Forbidden Love

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Part 1 – The Visit

It was fall at the time I decided to travel and visit my aunt. I had been saving up leave for a vacation all year and I saved up enough to take off a week from work. I decided that the first part of my vacation would be to visit my aunt. I had not visited her in a while and I know that was because work was full time and I was also trying to work on finishing my thesis for my Masters.

I still felt guilty, even knowing I had legitimate reasons for the lack of visiting, because I knew she had lonely nights, my mom had told me this and even my aunt told me. She lived alone, had no husband, no boyfriend, and no children. I always tried to visit her a couple of times a year just to give her company, plus it gave me an excuse to be around the woman I loved so much, get some warm hugs from her and feel her body against me and get some nice kisses on the cheek from her.

I arrived at her house on Friday, and as I pulled up into her driveway and got out of my car, looking at her house reminded me how much I liked it. It was a small house, not very wide. The bottom floor just had a small kitchen and living room with stairs in the living room leading to the top floor that had a small bathroom and guest bedroom, and then a decent sized master bedroom. Her house always smelled wonderful with the candles and flowers she always had lying around on various pieces of furniture and her walls. My aunt knew how to keep her home clean and cozy. There was even a part of me that felt that if I could just marry her and make her my wife, this would be the house I would love for us to spend our lives in. Though, when you live in a tiny apartment in the city, I guess anything seems like a mansion compared to that.

When I knocked on the door, my aunt opened it almost immediately and there she was. I hadn’t seen her in almost a year but she seemed more beautiful than ever. Her beautiful smile going ear to ear, her red and curly hair a little longer than normal going past her shoulders and down to the top of her back, and those irresistible hazelnut eyes. She was also very well dressed, a beautiful green blouse with three buttons and several pearls scattered around the top, with a slit in the middle that showed some slight cleave and formed tightly around those large breasts of her. She also wore a long black skirt that went down to her ankle but still showed off that round ass of hers so well.

The temptation to just drop my by bags, embrace her in my arms and begin kissing her on the lips was almost too hard to resist. Heck, the temptation to flat out tell her, I love you and I want to marry you so we can spend the rest of our lives together and spend every night making love was too hard to resist.

My infatuation and admiration of her beauty almost made me forget she had just greeted me, after hugging me and kiss me on the cheek, she said “Hi dear, it’s so nice to finally get a visit from you, it’s been over a year now hasn’t it? I was getting worried you wouldn’t have time to visit this year. Come sit down.”

As her and I went to sit down at her kitchen table, I responded, “I know, I’m so sorry for that, I wanted to visit sooner but work and school have kept me painfully busy. But I’m glad I finally got the chance to come visit you.”

She replied, “Well you know I appreciate it so much, I love your visits and getting to spend time with you. But you didn’t have to waste your precious leave to come see me. I’m sure there are much better things you could do. Didn’t you have a girlfriend? Shouldn’t you be spending this free time with her?”

Her question made me realize that not only had it been a long time since I visited her but I hadn’t really talked to her by phone or email in a couple months too, so she was not up to date on my personal life. So I replied, “No that relationship ended a couple months back, there just wasn’t that attraction there anymore. And, for your information, I do not consider this a waste of my leave to come visit you. You’re my aunt and I enjoy our visits together just as much as you do.”

She responded, “Well thank you dear, it’s been getting a little lonely in this house lately so I’m glad you are finally here to make it feel little more full. And I’m sorry to hear about your relationship, I’m sure you will find the right woman one day. And I’m sure she will come along when you least expect it. But don’t worry because I will do whatever you want to do this weekend. Forget about work, school, and ex’s, this weekend will be about making you happy and relaxed.” As she said this, she reached over to grab my hand in comfort, but I wanted to believe it was more than just for comfort, but a hint that she was referring to herself as the right woman for me, but I knew I was just letting my desires and love for her trick me into that thought.

