The first time we swapped part 7

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Gaynor was woken up by somebody licking her bare pussy. She was naked but knew she fell asleep with her red dress on. She slowly started to remember the night before, three black cocks in her holes and dancing naked in front of lots of people. Shit she thought, they came in her and she hadn’t showered yet.
She looked down to see Lin eating her dirty pussy. I’ve not showered yet Gaynor said trying to stop her. Not to worry babe I like eating left overs especially when they are served like this.
Lin slid up Gaynor’s body and kissed her. She could smell and taste stale cum on her and licked some off her face. Day old cum is better Lin said. I lick my panties the day after I have been fucked she said and kissed Gaynor again.
You were fucking awesome last night Gaynor, nothing like that has ever happened in the club like that before. Yes people fuck and stuff but to take on the three nastiest men in town and at the same time that was brave. Why I enjoyed it? Charles is one mean fucker and when you called him little boy we all waited for a .45 bullet to blow your brains all over the place. That was just my English sense of humour Gaynor replied. And it could have got you killed you dumb arsed bitch. But it didn’t and I think he enjoyed it. Where are others Gaynor asked? Gone to see Charles, Lin said. Even Dave Gaynor asked? Yes he asked to see him. Shit Gaynor thought, why would that be?
I need a pee Gaynor said then I what to go shopping for some clothes.
Lin climbed off the bed and Gaynor noticed her coffee coloured nipples were hard. She shower and dressed in cut off shorts and a loose vest top that showed the sides of her boobs.

They got in Lin’s car and travelled to the mall. Lin wore a red jump suit with short sleeves and a zip down front which she had opened to her waist. It was very busy and several people stared at them but they ignored them. I could do with a drink Gaynor said so they went into a diner. Gaynor ordered iced tea and Lin had black unsweetened coffee.
The waitress brought them over and said they were on the house. Why Gaynor asked? Your performance last night was out of this world, three huge black cocks and you never broke sweat. Gaynor blushed and tried to hide face with her hand. She wished a hole would open up and swallow her.
Could you sign my shirt the waitress asked? Gaynor was shocked but said yes. Right here please she said pointing to her right breast. Gaynor took the marker pen and thought for a moment then she put her left hand one the girls breast to stop it moving and signed “With Love from GaynorBlue”. The waitress said thank you so much and your touch has made me wet my panties.
You’re a celebrity now girl Lin said. I bet you sign loads more before the day is out. How do so many people know what I did last night in a club? Small town and that act of yours last night went viral as soon as you finished. People videoed it and it is a huge hit on the internet. Gaynor went cold and shivered; I am doomed now she thought. And now you have just signed her shirt GaynorBlue you have just given yourself a screen name.
Shit Gaynor said, I never thought. Nice name though Lin said and giggled.
We left the diner and did some shopping. Lots of people came up and shook my hand and told me I was fantastic. We went into a boutique and the woman behind the counter said that she was honoured that Miss Blue had found time to visit her shop. I was shocked at the speed new travelled but I was also getting wet. I selected a few flimsy tops and several micro skirts. Two packs of assorted coloured thong completed my shopping in there. On the house Miss Blue she said. I would not dream of taking these for free. I paid on my card and said to here come here. She was quite small with very small breast. I sat on a chair and asked her to straddle my lap. She did, so I kissed here passionately and lifted the back of her short skirt. She was wearing a thong so I gently rubbed her ass hole. She was squirming and moaning. She grabbed my boobs and her body stiffened. She started cry poor thing. Thank you Miss Blue, it’s true what they say about you. Call me Gaynor, and what do they say about me? They say that your touch would turn the nastiest man to jelly. I wouldn’t say that I replied. Well you did turn Charles and his brothers into babbling wrecks last night and they are evil.
Fuck what have I done I thought. I squeezed her butt cheeks and kissed her. She stood up and I had a damp patch on the front of my short where she had squirted a little bit. Oh dear I said need some new ones now. I’ll find some for you Miss Blue I mean Gaynor she said.
Lin just stood there watching. The assistant brought a pair of mega cut off stretch denim shorts, light blue in colour. Nice I said and stood up and unfastened my shorts. Use the changing room Gaynor she said. No I’ll be fine here. She pointed to the window. There must have been 40 pairs of eyes pressed against the window. They’ve probably seen more of me than I have seen. I said and removed my stained short. I heard a gasp from outside and the girl also gasped. Anything wrong I asked. No she replied, it’s just I thought your holes would be large than they are. You can touch it if you like after all I touched you bum. She reached out with a trembling hand and as she touched me I barked like a dog. She screamed and jumped back. Only joking I laughed, touch it I said. Her hand was cold as she placed it on my pussy. See it’s just a normal pussy. He touch was soft and I was starting get horny.
She touched my clit and gasped. That’s the only difference, my clit is big.
I need to go I said and pulled the shorts on. Shit they were tight and they hugged my body. There were two pockets at the front that came below the front of the body of the jeans. Nice ass cheeks were almost all on show.
I said you might have some interesting footage on your CCTV.

