIME.
With that, the girls let go of my cock and started to take there shirts off while I saw the old women reach up and put her hand over her mouth and then the 70 yr old something woman,took her false teeth out and laid them down beside her.
She reached out and with both hands took hold of my cock, she dropped down and inhailed 4 inches of my massive swollen member! This had never happened to me before! No woman has ever been able to get my fully hard helmet, passed her teeth!
But this old gal was slurping on my nob and I loved it!!
Just then her daughter's bent down and fed me 4 big saggy tits to nurse on while she got busy milking me.
... As I nursed on the biggest tit I had to choose from, I could feel the seamen rising,my balls were rising and my orgasm was starting to bloom forth. I grabbed the old women's head and pumped and pumped!! I could feel her slilky gums massaging my blood filled log.
I blew forth in her mouth sending a gallon of cum down her swallowing throat. She never missed a drop, and stayed quite a while, cleaning me up.
After that they put me in buck skins and left me to sleep. I didn't sleep that night.

The sun rose in the sky and the woman came to get me. I walked out of the lodge and saw Dark Moon standing beside Falling Elk.
She was Stunning!!
She was a tiny little thing with long black hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a deer skin dress that came to only mid-thigh, and was bare foot. She really did look her age of 15. She was a beautiful girl.

To make a long story short, I rode home that day with a new wife in tow.

..... As we came to the clearing and we're leaving the Forest, I looked out on the valley before just heading right out into it. Everything seemed quite and peaceful, so we rode out on the last stretch before home, down at the far end of the valley. Dark moon seemed happy, she smiled at me whenever I looked at her and kept saying, I love you husband. Love me? I mean,we had gotten along very well since I met her a year ago, but we hadn't spent much time talking just the two of us, but I just thought she was like every other woman that I had ever met, they all loved me.(except mom,well in that way).....
As we came around the bend, I stopped the horse dead in his track's!
There was light coming from my house! Someone was in my home uninvited!!
I jumped into action!
I jumped off my horse and led it and Dark Moon's horse into the barn and told her to stay here, if I wasn't back in 10 minutes, ride like hell back to her Grandfather's lodge and get help. With that,I checked my 44 Magnum pistol and snuck my way up to my cabin and around to the back door. There were fresh tracks in the snow. I saw track's from a snow cat tractor and tracks from a person leading right up to the cabin door.

I softly felt for the door knob and turned it.
BANG!!! I jumped through the door, sending it crashing open!!
I was swinging my pistol around, looking for someone to point it at but saw no one?
Just then the bedroom door opened and my gun came to a dead aim at the dark doorway and out walked my 61 year old mother, dressed in my robe and drying her freshly washed blonde hair...... I dropped my gun and my jaw as well.

She ran up to me in tears and wrapped her arms around me and sobbed into my broad chest.
.. Damn you John Henry, Damn you!
As her small fists bounced off my stone like chest and shoulders.
Where did you go! How could you leave me like that!! I died without you!! Damn you!! ( Heavy crying )...
... Where?? Where?? How on God's Earth did you get here mother!!!???

As he held her by the shoulders and brought her away from his body, she wiped her cheeks and creaked out a answer,.. the postal code smart guy and money!

He stood there dumbfounded again.
His mother looked at him and said, answer me John Henry!
Why did you run away from me!!
What did I do!
... Than she began to sob once again.
Mother stop! I love you! I'm so sorry mom, please! I'm so sorry!

I grabbed her and pulled her tight to me and started kissing her all over the top of her head and sides of her face as she pressed her face into my chest and cried and squeezed me with all her small little body could muster.

Please mom, calm down. Please don't cry, I'm here now, I'm here now. I love you, please don't cry!

It's funny how a mother can turn any steely strong mountain of a man, into an 8 yr old boy with nothing more than a few well timed tears.
I was crumbling before her eyes.
Please mom, don't cry!

Than you promise me, John Henry!!
You swear on your Grandfather's grave, that you will never leave me again!! DAMNIT!! You promise me!!

Yes mother, yes! I swear! I never will again, I'm sorry!
... We just stood there wrapped around each other.
She smelled so good, and felt so soft and warm in my arms, my mind drifted as we stood there in silence. Before I could stop it, my cock hardened in my buck skin pants.
I don't know how long it had been that way before I realized it, but my mother never let on and there was no way in hell she couldn't feel it pressing on to little pooch belly.
She didn't press into me, but she didn't pull away either.
After a few more minutes we started to back off each other a little and mom started to say something, when she Yelped and jumped behind me! John Henry!!
Someone's there!!