When her hand touched mine I closed my hand around hers, not only to show I appreciate her comfort, but just to feel those warm, soft hands, hands I wished I could feel rubbing my body all over and especially rubbing my cock. I responded back, “Nonsense! I came here to visit you and give you a wonderful weekend so it’s all about you! If there’s anywhere you want to go, anything you want to do, we can do it! Whether that’s shopping, going to see a movie, or eating at a restaurant of your choice. And all of it will be on me as my treat!”

As I said this, I saw her eyes sadly gaze to a piece of folded paper on the table. The top was just barely visible enough that I could make out the bolded title partially covered which said, “Charity Ba…” though I could not see the rest of the letters to make out what the second word was.

She responded, though with a little bit of a sigh as she looked at that paper, “Oh I appreciate that dear so much, but I’m not really sure if there’s anything I can think of though. I just haven’t had much excitement for anything the past couple of weeks.”

As I could hear the sadness in her voice, I decided instead of the subtle approach, I’d just ask straight up, “Well what’s that piece of paper over there for?”

She perked up as if she didn’t realize I was paying attention the subtle hints of her sadness and the longing look she gave at that paper. She said, “That paper?” And she picked it up and unfolded it to show me. It was a paper for a charity ball her work was hosting at the community center.

She stated, “This is for my work’s annual charity ball tomorrow evening. I’ve never been able to go to it because… Well… I’ve never had someone to take me to it and it just felt too embarrassing to go alone. I know this sounds silly but I had such a strong feeling I would go this year, that I even bought a dress. A dress I saved up for and spent $1500 on and now I’m realizing how much of an idiot I must look like for doing that. I just thought that this year, for one night, I could dress up and feel like I was the center of someone’s world. Someone that when they saw me in that dress would think I looked like a fairytale princess.” As she said this, I saw a couple tear drops form at the side of her eyes.”

My heart broke at the sight of this, how could the woman that I love so much, that I adore so much, be this sad. Without a second thought, I leaned in towards her to wipe away a couple of the tears with my thumb and told her, “You are not an idiot! There is nothing wrong with you wanting to be treated like the wonderful woman you are. You’re beautiful and caring, and any man would be lucky to have you.”

She did a little chuckle at this comment and wiped out the rest of her tears forming her eyes, “Oh thank you dear, you’ve always been so sweet to me! It’s probably why you have always been my favorite out of you and your sister… But don’t tell her I said that.” She laughed jokingly as she said this last part.

I laughed as well and said, “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me! Now how about this…. I’ll take you to the ball. I’ll go out and get a tuxedo and I can be your ‘date.’ It’ll be fun!” Though while I said “date” in a sarcastic manner, I meant it truthfully. She was the woman I’ve always loved and I wanted to be her actual date.

Her eyes became wide in shock, but at the same time a hint of a smile started to form, “You would be willing to go to that? I mean dear, it would be just a boring ball dance with people in fancy dresses and suits, classical music playing, and formal dancing. I don’t want to bore you with that.”

I replied, “Nonsense! It won’t be a bore because I’ll be with my favorite aunt.” I winked as I said this last part. “We’ll have fun and dance all night!”

She replied excitedly, “Okay! As long as you won’t be embarrassed that your ‘date’ for the night is an old, fat fart.” She again chuckled as she said this but I knew there was no way I could be embarrassed treating the woman I love to the night of her life.

I chuckled with her and said, “How could I be embarrassed if I’m with a woman who will look more beautiful than a fairytale princess?”

We both laughed together at this and I could tell my aunt’s mood was already a million times better. For some reason though, I had a strong feeling there was going to be more to tomorrow night than just a simple nephew treating his aunt to a night out. But again, I was probably just letting my secret love for her misinterpret the situation.

Part 3 – The Ball

The evening of the charity ball, I was sitting on my aunt’s couch in the living room. I was dressed in the tuxedo I had gone out and rented earlier that day. While I never cared for bowties, I opted for a bowtie out of a standard tie just because I thought it gave off a more formal look.

