My wife invites her brother into our bedroom

Written by , on 2018-08-04, genre incest

My wife and I create sex dates once a week,to fulfill our fantasies. I told her brother once she dressed in a mini skirt and went to buy shoes from A high end shoe store. She spent over $200 on a pair of shoes but gave the shoe salesman a full spread pussy shot and her phone number. She returned to shoes the next day and the phone number was fake.I told her brother we were thinking about recording it so we could rewatch all the responses. This was in the 1990s so cameras were big and wanted to borrow his smaller one. He said he could do the filming and I agreed. They were brother and sister but growing up often saw each other naked,sharing a bedroom and bathroom.
This occasion she was going grocery shopping in a tennis dress with see through panties. When we were done shopping I paid and she walked out with help from the boxboy. She pulled off her panties somehow without him knowing and unlocked the van. I was sitting in the drivers seat and my brother in law was parked next to us. My wife grabbed a bag and leaned over to put it as far as she could showing her nice round ass,a little curvy but firm. The boxboy was getting a great view and she even stepped on foot into the van and bent over to expose her pussy. She turned and gave him $5 for a tip. He refused to take it but thanked her anyway.
When we got home we watched it a little and my wife was sitting on the sofa with her legs open. I told him to film her as I licked her. I got naked and sat on the sofa as she sucked me off,she turned and reversed cowgirled me. Her brother was inches away when she asked him to lick her clit as I fucked her. I told her to suck him as I continued to fuck her. We now had her into a full doggie position with a dick in her pussy and mouth. We spun her around so we could both enjoy her pussy and I could actually watch a brother fuck his sister. I told him I wanted to see him cum all over her face so when he was ready he squirted in her mouth and face. I soon joined in and came all over her face. We pretty much all passed out quickly. I hope you all enjoyed it

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