We had a quick trip around Wal-Mart but we didn’t get time to buy anything as Lin’s phone rang. It was Joe telling that Charles has requested no demanded that I have an audience with him in one hour. What does that mean Gaynor asked Lin? He’ll either thank you for a wonderful evening last night in his own special way or put a .45 bullet in your pretty head. Neither sounded good I replied. Just be you and don’t bullshit him because he will get very cross. No bullshit, right I said as we got in Lin’s car.

It took 45 minutes to get to Charles’s mansion. Two huge guys were stood outside with machine guns. It looked like a set from a movie, one guy talked into his wrist and the gates opened. I waved to them, don’t fucking do anything Lin said, they will blow your head off if you make one false move.
As we drove up to the house I saw semi naked women and well toned men wearing just pouches filled with what I hoped weren’t guns.
We got out of the car and a goon as Lin called them told us to follow him. He was wearing a black suit and white shite with a black tie. He looks like a fucking undertaker I whispered to Lin. He will prepare you for the undertakers she whispered back. None of the goons stared at her body which she found strange seeing most of it was on show.
We rounded the corner and onto the pool area. The pool was huge and more semi naked people lounging around it. Charles was lying on a sun lounger, wearing a white silk robe that was open revealing her huge fat cock.

Gaynor my sweet he said and held his hand out to me. I walked over and touched hand. He grabbed me and pulled me close to him and kissed me hard on my lips. He licked my face and said come here and forced me to straddle his almost naked body. I looked round and saw Dave on another lounger with a naked girl lying on top of him. She looked very young. Dave just smiled.
Charles put his hands in the sides of my vest top and pulled my boobs out. They look even better in the sunlight baby he said and lightly clamped is gold teeth on each nipple, just enough to let me feel some pain. We had something good last night babe he said but you were rude to me. I am sorry Charles I said, I was a little drunk. You like the word little don’t you bitch he shouted and pulled a gun for fuck knows where and put it to my head. My mouth went dry and I felt a gush of air release from my ass hole. Fuck not only am I going to die but when he pulls the trigger I will shit on him. I looked in his eyes and silently saying good by to all my friends. This must turn him on I thought killing people because his cock was now touching my left butt cheek.
He turned the gun and pointed it at his own mouth. He opened it and pulled the trigger. I screamed and a stream of liquid shot into his mouth. JD’s baby he said laughing and pointed it at my mouth and squirted some into mine. I gave a nervous giggle and I hit him.
You stupid cunt I screamed I nearly had a fucking heart attack. I kept slapping him and then I fell on top of him and started crying. There, there Gaynor my baby don’t cry, it was just a bit of fun. I didn’t find it fucking funny I replied.
Would you like to sun bathe babe while we watch some people fucking. I looked up at him and said what? I haven’t got a costume I said. We you don’t need one unless you want tan lines Charles replied.
I stood up and removed my vest and shorts. Stunning Charles said and stood up too. He slipped he robe off his huge cock swinging between his thick thighs.
A goon adjusted the lounger to a sitting position and Charles sat down. Come here babe and we can watch the show. I sat on him with his cock between my legs sticking out in front of me. He gently tweaked my nipples as I rubbed his pre cum into his huge cock head.
First up were Dave and the young girl. She was naked and Dave had his boxers on. The girl dropped to her knees and pulled Dave’s boxers down. She started kissing and licking his growing cock.
I can see what you see in him, nice cock Charles said. We love each other so much; neither of us has cheated in 22 years until now. I met him at 16 and that was it.
The girl slipped he lips over Dave’s cock and started to swallow. After about 5” she gagged and pulled away. She tried three times and each time she gagged. Let me show her I pleaded with Charles. Go on then but you must show me too. Strange I thought but walked over to Dave. The poor girl was crying and saying she had failed. I hugged her and told her she just needed to follow a few simple rules.
I took Dave’s now throbbing cock in my mouth and let it slide in all the way to his balls. Pulled off him and the girl said how the fuck do you do that without gagging? Charles was now kneeling next to me. Relax your throat muscles, breathe through your nose and take a deep breath before you started. It is best if you can just take it in without touching it with your hands, make the guy cum quicker. I demonstrated it again and said to the girl your turn.
Before the girl had chance to get near Dave, Charles had his cock between his lips and was trying to force Dave down his throat. He gagged and I whispered in his ear relax baby, just don’t fight it. He tried some more and got over half of Dave’s cock in his throat. That’s better babe I said and reached under his and rubbed his ass hole.
Charles’s ass hole was very loose and I easily inserted three fingers in it without lube. The girl lay in front of Charles licking his cock and with my other hand I played with her pussy.

A sizeable crowd had gathered to watch a black gangster sucking a white Englishman’s big cock will and white Englishwoman finger fucked his ass hole. I bet they thought he wasn’t so nasty now.
Dave grabbed his head and gently forced Charles onto him. Dave gasped as his cock went down Charles’s throat. He had never being down a male throat before.