As I sat waiting on the couch, I could hear my aunt upstairs in the bathroom getting ready. All day her mood was so energetic and so cheerful, I could tell I had really made her weekend by asking to take her to this ball. It honestly shocked me because, I mean, I’m just her nephew, it’s not like I’m the man of her dreams. But at the same time, it gave me a wonderful feeling inside that even if I could never be with her romantically, that I could at least make her happy on occasion and treat her like the wonderful woman she was.

Waiting for her to get ready though was excruciating because I had so many thoughts of what my aunt would look like in her dress. I could only imagine how beautiful she would be, heck I was concerned she would look so beautiful and sexy that I would get a boner through these tight pants that she would notice. But at the same time, as crazy as it sounded, a part of me wanted her to see how large and hard my cock would get for her.

After waiting for what felt like an eternity my aunt came down the steps. And as she stepped into the living room, the beauty I saw was more than I could imagine. Starting from her head, she had made her hair to where it sat in a bun on the top of her head, with a couple of long, curly strands on each side of her face. She knew how to apply make up to where it was not too much and not too little. The blue eyeliner and mascara made her hazelnut eyes really pop. The blush on her face really enhanced those rosy red cheeks. And the dark red lipstick made her lips look even more kissable than ever.

But the most amazing sight was her dress, the most gorgeous dress on the most gorgeous woman ever. While her size could not afford her an hour glass look, the style of dress still provided that fantasy. It was a very classical looking dress with lots of puff and of course the dress was in her favorite color, a dark purple. It was an off the shoulder ball gown made of silk. The top of the dress started just below the top of her cleavage, which was perfect, not too much cleavage was shown but not too little. The dress was sleeveless but had puffy shoulders and she wore dark purple, silk opera gloves to add to the formality of the dress.

The dress hugged her body perfectly, it showed off those perfectly, large, round breasts she had and I’m almost certain I could see her nipples poking through the dress. The top of the dress had little silver beads made to form various flower designs all around the front and back. While you could see some of her fat rolls on her body under the dress, it didn’t matter to me because she was still magnificently beautiful and those fat rolls just turned me on even more. The skirt was also extremely wide, which was helped by the several layers of petticoats she wore under it. The skirt was ruffled and sparkled due to the various silver beads embroidered all around it.

I had never told anyone this but another of my biggest fetishes was women in classical, puffy ball gowns. I know most men today loved the more slutty looks of short, skimpy dresses but those left little to the imagination. The classical, puffy ball gown, in my opinion, was beautiful, sexy and yet still left much to the imagination of the body underneath. Plus they were just more feminine looking in my opinion.

And seeing my aunt in this dress, I had never so badly in my life wanted to take her upstairs, push her on to her bed, and for lack of a better phrase because I was so extremely turned on by her sight “fuck her brains out.” All I could think of was lifting up that puffy skirt and all the petticoats underneath it, unzipping my pants and pulling them down, and fucking her from behind on her bed.

As I stared at her dress, lost in my own sexual fantasies, my aunt’s voice brought me back to reality, “Hello? Dear? What do you think of the dress?”

Once I finally realized she was talking to me, I responded, “Wow! I’m at a loss for words! You truly do look like a fairytale princess. Actually, no, you put all those fairytale princesses to shame! There is no doubt in my mind I will be with the most beautiful woman at this ball.”

She chuckled at my remark and responded, “Oh dear you’re so sweet! But seriously you don’t have to lie to me or exaggerate. You can say how I really look.”

I replied, “Well then it’s a good thing I wasn’t lying because you truly are beautiful in that dress and the men who wouldn’t take you to these balls really missed out on spending their night with a gorgeous and caring woman.”

At this compliment, she began to blush which while it made me happy, again made me wonder why my comments seemed to mean so much. Was I just interpreting too much into her reactions or was there something more there? A deep, romantic desire for me on her part? While I still figured it was just my fantasies taking control, I thought maybe if I play my cards right this evening I could express my true love for her.