I looked over at the door and saw Dark Moon, peeking around the corner. Easy mom, she's with me!

WHAT! WHO? John Henry??
I told Dark To come in and I put more wood on the fire and told both women, to sit down.
Hold on mom, I'll explain!
This is Dark Moon and...well...
As of this morning... Well...
She's my wife I guess mom?

..... WHAT!! WHAT!!!.. YOUR WHAT!!!
Are you mad!!???
She's a child, John Henry!!!
What is she?? 14 for Christ's sake!!???

Just then dark moon squeaked out, IM 15!
NO, NO, hunny. Not the right time, I said to her sweet innocent bright face.
15 my mother repeated, what the hell is going on John Henry!!??

Just then it hit me, I'm being talked to as a child!!
I stood up straight and narrowed my brow at my loving mother and said, be silent woman!! Remember who's home your in!!
All her boldness and moxie drained from her body like someone had pulled her pug.
I just? I just want what's best for you sweetheart, that's all, she said in her best little girl voice and in complete submission.

Fine then, sit down and warm yourself by the fireplace mom.
I'm going to show my wife her new home and get her settled in, and then we can sit and talk.
She just nodded and looked down.

I took dark moon in the bedroom and showed her the bathroom and asked if she wanted to shower before bed and she said yes.
As I began to leave, she said, please stay with me, John Henry.
I won't be long.
As I turned to respond, she pulled her dress over her head and bent over to turn on the water to the shower.
All I can say is, she was breath taking!!!
She was not even 5 foot tall.
She was so thin, yet well toned, not boney. Her hair was shinny jet black and down to the back of her knees.
Her breasts consisted of two cones,topped with puffy cone shaped nipples and her ass looked like it was more a piece of art, rather than flesh and bone, with skin of a China doll. As I said,breath taking!

She got into the shower and I watched as she washed her perfect young body before me. I instantly started to get hard in second I saw her naked body and now I was very uncomfortable in my pants. I acked to free the beast!
Then dark moon started to talk to me.
....... I am so happy and proud to be your wife, John Henry!
You are a great man! Even my grandfather says this!
All the other wives in the village will be jealous of me now!
They all want to lay with you.
They say you have the manhood of the Walrus.
...and all the men fear you, they say you have the strength and soul of the Great Bear! No buck know will even dare look me in the eye with you as my husband. I love you, John Henry! I've loved you since the first time I saw you! And I will honor and care for you as long as I breath the air. You are my man, and I am yours to will as you wish.
Come on!! I melted a little bit,just saying?
She got out and dried off.
I gave her one of my shirts, it almost came to her perfect impossibly small cute little feet.
I tucked her in my huge California King size bed and gave her a warm loving kiss on her beautiful young lips, and said good night, before closing the bedroom door and returning to mother in the living room.

....... As I walked in mom turned to face me. She looked into me deeply and put her hand on my cheek.
You've changed.
The boy in you is goen, and I see a man standing in front of me.
... Why did you leave me, John Henry? Why?
Sit down mom, I'll tell you everything, you deserve that much.
... And so I told her everything.
The whole story I just told you,the reader.
..... When I finished to the point of when I got home that day and found mom, we sat in silence for a long time and watched the fire crackle and snap on the tree sap still in the fire wood......

...... John Henry, tell me something, and make sure it's truthful.
... Are you telling me that I lost the better part of 3 years away from my love, my heart and soul,.. because you had feeling of lust for me and you felt rejected by me that day,so long ago now??

In a hushed whisper, I said yes, I'm sorry mom, I really am.

I don't want sorry, John Henry. I want my son close to me.
I acked in pain since you left, I paid men to find you and bring me all the way out to this wild kingdom. I have no light in my heart without you, my love. I am your mother, and I will care for you and give you what you need! Now, and for the rest of my life.

With those words, mother turned on the couch to face me and she put her legs up on the couch so she was sitting with her legs out in front of her and completely facing where I sat next to her. She brought her knees up so her legs were bent and kinda covered her stomach and lower chest.
She said, looked in my eyes baby.
As I looked into her baby blue eyes, she said, I love you fully and completely son. I have nothing I would not give to you. What ever I have is yours, what ever you want,I will give you willingly! I am yours, heart,body, and soul. I will never turn you away again.

