Models Required

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Chapter One.

I needed the money but that was not the driving force behind my decision to become a hair model. The true reason is that I become sexually aroused whilst watching other women have their hair cut, the more radical the cut the better and the thought of going through such a process excited me. I needed to satisfy my sexual fantasies and desires and being a hair model would kill two birds with one stone.

But before I tell you the story let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Hannah and I am 28 years old. I am still single (ish) after a long line of disastrous relationships and god knows how many one night stands with both sexes. Yes I do swing both ways.
When I say I am single that's not quite true because I am currently living with Maddy and so far the relationship is going well, we have been together 3 months and going off my track record that is good because when I feel that a relationship is getting too serious I up sticks and leave. I seem to have a problem with commitment.

Maddy and I like to dress girlie and we both wear our hair long and that is why some people, including friends call us lip stick lesbians.

I don't have a specific occupation but I fall from one crappy job to the next crappy job. Both Maddy and I work in the hospitality industry or to put it another way I work behind a bar and Maddy waitresses in a restaurant.

We live in a one bedroom rented apartment on the outskirts of York and at this moment in time we are two months behind on our rent and we are doing our best to avoid our landlord and we needed a solution to ease our cash flow problems

Chapter Two

"What is that card you keep looking at?" asked Maddy.

Maddy was sat in the armchair opposite me eating a cream horn.

"Will you please stop doing that?" I asked.

"Doing what?" she asked.

"Sticking your tongue in that pastry, licking the cream out and then wiggling your tongue in the air whilst its got cream on the end of it." I replied.

"What?" she asked again with a grin on her face.

"You know exactly what your doing so stop it Madeline."

"Don't call me Madeline, you know I don't like it. Anyway you haven't told me what the card is you are reading."

"Hair models required. Good rates paid." I said.

Maddy joined me on the settee and snuggled up to me.

"Hair models, like cut your hair off models?" she asked.

"I suppose so, should I give it a ring? I asked

"Well be it on your own head or rather off your own head because that's where your hair will be." she joked.

I rang the number and spoke to nice sounding woman.

Whilst I spoke on the phone Maddy slipped her hand under the hem of my dress and down my panties, sliding her fingers into my vagina.

I tried to concentrate on what I was being told whilst writing down notes on a pad, all the time Maddy stroked my labia and flicked my clit.

'Stop it' I mouthed to her.

"Do you want me to stop?" she mouthed back at me.

"No carry on please." I mouthed back.

I finished the phone call.

"Well?" Maddy asked.

"It is a company who make movies of women having their hair cut and then they sell them to people who like to watch women having their hair cut." I told her.

"Who buys movies of women having their hair cut?" Maddy asked.

"The woman on the phone said its for people with a hair fetishism, both men and women buy them and she said it pays well for the models. It all depends on how long your hair is to start with and then how much you have cut off or how radical the style is they give you. I said.

Maddy still had her fingers down my panties teasing my clit.

"Will you stop it I'm trying to concentrate." I asked.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"You know I don't." I said.

Her fingers slid further into my pussy.

"Bitch." I said.

"Bitch." came her reply.

"Anyway the starting pay for me will be £1000 because I have long hair and depending how short I go the more I get." I told her.

"Why do you need to do it ?" Maddy asked.

I didn't tell her the real reason was that I wanted to be one of those women I had watched so many times on the downloads.

"Because we owe two months rent and my credit card is maxed out but will you still love me if I cut my hair?"

"Of course I will, its not just your hair I love, its because you're good in bed." she replied.

Maddy hooked her fingers on the top of my panties and pulled them down over my ankles and lifted the hem of my dress exposing my shaved mound. I opened my legs.
Maddy sank to her knees and buried her head between my thighs. She really was a bitch but she did know how to use her tongue as it's tip flicked my clit. My hips started to wriggle as the feelings inside me rose. She placed her hands on my inner thighs and pulled my legs further apart burying her tongue deeper into my folds. She really was good, I screamed and lifted my buttocks off the settee releasing everything I had onto Maddy's face.