As I brought myself back to reality again, I got up from my chair, adjusting my pants from the boner I had just held while staring at her, and said, “Well we better get going, we don’t want to miss this ball.”

She stood on my right side and locked her left arm around my right arm, stood very close to me and kissed me on the cheek and smiled widely, saying, “Thank you dear, I can’t say how much I appreciate you doing this for me! You are the most loving nephew an aunt could ever ask for. You have been more of a gentleman to me this weekend than any man I’ve dated before. Heck, you are more of a man and more mature for your age than any of those other men.”

I couldn’t help but smile and replied, “Well I love you and I just want you to be happy this weekend.” Again, I wished I could have told her that my love was much more than familial love but knew that I shouldn’t. After telling her this, I returned a kiss on her cheek and then stated, “Now madame, your chariot awaits.”

I walked her outside to her driveway where a limo I had also rented secretly was waiting, which excited her even more and she gave me another kiss on the cheek. While these kisses she kept giving me were only on my cheeks, I cherished every single one of them, secretly hoping there was more to them.

Once we got to the ball, we had a splendid time together. We danced to multiple classical pieces such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. While I did not care for classical music, I thought it really did help set a mood for a perfect evening with my aunt, the woman I secretly loved. As we danced, my left hand and her right hand were held together with are our arms stretched out. Her left hand was on my upper back and my right hand was on her lower back.

Though on occasion I would slip my right down to where her ass would be if I could have felt it through all the layers of the dress and petticoats. I’m not sure if she ever noticed when I slipped my hand down, but if she did she never seemed to care. For the most part, our eyes were always interlocked with each other as if we were staring into each other’s souls, giving each other a longing gaze of love that could not be matched.

Though I have to admit, I could not help myself and broke the gaze every once in a while to look down at her beautiful, sexy cleavage. I’m glad she was wearing several layers of petticoats and we were holding each other very close because I’m sure it prevented her from feeling my boner and from the other guests from seeing it.

The most magical moments was when I would spin her on the floor. The skirt and the petticoats underneath made a wonderful swooshing sound and the twirls they made created an almost fairytale-like moment, such as Cinderella dancing at the ball with Prince Charming. I didn’t think I could fall in love with her anymore than I already was, but tonight was doing just that.

Besides dancing, we would also take breaks to snack on the various dish platters they had and drink some of the wine they had. We also got compliments from some of her coworkers saying how handsome I looked or how beautiful my aunt looked. Some of them also complimented how sweet of a nephew I was for taking her to this ball because they knew how much she wished she could go. It was nice to know that none of them seemed to think there was more to my act of kindness than just a nephew helping his aunt have a fun night.

At one point in the night, we were both sitting down for a break from dancing, when a male coworker came up to the table we sat at. He told my aunt how beautiful she looked and asked if he could have a dance with her. This was a coworker my aunt previously told me she was attracted to and tried to go out on a date with but he turned her down because of her size. But now, he must have finally seen how beautiful of a woman she was. Though it angered me that he could only see her beauty when she was dressed up for a ball and could not see her beauty all the time like I could.

A pang of jealousy hit me as I saw him asking her to dance with him. I didn’t want any other man dancing with my aunt, especially this man who turned her down. I knew I loved her more than this man ever would and that I would never hurt her like he did. But I knew I couldn’t make a scene because again, we were related and my love for her was taboo.

However, I was shocked when she leaned in and touched my knee, as she told him, “I appreciate your compliment and your offer to dance, but my nephew took me to the ball and I can’t abandon him, so I’m going to have to politely decline.” I could see a hint of anger in his eyes, as he was turned down, as if he was not expecting to be rejected by her not only for some “young punk” but for a young punk she was related to, though it cheered me up and the jealousy I was experiencing went away.

I told my aunt, “You didn’t have to do that. I know you’ve told me before that you had feelings for him. You could go dance with him, I’ll be fine.”

