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I know people think the mother should be close to their children and I am well my one child any way I wanted more but unfortunately my husband died soon after my son was born, life was hard after my husband died but I didn't let that ever stopped me I worked three jobs, called in Many favors so that I could to get my son to a good school and I still found time to be an effective role model for my 1 son. He and I were so close when he was younger and we still are but we don't see each other much because of his school and his own job now, now I know what you're thinking why haven't I threw all this time just found another man well I couldn't cuz the only two people I think I could ever be with was the man I married and loved or My own son, I know what you're thinking I must be some sick individual I thought that many times before 2 but ever since he started getting older my son started resembling his father more and more, he wasn't hugely muscular but I was never into that but I would sneak a peek every now and then to watch when my son was masturbating at night to pictures of looks women who probably carried too many sexually transmitted diseases, those women were with my son deserved my son deserves a strong woman who would always be there for him, to help him through life did be there when he comes home after a hard day of work to help him and well course sleep with him and as far as I knew, I was the only women who fit that description. Of course I never told my son my true feelings for him before you all start thinking that I was only attracted to my son because he grew into a very sexy young adult you're wrong my son and I always had a lot of things in common whether it was booked sports or television programs we always confided in one another always understood when the other was in trouble he was always there for me and I was always there for him and I've before you also think that I see my son is more of a lover than an actual child you are incorrect I love my son both ways both as a mother and as a lover but when I first tried to tell my son about my feelings for him he was not as okay with it as I was.
( flashback)
Leon came home from his job around 1:50 pm, it was a very hot summer day now I saw that my son had already taken off his shirt when you get to the house couldn't help it get wet seeing his smooth pale chest as he, his nipples glistening.
I've been thinking a lot that Dan on whether to tell my son my true feelings for him or not then I finally worked up the courage to tell him.

" Leon, I have something important to tell you, you see after your father died I've never really had a serious relationship sure I had a short fling here or there but most of the time just ended up to be sexist jerk sir course Dirty Old Men just trying to get single mother into their bed but I could never be with anyone like that or at least if I ever try to I just kept thinking of the only other person I ever truly loved besides your father."
" who is it?" Leon asked

" is you darling, as you've gotten older you've looked low more and more like your father did when we were younger and as you know your father was a very attractive man but I always proud of him myself I was never attracted to him because of his looks I always love your father cuz he was a kind and intelligent man but of course having a handsome computer geek as a husband is nothing to scoff at either but ever since he died I've been alone so I could never find anyone as kind has your father well until I realize you only put another person like your father around was you, Leon, I want you and me to take our relationship to the next step, I want you as my lover, my husband, and the father of my children.
My son looked back at me with a look of surprise and disgust.

" mom do you hear yourself I mean come on that's sick I mean I know all these years have been hard on you but I never thought you'd sink this low you know what no this-this isn't real this isn't really what you're thinking this is probably just a side effect of all the stress you've had over these years don't worry I'll find you a therapist and everything then we'll both see that this is nothing that just the stress in your head talking.

While always try to be a good mother who resolved things through talking instead of anger I had to admit I was not thrilled with my son's response and for the first time in our relationship well not the first time but well it has been a very long time since I've ever been truly angered with my son.

" Leon, I have raised you for all these years I worked three jobs and did everything I could to you sent you to the best schools to make sure you had a good life and now you're telling me that the one thing I ever ask of you and you can't do because you think I'm crazy, well I'm not taking no for an answer young man, now you will get over here and begin to pleasure mommy!"

" what, mom no!"
Leon tried to run out of the house but I grabbed my son before I could get out the front door and then locked it and closed all the windows and threw my son against the couch and liked at him angrily as I unbuttoned my pants and lower my underwear to reveal my wet pussy, luckily I trimmed my pubic hair into the shape of a flower so wasn't all over the place, I then grab the back of my son's head and forced his face into my crotch.

Now you're going to do what exactly your father did young man!

Leon struggle for a few seconds but then begin to calm down, his mother then felt a rush of pleasure as she felt the tip of his tongue begin to trace her swollen pedals, he then began to taste her chooses this only made him want to press his tongue further into his mother's vagina.

His mother quickly took off her shirt and bra is her son begin to go deeper into her vagina she felt immense pleasure as she felt they everywhere his tongue was slapping around till it finally reached her good spot.

" oh God yes Leon keep going oh my God yes!!!"
Leon came!continued to kiss and rub his mother's vagina until she finally came should enforce her son's face down as she came!

Leon pulled away and looked up at his other again, this time not with a look of disgust but with the look of lust.
He quickly took off his clothes and pushed her down on the couch.

His mother watched as he undressed and showed his amazing body.

Leon jumped onto the couch and began to kiss his mother passionately, the two lovers continue this for what seemed like hours.

Leon by now had a long throbbing erection as he gazed upon his mother's beautiful body, her boobs weren't huge but they weren't anything to scoff at either, he then began to slowly kiss his mother's right breast then he began to lick and suck on her nipple.

This made his mother wet with enjoyment.

" that's right baby, get all the milk you need!!!"

Leon then began to slowly enter his mother.

She held him tightly as he entered her, his long penis then gave her a feeling of arousal if she had not ever felt since his father had fucked her, he continued to enter and reenter his mother again and again and again she could not help with screaming joy as he did this, they continue to kiss each other until Leon finally said.

" mom, I can feel my dick getting thicker, I'm going to come!!!"

" Don't worry Leon, come please, I want your baby!"

Leon then quick and his continued thrusts till finally couldn't handle until he finally ejaculated into his mother, she then screamed out enjoy one more time she ejaculated a second later.

(9 months later)

Leon held his mother's hand as she was giving birth to there child.

"Come on man just one more push."

She then felt a Child leave her body.

" it's a girl the nurse said she charge handed the baby to its mother.

lien notices mother looking lovingly at the girl little girl in her hands she then looked over at him and gave him his new daughter, she looked like a perfect mix of both of them.
( end of flashback)

now I know what you're thinking that's the end of the story right you'd be incorrect after my beautiful daughter Julia was born my son and I still continue to our loving relationship and I'm happy to say after Julie we had three more children, two sons, and another daughter, the names are Tom, Leon Jr, and mandy.

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