Maddy knelt in front of me and smiled whilst I sat in front of her exhausted. She stood and walked into the kitchen only to return seconds later eating another cream horn.

"Hey that's mine, you've eaten yours." I said.

"Well it's mine now, call it payment for services rendered"

"Payment for what?" I asked.

" Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes but you are such a bitch."

Maddy smiled and ate my cream horn.

Chapter Three.

It appears Maddy's credit card is also maxed out because we are both going to be models for the day.

"This doesn't look like a hair salon." Maddy said as we stood outside an office block.

"Here look it says Exquisite Models on the buzzer," as I gave it a press.

The intercom on the door came to life. "Second floor, third door on the left."

The office was set out like a film studio with cameras and sound recording equipment. The set gave the image of being in an old style barbers shop with a large wrought iron and porcelain barbers chair. A large mirror hung on the wall in front of the chair and on the work surface at the foot of the mirror sat various pieces of hair cutting equipment, clippers, scissors and shaving foam. I must admit at this point I was having second thoughts.

The movie director explained what would happen throughout the filming process.

Maddy and I both had long hair. Maddy's hair was chestnut brown and came down to her bra strap whilst mine was a natural dirty blonde colour and reached between my bra strap and my bum. Because we both had long hair we would both get a minimum of £1000 each. The minimum style that was acceptable was a short pixie.

"Right I think we will start with you." the director said pointing at Maddy. "How far do you want to go?

"Just a pixie and that's it." Maddy replied.

"Right get undressed then." the director said.

"No one said anything about being naked." cried Maddy.

"It's extra money, a £1000 for full nudity and £500 to show just your breasts, you can keep your panties on."

Maddy stripped down to her little pink panties and climbed into the barbers chair. Poor Maddy looked so tiny sat in the chair, she looked like a little girl in an adults chair. They didn't cover her with a cape but left her little breasts on show. I stood at the back and watched.

Enter the barber. She was a very tall, very curvy woman and her one distinguishing feature was that she was completely bald, including no eyebrows.
She didn't wear the usual stylist uniform but was dressed in black panties and suspender belt, seamed black stockings and stilettos with her rather large breasts on show.
Surely breasts that large can't be natural they must be implants.

Filming began.

The stylist walked around Maddy with great flair strutting around making sure her breasts took full advantage of the camera angle.
Taking hold of the clippers she flicked them into action filling the set with a loud buzzing noise. I looked at Maddy's reflection, poor Maddy her eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets.
The stylist pushed Maddy's head forward so that her chin touched her breasts. The clippers were placed at her nape and pushed up towards her crown, the loud buzz of the clippers changed to a dull hum as they carved a path up her nape causing a long section of hair to fall from Maddy's head and on to the floor.
Maddy's eyes filled with tears but I could see she was doing her best not to cry.

"And cut." shouted the director.

Filming stopped.

The director approached Maddy.

"It's OK to cry, as a matter of fact I want you to cry, our customers like to see raw emotion and it boosts our sales."

"And action."

Filming restarted.

The stylist continued to strip Maddy's long brown hair from her nape and around her ears leaving just a pelt of short brown 1/4 inch stubble in place of her luscious chestnut coloured locks.
Poor Maddy who now had tears running down her pretty little face,.
With scissors in hand the stylist shortened and styled the hair on top of Maddy's head into a beautiful pixie cut. Maddy looked beautiful with her long hair but the pixie cut turned her into something more, she was stunning and she was mine.
Maddy looked at her reflection in the large mirror and her tears turned to a smile, a beautiful smile. She was my Maddy and I loved her. I don't really think that I had ever truly loved someone before that moment and I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. In that small film studio my life changed, I had found the one for me.

Maddy's haircut was finished and she was asked to paraded around showing her haircut to the camera. She walked off set and hugged me.