She replied back with a smile, “Nonsense, you have treated me better than he ever has, tonight is about you and me and no one else. So come on let’s go back on the dance floor.”

The rest of the night went off without a hitch as we continued to dance and hold each other close. At times she laid her head on my chest and I don’t know if she could feel or hear my heart racing from the excitement as she did.

Tonight was more magical than I could imagine and I hoped it was for her too.

Part 4 – The Consummation

Once we got back to her place after the charity ball was done, we sat together on the couch in her living room. We were both smiling from having so much fun together at the ball and a part of me didn’t want the night to end. As we sat there talking, we both decided we wanted a glass of water so I got up and got us each a glass. However, as I sat back down on the couch, I shook one of the glasses a bit too much and spilled some water on my shirt.

I laughed and said, “Well luckily it was just water, I can’t imagine what I would have had to pay the rental place if I had spilled that wine at the ball on it.”

My aunt replied, “Oh well let me dry that up for you.” And she reached for the handkerchief in my suit pocket and leaned in to begin dabbing at the water spot. As she was doing this, we both looked at each other with our eyes again locked onto one another. And before we could even realize what was happening, we began kissing on the lips.

My mind was racing as we kissed thinking to myself, “I couldn’t believe this was happening. Does she realize what’s happening?” But I didn’t want to pull away and end the moment because I had been desiring it for so long. As we kissed it became more intimate, my tongue going into her mouth and playing with her tongue and then her tongue going into mine and doing the same.

As we continued to kiss and play with each other’s tongues, I couldn’t help myself and used my right hand to lift her left breast out from the dress and began to rub it and squeeze it and play with the nipple. The large breast felt so full in my hand, her nipples feeling extremely perky. It felt so wonderful and so sexual.

As I played with her breast and nipple, her hand surprisingly reached down to my pants and began unzipping them. Once they were unzipped, she reached in and pulled out my cock and began rubbing it with her hand.

At this point we were both so sexually involved, it felt like there was nothing that was going to stop us from turning this into the first time we would have sex and share our bodies fully with each other. But then my aunt pulled away as if something finally clicked in her on what we were doing.

She apologized, “I’m so sorry dear, I can’t believe I just did that, I’m sorry if I tempted you into something you didn’t want. You must think I’m terrible.”

I looked at her with shock and replied, “You tempting me? You terrible? Never! That was amazing and I wish we hadn’t stopped.”

She seemed surprised, “Really? You want this?”

I stated, “Of course I do…. There’s something I wanted to tell you for a long time…. I love you, and not just the love two relatives have for each other, but the love two soul mates meant for each other have. I think the reason my past relationships have failed is because I have always known deep down inside the only woman for me was you. Heck all weekend, I have been complimenting you and telling you I love you, hoping you would catch on to my feelings towards you.”

A smile so big came across her face and tears of happiness began to form in her eyes, as she said, “Really? I can’t believe it. Because honestly dear, I have loved you for so long too but never thought it would be proper to say it. And I’ve also been dropping hints all weekend of my love for you.” At this remark, it finally dawned on me that my intuition of there be something more between us was correct.

We both sat there in amazement, both shocked but also ecstatic at finally expressing our love for each other and realizing the other had those same feelings.

I responded back, “Well then why did we stop kissing and touching each other? In fact, why don’t we take this upstairs to your bed where we can make this more intimate?”

As she became overfilled with excitement and joy, she paused and stated, “Dear, there is nothing I would love more than to give my entire self to you. And if I could right now I would. But while I have no problem sharing in that moment with you even though we are related, I still want it to be to the man I am married to. To know that I saved myself for the man who will always be there for me.”

Now most men probably would have used this as an excuse to end the relationship and move on. Being told they have to wait until marriage to have sex with the woman of their dreams. But this just made me love her even more, not only was the woman of my dreams in love with me but she wanted to save herself for marriage.

I told her, “I understand, why don’t you wait right there.” And I left to go upstairs to her bedroom to search through her jewelry box. What I found was beyond my expectation, a golden ring with a beautiful diamond in the center.

