Mutt and Jeff

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This happened when I was twenty three years old.. I got a phone call from a friend who helped me find paying clients with big money. He said he had a couple who wanted someone to role play as a 16 year old babysitter. It paid very well and I was perfect for the part because I looked so young.
I was told to go to this high rise apartment building that I knew was full of rich people. When I got there a doorman stopped me, asked my name and who I was there to see. When I told him my name he said " oh your the Smith's niece."
I said " I sure am." He let me in and told me to ask the elevator operator to take me to their apartment. The operator took me to the floor then walked me to the apartment door and waited until the someone answered the door.
This little man answered the door and said as he hugged me " Rainbow sweetie it's so nice to see you." Then he handed the operator some money.
I knew the couple was in their mid 40's. This guy looked older. He was really short and round. I am 5'-1" and I was taller than him. He had a flat top hair cut. He told me to sit and he would get his wife. The apartment was huge with a lot of expensive stuff around. He came back first and then this woman appeared and shocked me. She was really tall for a woman. I would say about 5'- 10". The husband looked like a midget compared to her. Her face was beautiful and her blond hair was cut short like a man.
She walked over to me and extended her hand saying " my my you are cute one. The cutest babysitter we have yet."
She had a foreign accent I think German. She was wearing a normal house dress for that era. It shaped her figure which was very good. Her tits were large.
I shock her hand and acted shy lowering my head. She put her hand under my chin lifting my head and looking straight into my eyes.
Her eyes were a beautiful blue and she said " don't be shy accept your beauty. Stand let me see you."
I stood up and she looked me up and down then pushed my shoulder to turn me around.
" So beautiful " she said.
Then she said in a stern voice " go to bedroom with husband and get ready for me."
I followed him not knowing what to expect. When we got there he told me to strip down to my underwear. When I told him I wasn't wearing any he got angry called me a whore and walked out. I just stood there. Then she came in the room and said to me " so you are dirty little whore. How dare you try seduce my husband." Then she slapped my face.
I was shocked and before I could say or do anything she said " get fucking dress off tramp."
I stripped and as I was the husband came back in the room.
She told me " get on knees and suck husband cock."
I got on my knees as he approached me. She said " take out cock and suck now."
I did and saw his short thick hairy cock. I could only get two fingers on his short cock but it was unusually thick. I put my lips over the big head. She pushed my head to take his whole cock. As I sucked his cock it got thicker and harder.
Then she said as she held my head " suck him little whore suck his cum eat it swallow it."
In minutes this guy exploded in my mouth. His thick white cream filled my mouth and some ran down my chin. She was squatting next to me and said " no waste swallow all" as she wiped the drip of cum from my chin and put it in her mouth saying " that is disgusting little whore cum is disgusting right little whore swallow little whore."
I swallowed a huge load. Then she told me not to stop so I continued sucking. His cock stayed hard and minutes later he shoot another load in my mouth. She was right next to me the whole time watching.
Then she told me to get on the bed. I laid on my back and watched as she removed her dress and then her bra and panties. Her body was beautiful. Full breasts with large nipples. Perfectly shaped body. Well trimmed pussy hair and not real thick. She climbed on the bed hanging her big tits over my face. Her husband sat next to me stroking his short but still hard cock.
She said " you suck nipples make me horny."
I began sucking one nipple and it grew to twice it's size. She feed me both nipples and took my hand putting it on her pussy hair saying " you play with twat make me horny."
I found her twat which was a nice size and began rubbing it. She groaned and said " make me horny little whore."
I slid my finger down her twat to her hole sliding my finger inside her pussy then sliding my wet finger back over her twat. She growled.
Her husband began pulling at my nipples then sucking them while finger fucking me.
She was breathing heavy as I went back and forth from pussy hole to twat. Then she moved around and sat on my face facing my bottom.
As I licked at her pussy hole she said " babe eat the little whore cunt."
He got between my legs spreading them wide and began eating my pussy like he had never eaten one before. There was a lot of slurping down there and I could feel him slobbering all over me.