"Do I look OK?" she asked.

"No. You look stunning." I answered kissing her.

"OK Hannah it's your time to shine" said the director walking towards us.

"Have you had any thoughts on what you want to do?" she continued.

"Can I have a pixie?" I asked.

"We would like you to have something different to maximise our potential profits, would you consider something else" she replied.

"What do you suggest?" I asked.

"Well you could have a mushroom cut, you will get paid £2000 for that cut."

"And if I go full nude I will get £1000?" I asked.

"That's correct."

"OK a mushroom cut in the nude it is then."

I looked across at Maddy who was stood in the wings.

"Tart." she mouthed and laughed.

I stripped off giving the film crew and prospective viewers a good look at everything I had which I hasten to add was a good sized pair of 36DD breasts and a nice chunky backside.

On instructions from the director I walked around the set showing my long blonde hair off to the camera, giving it a flick here and a flick there with my tits swinging in rhythm , I was trying to look as sexy as possible. I looked towards Maddy only to she her in fits of laughter.
The film director had seen enough and I eventually sat in the barber's chair and awaited the stylist.
When she appeared she was completely naked with not a hair on her body and I have to admit my juices started to flow. I wouldn't mind having her head between my thighs.

Filming commenced and I knew that there wouldn't be any tears from me. This was the moment I had dreamed and fantasised about.
I was now the woman in the barbers chair and the woman that men and women would masturbate over.

The outer sections of my hair were gathered and twisted into a bun and clipped to the top of my head leaving the underneath layers free to hang over my breasts and down the back of the barbers chair.
The sound of the clippers buzz rang out close to my left ear. I didn't feel any trepidation but I felt excited and sexually aroused as my pussy lips swelled and became moist.
That first touch of the warm clipper blades on my left temple was better than I had imagined. I had waited and fantasied about this moment for so long and it was happening to me now. My legs started to tremble and it looked to the outside world that I was nervous but I wasn't, I was ready to explode with joy.

The blades slowly and delicately slide across my temple and up towards the parting the stylist had made in my hair. My beautiful long golden locks feel from my head and nestled across my breasts.
A photographer zoomed in on my breasts now draped with my severed hair and clicked away capturing the moment.
I should have cried at the loss of my hair but the only tears I cried were tears of happiness for a fantasy fulfilled.

Stroke after stroke the clippers stripped the hair from my nape and around my ears, the skin over and around my ears felt hyper sensitive with the touch of those beautiful clippers stimulating my senses, I was ready to explode and if I had been alone my fingers would have found and toyed with my clit.

When the clippers finally feel silent I reached up to my nape and I was not disappointed, the short pelt of hair that remained felt so soft and silky. I looked at my reflection to see that my hair had been reduced to a covering of just 1/4 inch in length.

The stylist released my hair from its bun as I watched it tumble back down to cover my freshly shaved areas, to look at me you would never guess that my hair was undercut.
My remaining hair was combed so that it flowed down my back and over my face. The cold steel of the scissors pressed against my forehead and with one snip my left eye was exposed, one further snip and my right eye followed the left.
Looking at my reflection I saw that my fringe had been cut to midway up my forehead. The scissors continued to cut along a horizontal path around to my right temple and then to my nape finally passing over my left temple to join the blunt hair line over my left eye.
The blunt line that marked my new hairline starting one inch above my ears continued for the whole circumference of my head and the hair below this line was 1/4 inch in length.
My long blonde hair had gone to be replaced with a hairstyle that I can only describe as a cereal bowl shaped mop of hair.

"And cut." shouted the director as she approached me.

" I am going to start filming again and I want you to look down to the floor at your severed hair, get down from the chair and gather it up into your hands."

"Action." shouted the director.

I did as instructed and gathered my long blonde silky hair into my hands and gave a soulful look towards the camera.

"And cut."

I walked over to Maddy who was looking down towards the floor, when she looked up her eyes were full of tears but not sorrowful tears, she was in fits of laughter.

