Training Me

Written by , on 2022-03-11, genre S&M

[Masochistic] I’m a girl with no direction and didn’t find my purpose until he found me. What would I do without my trainer, my Master, my leader?!

I sit in my corner, face down, knees planted to the ground, hands grounded, and hum to myself rocking back and forth. I know I can do better and do what he needs.

I sit alone and become horny thinking about him coming up behind me, pulling my hair, and making me feel like a worthless piece of shit. I’m silent. I’m alone. My panties getting soaked. Slowly pulling my pants down so just my pussy is exposed. I wait. I fade away in my mind to being spanked, whipped, degraded like I’m supposed to.

I hear the sound of the door open. My trainer, my Sir, my Master, my Daddy, is here . I don’t move. He doesn’t say a word as he walks around the house inspecting what I may have done. I’ve completed everything, I hope. I’m pathetic at times and should be treated as such. Maybe this time I did good.

In he walks with a leash and rubs the back of my head. “Very good” he says. That made me feel good. I love being obedient to Him.

Still in my obedient position, he lays across the bed and pulls his dick out and looks at me while he strikes. I’ve been worthless lately and don’t deserve to be touch and the thought of it makes my pussy throb. This is my purpose. He shoots his cum everywhere and leaves again.

Thank you for training me. I will do better in serving you. You are my world.

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