A new career doing nothing

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Long story short over the last 8 years I wanted to have my own land away from the city and all the noisy people there. I wasn't sure how I would get it, but it was my dream. Then in late 2017, I won a large prize in the lottery. I didn't need to work or live in the city anymore, I could move to the quiet country life I so wanted. So at the age of 30 I found my perfect place, 460 acre farm a little run down and the house wasn't fit to be called a house. But it had what I wanted great views and away from busy roads, off the beaten track. I wasn't interested in renovating the house on the land and had it torn down and new purpose built one erected. Along with a large steel constructed shed for use as a barn for the few livestock I would have. Horses (5) were the only large animals at first, but I've got a few head of cattle since. I had chicken run built and got a puppy (Joe) for company. Not having ever been a ladies man, but had some little success over the years. I was content to take things slowly, finally moving in fulltime in June 2018. I had everything I thought I would need. Solar and wind power, my own water source and great internet and phone services via satellite. The first few months I enjoyed the peace of my land. With visits from my mother Heather 52 and sister Grace 26, my only relatives I had. My father had passed away from drinking himself to death, when I was 17. But they only stayed a week or 2 at a time. They liked my place and when Heather lost her job due to the business going under she came for a longer visit and ended up staying fulltime. In 2020 the pandemic was just starting and Grace decided to get out of the city and came with all her stuff to live with me and Heather. Her job was also lost due to shutdowns of the pandemic. We have several trips to get everything we would need incase of a prolong lockdown. Just before it started and we contented ourselves with horse riding and building a garden. Playing with Joe and swimming in the river that ran pass my property. Weeks and weeks of just doing what we wanted, I did want some personal time away from Heather and Grace. So I would ride away from the house and go to a clump of trees. There I would watch porn on my tablet and masturbate, this went on for about a month. Before Grace out walking saw the horse tried up and came over and caught me dick in hand. She laughed at my reaction of her catching me masturbating and asked did I want her to finish me off. At first I was sure she was just teasing and so I accepted her offer. Thinking she would back down, she didn't and was soon stroking my cock. After doing a short time, she suggested I get the saddlecloth and lay it on the ground and then I could fuck her and satisfy both of us. I unsaddled the horse and we fucked on the saddlecloth. This became a regular thing for us, Grace was on the pill and we weren't worried about her getting pregnant. Leaving at different times and in different directions. We thought that would hide our sexual relationship from Heather, but we were wrong as it became so apparent that we were up to something. That one day she decided to see what we were up too. She saw both horses at the clump of trees and walked down a caught us fucking. At first was upset, she told me I shouldn't be fucking Grace as she could pregnant and if I needed sex that badly I should have asked her not Grace. Grace told her about catching me and wanting join in and about she was on the pill. Grace then asked would you have really had sex Ronald if he had asked you. Heather was quiet for a time and said maybe, I get horny also you know. Grace never been backward in life before, said why don't you join us now. I was still in a state of shock at getting caught and finding out my mother would have let me fuck her. Heather then said not here on the ground back at the house in a bed. So we all headed back to the house and both me and Grace showered first and then into bed with Heather. I fucked Heather first and then fucking Grace, we didn't need to sneak for sex anymore. But Grace liked doing it around the property and Heather started to join us, once a mattress was put in the back of the pickup for her comfort. The lockdown finished, but we stayed put. When a new lockdown started we had resupplied, but were in a hurry to beat the lockdown. Grace had forgotten to get resupplied with the pill. She told only after it was too late, but we ordered some online and they would get to us a week or so later. But Grace decided to risk it, saying it not that much of a risk. She is now pregnant with our first child a boy and Heather's first grandchild. Due in a months time, Heather took the news a lot better than I thought she would. Grace has had all the tests and everything is fine, Grace wears Heather wedding rings and as far as others know she's my wife.

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