"You cannot leave it like that." she said.

The director joined us, "Are you OK with that style?"

"No not really I look stupid." I replied.

"Well we can go further, we could give you a high and tight crew cut and that would earn you another £1000." the director suggested.

Maddy jumped in "Just do it because you're not coming home with me looking like that."

I sat in the chair and waited for the stylist to give me something that I wanted, less hair.

The clippers clicked back into action and touched the hair on my forehead pushing back towards my crown. I watched awestruck as the remaining hair that formed my bowl cut was stripped from my head. I was in heaven, the tremble of the clippers vibrated sending pulses of joy throughout my body invariably ending up at my pussy. I couldn't cope any longer and the moisture from my lips spilled out onto the barber's chair.
The clippers fell silent for a second time and the image of a young woman with a very short crew cut stared back at me from the large salon mirror.
The shrill buzz of a small set of clippers broke my attention as they touched my nape and pushed their way up towards my crown striping away the 1/4' inch stubble leaving pure white virgin skin in their wake. The stubble around my ears and nape was shaved and faded into the slightly longer hair on top of my head.

Maddy was waving at me from the wings and gave me a thumbs up.

"And cut." shouted the director.

I looked hot, I was a very sexy woman and ridding myself of my hair had given me a feeling assertiveness and self control.

I was joined at the barber's chair by Maddy and the director.

"Are you happy with the result?" asked the director.

"Oh yes very happy." jumped in Maddy before I got chance to reply.

"You could go further." suggested the director.

"Like what?" asked Maddy.

"Like shave her head completely and it will earn her a further £2000"

"Yes do it." Maddy replied without consulting me. Maddy was taking control and I loved it, the decision to shave my head had been taken away from me and I knew that it was what Maddy wanted.

"What about her eyebrows, they are worth a further £500 if we shave them?"

"Yes do it". replied Maddy.

Wow what a bit a bitch, not once had she consulted me but I did kind of liked it.

Filming recommenced.

My beautiful tormentor lathered my head as I sat in the chair mesmerised by the image looking back at me. My scalp was covered in a white foam cap and stood behind me was the bald beauty wielding a straight cut razor ready to strip me of the last vestiges of hair.
The culmination of all my dreams and fantasies stared back at me from the salon mirror as the stylist stripped away the lather and remnants of my hair.

The cold steel of the razor's blade felt like silk gliding across my scalp.
The stylist leaned into me shaving my scalp as the sweet earthy smell of her wet vagina filled my senses, I had never felt so happy and fulfilled as I did now.
A kiss on my scalp signalled that my head shave was complete and a slither of shaving cream covered my eyebrows, with two swipes of the straight razor my eyebrows had been removed.

"And cut." shouted the director for the final time. I had no more hair to shave.

Maddy hugged me, "You look weird, beautiful and sexy but weird and I cannot wait to get you home."

Chapter Four

The warm water from the shower ran down the smooth skin on my scalp, over my breasts and onto my hand as my fingers massaged my vagina. I had tried to imagine this moment for so long and I was now living my dream.
Every inch of my body felt alive, every touch from my fingers heightened as I caressed my bald scalp, rubbing the shower cream into the soft virgin white skin where once my long beautiful blonde locks reigned.

The shower door opened and the touch of Maddy's hands on my bald scalp sent my senses into overdrive. I turned and kissed her, the only thing separating us was the warm soapy water.
My fingers left my scalp in search of her vagina, slowly slipping inside her.

Maddy placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed me down into a sitting position. Maddy towered above me and stood astride me rubbing her pussy lips along my bald scalp massaging the baby soft skin of my scalp with the water running down Maddy's body onto mine.

Maddy and I had entered into a new phase of our relationship and from that moment on I became the submissive partner. I had found someone who loved me and who would take care of me.

To this day I still have my head shaved on Maddy's insistence.

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