Then she spread her legs before me.
She only wore a bath robe and nothing else.
I was gazing straight into the valley of my birth and the place I have longed find my way back to, it was hairy and pink and beautiful.
I looked up at her and said, MOMMY??

Come my love, take what you need from me, love me in every way, love me completely!!

I lost my sense, and I dove face first into her hairy beautiful womb!
I ravaged her cunt with my tongue and lips. I suckled from her vagina and slurped at her delicious jucies that came out of her sacred body.
I don't know how long I was down there? I don't know how many orgasms my mother had? I don't know how many times she tried to push my head away and begged me to stop,that she couldn't take anymore. I don't know because I was lost in it. When she would beg me to stop, I would just hold her hands down next to her hips so I could hold her hips down while I feasted on her weeping shaking hairy womb. I couldn't get enough!

.... When I finally started to lick and nibble my way up to her lips, she was shaking uncontrollably, she trembled under me as I went in for my first real kiss with my 61 year old sexy warm mommy! It was magic.
I Frenched her like an animal.
I sucked her tongue like a little cock. I devoured her.
As I kissed her,I worked my pants and shirt off and finally was free and naked. Her stopped kissing me and just looked at my scalped body has she let her hands roam over me.
When her hands reached my rock hard member, she felt it and GASPED!!
OH!! John Henry!! IT'S A TREE TRUNK!!!
OH DEAR GOD SON!! How I'm I going to get this inside me!!!???
I saw true fear and concern in her eyes and I herd the impossible question in her shaking voice.

I didn't have the answer she wanted, I just knew one way or another, I would penatraite her deep and hard, until I reached her cervix and I would plant my seed there in her body. Deep in her body.

I ripped her robe off her and latched on to her teat and nursed from her while I let my hands search out every inch of her trembling form
She cried out, OH GOD, John Henry!!
Your so hungry!! SO HUNGRY!!
Your like an animal!! HO YES DARLING!! YES!! FEED FROM ME!!!
She came again hard from my hand while I suckled from her swelling breasts.
.... I just watched her for a few minutes as the orgasm vibrated though her long neglected loins.

.. now I took hold of my throbbing weapon and approached her sobbing opening and let my huge mushroom head lay at the lips of her cunt.
My home away from home, my sanctuary, MY BIRTH RITE !!!

Mom looked at me with real fear In her eyes as I started to push forward slightly and tried to get my head in her wet and so tight pussy.
As I push a little, she GASPED! As if her very breath had been ripped right away from her!
One more steady push, and my angry red helmet popped into her cunt and I sighed and she grabbed on to me and screamed, DEAR JESUS!!! Your ripping me open!!!

I pushed again hard, and sunk down another Three or four inches and I grunted as she screamed again and bit hard into my shoulder!
I pushed again, and sank another four inches or so deep down into her guts, and again I grunted with pleasure as I was actually feeling my mother's sweet sweet fleshy tight baby hole, wrap it's warm Gooey self around my sensitive throbbing cock.
She inturn bit so hard down on my shoulder, I had a scare that you can still see clearly to this day many years later!
Every muscle in her body was tight and shaking. I whispered in her ear,... I'm going to give you the rest, hold on, my love.
Then I let my weight fall down on her hips and sank my hard iorn rod plummet down in her depths to the opening of her cervix and I pearced her womb and completely opened her up with my intruder.... AND IT WAS GOOD!
As I gained my senses, and opened my eyes and looked at my mother, she was unconscious. At some point in the last minute or so when I fully sank inside her, it must have been just to much for her to take in, and she fainted!
I pulled back some with my rode and felt the suction of her stretched gripping walls as her cunt fought not to let go of its incestuous hold on me.
I looked down at my unconscious mother and trust back into her lifeless body!!
She GASPED IN AIR!! As if it was her first breath. She came back to life and grabbed on to me with wide crazed looking eyes as I began a slow but steady stroke in and out of her body beneath me.
She trembled and brought me down to her for a kiss and said first,...
.... YOUR LIKE A GOD!... And then she attacked my mouth like a possessed woman trying to taste my soul.
..... I pumped in and out of her, feeling her womb ripple around me.
I was in Paradise, I had found NIRVANA!!
She shook and wept beneath me as I pushed her guts up into different places in her body and used her flesh for my pleasure, and she gritted her teeth and begged me to use her, to take my lust out on her.
I fucked and she came over and over and screamed and wept until she slowly pasted out again.
I never stopped. I sped my pace.
Know I was thrusting into her at a faster pace. I was feeling my balls starting to rise and tighten.
I grabbed a handful of her big fleshy breast and latched on while I started to slam into her!
She came out of it again, crying out in pain and pleasure.
I said, mommy!! I'M GOING TO CUM!!
MAKE ME YOURS COMPLETELY AND FOREVER!! Fill me my love, OH GOD, fill me!!!
I blew my soul into that woman.
I had never felt an orgasm like that before then or still ever to this day. I was a out of body experience.
It lasted in a moment out of both time a space.
My seed over flowed out of her pussy, I don't know how many gallons of life's seed spew out of me body, but it felt as if it was all I would ever have leaving my spasming convalescing organs. I felt complete bliss and pure animal lust in pleasure. I felt like I was dancing on the edge of life and death as my mighty heart work overtime to keep me alive through this life changing orgasm. I emptied myself into her deepest depths as we both yelled and cried out in the unholy marriage of our flesh and fluids.
I was out of breath and light headed. I dropped down beside my mother, she was twitching and shaking as if it were 10 degrees in the room. I pulled a blanket over us and got down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and wrapped my arms and legs around her as she wrapped her body around me and held me to her breast. I fell asleep shortly after that, we slept holding each other until dawn.