I walked back downstairs and then got on one knee in front of her on the couch and said, “Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me? Will you spend the rest of my life with me and never leave my side?”

Her eyes widened with complete shock and she began crying, “Do you really mean this dear? You’re certain you want to spend the rest of your life with me? I mean look at me, I’m thirty years older than you and I’m nearly 300 lbs. You’re in your 20s and are in great shape, you could surely do better, find yourself a hot young woman.”

I chuckled and said, “No, I could never find anyone as beautiful, sexy, and caring as you! Like I said before, my past relationships have failed because I have always known you were my soul mate. So yes I want to make this commitment to be your husband for the rest of our lives. And the best part is since we’ve known each other our entire lives, we’ve already gotten through the ‘getting to know each other part,’ so why don’t we just elope and get married tomorrow? No reason to wait.”

Tears of joy continued to fall down her face as she replied, “Oh, yes, I will definitely marry you dear. I have never heard such heartfelt words come from a man’s mouth. I have no doubt you are the man I was supposed to save myself for. So yes let’s get married immediately.” At this point I slid the ring on her left ring finger and then we hugged and kissed.

After this I said, “Okay well, now we just have to find a courthouse where we can get married tomorrow.”

She replied, “Nonsense dear! When I said let’s get married immediately, I meant tonight. I’m 56 and been waiting for decades to give myself to my soul mate and now that I’ve found him I refuse to wait anymore. We are getting someone to marry us now.”

I replied in shock, “Okay, well as much as I would love to get married now and consummate our love, who on Earth are we gonna find at almost 11pm on a Saturday to marry us?”

She gave a smile and said, “I have a friend who is certified to marry us. He could be here in the hour. And the best part is, being gay, he understands perfectly about loving someone that most people might have issues with, so he will have no problem marrying us even though we are related.”

I replied excitedly, “Well then call him up and let’s get this started, I can’t believe this is actually happening tonight.”

She stated, “Me either, I am so excited and thrilled! Although while you are in a sexy tuxedo and look like a true groom, I guess I’m not really in a beautiful, wedding dress like most brides should be.” She chuckled as she said this.

I replied, “Who cares? In fact, the dress you’re wearing is more beautiful than any wedding dress you could probably find. Plus it’s a ball gown so it fits the look anyways. Also between you and me, I’ve always been more attracted to women who wear big, puffy ball gowns than those who wear short skimpy dresses. So you are already wearing a dress that has me rock hard.”

She smiled and responded, “Hmmm…. I thought that was a boner I felt trying to poke through my skirt and petticoats at the dance.”

I laughed and said, “Well I guess I didn’t hide it as well as I thought I did!”

She laughed as well and said, “No worries, it was really nice! But I’m glad I’m wearing a dress on my wedding night that my man finds me very attractive in. That’s every brides’ dream.”

We both smiled and laughed, and kissed each other. Then she called her friend and we waited for his arrival.

Almost an hour later, her friend finally arrived and began conducting the ceremony in my aunt’s living room. It was a magical moment that her and I would never forget as we said our vows and expressed our undying love for each other. By the end, he pronounced us husband and wife, saying the typical, “You may now kiss the bride.” And as we kissed, conveniently the clock struck midnight.

Her friend stated, “Well I guess I should leave you two love birds be, I’m sure it’s going to be a very ‘busy’ night.” After saying our thanks and goodbyes to him, my aunt and I went upstairs to her bed to consummate the marriage.

We sat down on the bed and I said, “I guess I don’t need to call you aunt anymore since you are my wife. How does ‘dear,’ or ‘sexy,’ or ‘honey,’ or ‘my love,’ or even ‘wifey’ sound?”

She smiled and said, “They all said so wonderful. But I think we’ve talked enough tonight, let’s make love to one another and ‘fuck my brains out.’”