I heard her say " he is pig no. Such pig."
I was enjoying eating her lovely pussy and she was very wet. As I ate her she played with her twat. I tried ignoring her husband. He had my legs spread to their limit and his whole face was in my pussy slobbering away. After awhile though I began to feel my orgasm building and he wasn't letting up so I let myself go. I actually only came a little but put on an act like he was driving me crazy. That seemed to turn the wife on too because she began moaning and pushing her pussy harder against my mouth. My tongue was as deep as it could be and she began crying out. I flicked and licked inside her soaking wet pussy as she began to cum in mouth. I had my hands on her beautiful thighs and could feel her shaking from her orgasm.
Then she screamed out " oh fuck babe the little whore making me cum so fucking hard aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Her scream went on for a really long time until she fell down on top of me. I think she pushed the husband out of the way and she started eating my pussy like a crazy woman. She had my legs bent down toward my chest and was deep inside me. This time I didn't have to fake anything. I began to cum and when I did she got even more aggressive. My insides were exploding and she would not stop. I climaxed over and over crying out for her to stop but the more I pleaded the more aggressive she got. Her husband was holding me down per her instructions and she went on and on. Then all of a sudden she stopped and then her husband mounted her from behind. His ass was in my face and his balls were dangling over my chin as he fucked her with his short thick cock. I heard him groan as he shoot a load of cum inside her. When he finished he pulled out and she lowered her cum dripping cunt over my face. His cum was dripping out and she was telling me to eat it. It dripped steadily into my mouth and I swallowed it all per her demand. Then she made me lick her clean. As she got off me I felt him between my legs again but this time he was getting ready to fuck me. This guy may have had a short cock but man it didn't seem to ever get soft. He was a fuck machine. He fucked me hard for a long time as she disappeared. He continued fucking me until he came inside me, another big load. Then she appeared again with toys. She showed me a big black dildo and a little massager and told me we were going to play. As his cum dripped from my cunt she began massaging my clit. She used her old man's cum to lube my asshole then began pushing the dildo up my ass. She licked at my pussy pushing the dildo further and further in until I cried out to stop. Her husband hung his cock over my mouth and she told me to suck on his balls. She demanded I suck both balls in my mouth. My mouth was full of balls and hair as she tor-tured me. I was afraid I would bite him and that wouldn't be good. Then he pulled his balls away and shoved his cock in my mouth face fucking me while she worked me over. I had to fake a crazy orgasm before she would stop. My asshole was beginning to burn and hurt bad.
Then she said we should rest because there was much more to come. Well she wasn't joking we fucked and sucked for hours. This couple had no boundaries. We went into the shower at one point and I pissed all over the husband as she watched. Then she pissed all over him too. After that her and I went back to the bedroom and she mounted me. We rubbed pussies and twats until she climaxed and I faked one for her.
Then she went to a drawer and pulled out a strapon. She put it on and had me get on all fours. As she was pushing this huge strapon into my pussy the husband came in and slid under me. He started licking my twat while she fucked me. She was not gentle. She also spanked my ass hard. Then she suddenly pulled out and began licking my asshole. She spit on it and rubbed her spit into my asshole. I knew the strapon was coming next. She pushed the big cock slowly up my ass as I held my breathe and tried to relax my ass to take the big cock. She pushed it as far as it would go. My asshole was on fire. She knew it hurt and she was talking German most of the time. I thought she would never stop. Then she finally pulled it out and began licking my spread open asshole. Her tongue went deep inside my ass.
Then she attacked her husband with it and had me help her. She had me sucking his cock and balls while she fucked his ass. She told me to bite the head of his cock and when I did he screamed but she told me not to stop. The more I bit him the harder he got and then she had me suck his balls hard until he screamed again. She slapped his face every time he screamed and said something to him in German. I went on sucking his cock until he came in my mouth and then she had me share it with her. By the time we finished I was exhausted and sore everywhere. Can't complain though that night paid my next month's rent.
I had a few more meet ups with them and then it stopped.

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