How I was remade

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For several years I live with a woman who has deviations in sex. . It started with the fact that she was biting my cock, I was hurt but I was patient, because I did not want to offend my Gracie. If she offended she could not communicate with me for a week. With this blow job, my thoughts were like distracting her to another action. Three years have passed and deviations in sex have begun and I have, now I began to like bites and to the pain I'm used to, Gracie it felt and everything became much tougher. Now on sensations my cock gets in a meat grinder, and balls press mites. I even made attempts to return to traditional sex, but I do not feel any more, there are no sensations.
Recently, Gracie told me a story from her youth. She had a girlfriend, older and from a wealthy family. This girlfriend once arranged a party for the girls, among other things on the table lay a bare stripper on which lay food. Of course there were a lot of jokes about eating a sausage stripper, and some girls after the vodka and showed it.
And then I understood. When my Gracie had a change in my head!
Recently, with Gracie watching a film about the tribes of the Amazon, there are several men and women caught up with the young guy, pricked their spears and began to cut it. The woman cut off the rooster's knife and began to eat it. By the way my Gracie was breathing hard and bad joking, I realized that now the knife is an element of sex.
Last week the events became even more complicated. I with Gracie celebrated the holiday in the house of my sister, and stayed the night. In the evening, I locked up with Gracie in the bathroom. When we left, my sister was very nervous and said that we surprised her. I then thought that she heard my moaning or something. A week passed I again met my sister, she began to tell me that she respects doing oral sex, and at the same time she clenched her teeth, I realized that she did not hear us, she peeked. and she liked it. I was not ready for such revelations, we have not heard this before in our family.
Now I think how easy it is to change a person, for three years I have become a masochist from an ordinary person., And everything goes to the fact that my Gracie and my sister will cut my cock and balls and eat them. And this excites me
In the end I will tell you who is interested in how with such a strange sex ends my Gracie, after a long biting and sawing a knife of my balls I pass my hand over her clitoris, just one two times. And she immediately orgasm. I myself almost stopped chustovat when the semen pours, and so the excitement continues, so the woman continues as it is convenient .. There are traumas from such sex all the time, but I will not talk about them yet. Of course I'll collect galleries on the site on the topic
a greeting to all.

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