Dave exploded down Charles’ throat as Charles in turn unloaded a huge amount of cum over the girl’s face who squealed in shock. Gaynor removers hands from Charles and the girl and went round and started licking the girl clean. Dave and Charles separated and sat on two loungers to watch Gaynor at work with the young girl.
Dave and Charles we spellbound as Gaynor licked and sucked the girls face clean and then slowly moved down her body, the girl withering and moaning all the time. That’s some sexy lady your wife Dave, Charles said. Dave didn’t correct the wife bit but also was amazed at Gaynor’s liberal attitude to sex; she had never ever shown his this side before. And the things she was willing to do and she always seemed in control. He was starting to get hard again wondering how far she would go and what her limits were.
Gaynor slid her face between the girl’s thighs and started licking her pussy. The girl squealed with pleasure and grabbed Gaynor’s hair. Gaynor loved the taste of this young girl, sweet with a slight hint of spice. As she climaxed the girl let out a screamed and bucked her hips into Gaynor face.
Gaynor was so good she let the girl slowly come down from her peak by gently pulling her nipples and licking the insides of her thighs. The girl was sobbing and speaking in Spanish about how she wanted to marry GaynorBlue and she would never ever climax again or so Charles said.
Dave was rock hard and started to rub his cock. Charles asked him if he wanted any help. Sure Dave replied thinking Charles would summons some woman to take care of him. Charles stood up and straddled Dave before lowering his ass hole onto Dave’s cock. What the fuck Dave said. Don’t worry about it Charles said just think of my ass as a black pussy and started to ride him.
Charles lent forward and started kissing Dave and twisting and pulling his nipples. Dave wasn’t sure about the kissing bit but liked the feel of Charles’s ass hole sliding up and down his shaft.
Gaynor looked up and screamed at the sight of Dave’s cock ploughing up Charles’s ass hole. They were kissing and playing with each others nipples.
A goon came over with a message for Charles. He stood up and Dave looked disappointed. Charles put his robe on and stormed to the house. Dave said he was seconds from cumming in Charles’s ass so Gaynor asked him he wanted her to finish him off? No, its fine babe later, we should be going, that didn’t sound too good what that guy told him.
We dressed and looked for Lin. She was getting fucked a young Afro- American guy. They finished and as he pulled out he noticed Gaynor, Well if it isn’t GaynorBlue he said come and give me a kiss bitch. She walked over to him and punched him in the mouth. I’m no one’s fucking bitch Gaynor said as the youth felt to see if he had all his teeth. Lin had got dressed and they walked to her car. My pussy is all sticky Lin said. You shouldn’t fuck then Dave said or thy using a condom he continued. Fuck than Lin replied, that’s the best part of fuck when the hot cum hits deep in my cunt. They all giggled and Gaynor said don’t worry Dave will lick it clean when we get home, he likes the taste of cum don’t you babe she said. Dave didn’t answer.
As they approached the gate, it opened and a pick up truck came in with two South Americans chained up on the back and two goons with machine guns pointing at them. That doesn’t look good Dave said. It’s not Lin said. Charles with have them beaten up and shot then their bodies thrown to the guard dogs. Good job he likes his ass being fucked Gaynor said. Nobody laughed as they turned onto the highway.
Lin turned off the highway and into our complex. We were glad to be home.
Mike, Candi and Joe were back and Candi was gently rubbing their cocks.
Lin stripped off and started fingering her sticky pussy. Dave, now Gaynor shout and Dave got down on his knees in front of her.
Dave has never tasted cum before so it will be interesting to see his reaction. He slowly lapped at Lin’s pussy, pulling the lips apart so he could get at the youth’s thick cum. He had fucked a gut’s ass and now he was eating cum. I wonder Gaynor thought as she viewed his virgin ass hole pointing towards her.
She beckoned to Joe and Mike to join them. She walked to meet them and whispered to Joe, would he like to have Dave’s virgin ass hole. What about me Mike protested? You can have mine, OK it’s not virgin but I will let you do anything to it.
Gaynor knelt down and started to lubricate Dave’s ass hole with her tongue. Dave grunted in acknowledgement so she dug her tongue deeper in. She spit in it several times and pushed her middle finger inside. Dave moaned and Gaynor noticed his cock was erect and was rubbing on the grass.
She looked behind her to see that Joe was ready, his cock dripping pre cum. She rolled his foreskin back and licked the pre cum off the end of his cock. That was her treat for services rendered she thought.
Joe positioned himself behind Dave and slowly pushed hard cock into Dave’s tight ass hole.
No Dave shouted. You will love it after the first time Gaynor said and moved to where Lin had sat and buried Dave’s face in her wet pussy.
Mike decided not to fuck Gaynor nice butt so stood and watched as Joe slammed into Dave’s virgin ass hole. He noticed she was making it bad for Dave by calling him a faggot and Said he would wear women’s clothes for the rest of the holiday.
These Brit’s are sure a strange bunch he thought, they arrive and within 24 hours they are the talk of the coast, especially Gaynor with insatiable sex drive. I’m looking forward to see what she will do next.

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