I stared shocked and then laughed, “Wow! Those were the last words I were expecting from you honey, but that just turned me on even more. The dirty talk from you is extremely sexy.”

So there we were, right back to where we started an hour ago. Kissing on the lips, our tongues playing with each other, my hands massaging her breasts, her hands rubbing my cock. Her nipples felt so hard in my hands and my cock was throbbing like nothing else as she stroked it.

After kissing and playing around for a bit, I began pulling down the top of her dress to where I could see her body. Her breasts, her stomach, everything was more beautiful than I had imagine. Seeing the fat on her stomach and breasts jiggle as I caressed her body and moved her made me even harder.

I began kissing her all over her body, on her shoulder, her back, her breasts, and her stomach. Eventually I began to suck on her breasts and nipples. My tongue rubbing over those huge breasts, playing with the nipples swaying them back and forth. They were beautiful nipples, very large and tasted so delicious. I also moved from her breasts and begin kissing, licking, and sucking on some of the fat on her stomach.

She began moaning as I kissed and licked her body and sucked on her breasts, and it made me savor the moment even more. After several minutes of this she stopped me and pulled down my pants. From there she began not only rubbing my cock but fondling my balls. And then after several minutes of rubbing and fondling, she slid the cock in her mouth and it felt amazing. Her tongue rubbing over my cock, the tightness of her mouth around it, and the wetness from her saliva. She took the cock as deep as she could and it felt so amazing.

However, I began to feel myself climaxing so I stopped her and told her I didn’t want to climax in her mouth and wanted to truly consummate our love. So we both undressed completely and got on the bed. She laid flat on her back and I could finally realize the beauty of her body. Again the fat on her arms, stomach, breasts, legs, just turned me on even more.

As I stood in front of her naked body lying on the bed, I was on my knees, upright, getting ready to penetrate her. But I caught myself and realized this was her first time and she was definitely going to be tight, so I tried to get her more wet. I put my face down into her crotch and began licking her pussy. So pink and so wet already, the juices coming from it tasted amazing. As I licked her pussy, more juices began to seep out that I sucked out and swallowed from the sheer deliciousness of them.

Her moaning became louder and louder as I licked and eventually said, “Just penetrate me dear and fuck the living brains out of me. I’m ready to lose my virginity to you.”

I said, “Oh I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk afterwards my love. Although I just realized I don’t have condoms.”

She replied, “Oh don’t worry about that, I’m too old to get pregnant dear, which means our sex can be as unprotected as we want. Plus I just want to feel the skin of your cock with no covering whatsoever.”

This got me even harder and so I did as my aunt, or I should say wife, asked, and began to push my cock into her wet vagina. It was a little tight since it had never been penetrated before, and she had a couple of moments of slight wincing from the pain since it was her first time. But once I entered her pussy, the moment became magical for the both of us.

I started off with slow thrusting movements, which gave me the chance to admire her breasts bouncing and the fat jiggling on her body. This got me even harder and hornier and allowed me to build up momentum to where the whole bed was shaking from my thrusting and her body jiggling and shaking. Before long we were both moaning from the pleasure, shouting each other’s names, feeling as if we were the only two people in the world at that moment. We were completely caught up in the sexual pleasure and romance.

As I continued to thrust hard and faster, I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her bouncing breasts and jiggling fat just continued to make the moment more sexually satisfying. Her moaning and saying my name also got me so much harder. Before long, I felt it, the climax, my cock shooting its liquid into her already wet pussy. And at the same I climaxed, she began to as well. There we were at the height of our sexual moment, both climaxing, feeling our liquids shoot out, it was so magical and so wonderful.

By the end we were both sweating profusely and we could see the wet spots where we had both climaxed so much. We laid down on the bed next to each other, embraced each other, kissed each other on the lips, and looked into each others’ eyes, both saying at the same time, “I love you!”

As we laid there caressing each others’ naked bodies after the most intense sex we could have imagined, we both realized we had finally found the one we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. No longer were we nephew and aunt, we were husband and wife.

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