My gay neighborhood

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All the names in this story are purely fictional.Let's start: I am 5'9 and I work out a lot. I have slept with
a lot of girls, and I thought that I was straight, but that allchanged that one fateful day.My twin brother had come home from his job, and I could tellthat it had been a bad day. I asked what was wrong, and he said
that he had gone to his friends house and had seen our friendWill sucking our friend Nick's dick. He said that he liked it, but wasn't sure how to ask for a BJ. I thought he was shitting me, but he said
to come watch. That Thursday, when Will went to Nick's house, sure enough, they were both naked and jerking each other off. The next day, I asked Nick and Will to come over for a sleep-over. After playing COD for a little while, we went to bed. When I pretended to fall asleep, I heard Will say " give me a BJ", and next thing I know, Nick was on his knees and Will's 6" cock was out and being sucked. And that's when I realized I was Bi.At that moment my brother walked in and said" what the fuck are you doing!"Shhhhh! They both said. Were gay, was all Nick said." Don't worry" said my brother Tony "I am too". Now my brother and I have compared our dicks ever since we wereteens, and we know that I am much larger, but that didn't stop Will from giving him a great blowjob. After hearing them talk, I heard them agree to tell me in the morning
about the night before. I also learned that Tom and Brad were gay as well and that
they used the old treehouse for their sex. When they told me they were gay, I acted
shocked. But then I said that my brother and I would come to the treehouse
that afternoon for our " Orientation". Later, I told my brother what we were going to do
and then we left. When we got there, Brad, Tom, Will and Nick were in the treehouse.
When we got up there, all 4 of them were naked and our clothes were soon removed.
The orientation was basically you give all 4 a BJ, and then they all give you a BJ, and
then your in. I went first and then Tony did. After that, we had a contest to see who had
the largest dick, I won, thanks to my 10" monster, so I had to fuck everyone in the ass.
Then we split into 2 groups and one person got fucked in the butt while he sucked dick.
My brother said he enjoyed it, so we decided to do stuff on our own.
That night, my brother gave me a great blowjob, and rode my cock until I came: More
than ever before. When we were done, I called a girl at my school, Karley and asked her if she
wanted my cock. She said yes, and I asked if she wanted more than one dick. She said
fuck yes, so I immeadiately called my friends, and we met at about one in the morning.
Once everybody showed up, we stripped off and I told everyone what to do. While Will
got under her and started fucking her pussy, Nick got up and started pounding her ass.
Then Tom and Brad stood beside her and she jacked them off. Finally, I played with her
36C tits while she blew Tony. When we got home, we washed off and went to sleep.
That weekend, Karley called her best friend and we gang banged both of them.
Abby had 34B tits, and a great tan from working at the beach. She was still a virgin,
but after Tony fucked her, all you could hear was moans of pure pleasure. She had a
great ass and I take pride in being the first one to fuck her there. After a couple of weeks of this,
Abby and I decided to go out, because we both play lacrosse and she was a very, very,
very sweet girl. After a year of dating and gangbanging, we decided to get married.
After the marraige, we celebrated by fucking in the back of my 1986 Ford Mustang. After getting a great BJ, I tried something new and slid my 10 inch monsterous cock between her perfect tits. She gave out a massive moan of pleasure and says that titty fucking will slways be her favorite way to have sex. At our new home, the first thing we did was shower together to prepare for some more hot sex to be had after dinner. After a month, she said she wanted another gangbang from the guys, so we called them over and she was covered with cum from head to toe by the time we all had shot our loads at her. And for her birth day, I got all the guys and Karley to come over and the girls were so energetic, their pants were wet at the bare mention of the gang bang. Then I got the call. It was a porn site asking me to judge and post the good stories. My wife helps me, and the stories that make either one of us want to have sex get posted. After I got a job at a sex shop in California, we get free toys and use those during the group gangbangs. During our last gangbang, we played rated "X" truth or dare, we even got Karley and Abby to do sixty-nine and eat each other out until they came.
Once again, these names are completely fictional and aren't close to the real names in
any way. However, these events did actually happen.

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