..... Light! It's bright. It was morning. My 61 year old mother is sleeping like an angel in my arms and my new virgin wife is standing over me, seeing me naked, spooning my naked mother... And too make it just a little worse, my cock was hard and sticking out the back of my mother's warm soft thighs.....
.... ( It's not what it looks like hunny!)... No, I don't think that will work in this instance?

Dark Just smiled at me and said, I'll make breakfast for the family, John Henry! Good morning husband!
She was bright and happy and seemed excited about her new big beautiful home. It was much nicer than anything in her poor village.
She went about her business in the kitchen as my mom started to stir.
Oh, good morning sunshine! Mom said with an uneasy feeling of her nakedness in my eyes with the light of day, and she wrapped a bear rug around her as she sat up and wiped the sleep from her beautiful eyes.

Well my love, you have certainly laid claim to my body. You have opened me up and molded me you your pleasure and my me to only fit your key. You own me in every way, I can never be without you again, I WON'T!
So tell me my love, how does that child-bride of yours fit in with us.
You can't have her! You would impale her on your monster! You would kill her, literally!!
You cock head is almost as wide as that tiny things hips for Pete's sake!
I could hear the jealousy in her mocking voice.
In a Stern tone, I just said, woman that's enough.
She stopped talking and just snuggled up around my waist and lap and purred like a happy kitten.
She laid her face on my lap and slowly started to lick my sleeping cock as I stroked her hair and thought about things and what I really wanted to do?

I knew one thing, dark moon was a special girl, fine, strong, and beautiful. I knew at that moment,...
I would put my child into her body, I would put life in her delicate tiny body and she would give me a son. I saw it all as clear as day.
And my mother would be rite beside me as well, yes, a bed for three,
Dark Moon, mother and me! Yes, that's what I would have.
I told mother what I Invisioned, and told her she would move here with me and we would live as family and I would give her a grandchild or two. The more we talked, the more she got excited and got on board.
She was still feeling jealous, but I insured her, that no one could ever take her place and she would aways be beside me. She held me and said simply, I am yours.

Now, how to go about breed Dark Moon without ripping her little body open??? That is the question???

..... As I was in deep thought,my mother had picked up her efforts on my growing manhood. She was stroking with both of her hands and licking and sucking and slurping on the bloated head of my cock.
I started to watch her closely.
I was very aroused, watching my innocent proper mother, lusting over my powerful standing boner in the clear light of day, was a sight to behold! I gave her what she was working so hard for. I roared and grabbed the back of her head as I filled her belly with a billion of my little John HENRYS. She swallowed it all greedily and with a deep need for it.
I stoked her hair as she laid her head on my thigh, keeping my shrinking defatted cock in her warm humming mouth. As we just sat together, just enjoying being with each other. Life was good. The Great Creator had smiled on me.

To be continued.....
In part two, coming very soon!..... Please leave a comment if you have a moment to. Thank you.

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