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I'm Alan and I work in remote areas and use to isolation. But due to the pandemic, I was happy to be away from other people. Monitoring equipment in the remote region is my job and I was surprised that Lacey 45 came to join me, she also works for the same company as I. But as she has a weakened immune system she got permission to join me and after passing tests came with a resupply mission. I'm 47 divorced and have 2 grown children, who rarely want to see me. Lacey is a war widow and has no children of her own. It was awkward at first having someone else around. Over the following weeks, we got into a routine. But during the nights my mind started thinking of Lacey sexually and I got hard-ons. Not wanting to start any problems I would masturbate myself. Then I walked in on Lacey masturbating herself, I had left to check equipment and after going a couple of miles realized I had left my access keys back at the camp. So returned walking in and catching Lacey. After a short awkward silence, I got the keys and left. Later after finishing and return back to camp, Lacey was quiet and I told there was nothing wrong with masturbating and that I did it myself. A little later she enquired about my masturbating a little more and I responded I'll let you watch next time if you want. She said maybe and we went back to an awkward silence. That night she was reading and I was about to go to bed and said goodnight. Lacey asked me was I going to masturbate and I said maybe. She then said how about we satisfy each other and it would break up the tension. I agreed and we have been fucking ever since.

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