Wild Party

Written by , on 2018-07-06, genre incest

I'm Greg now 56, retired married with 3 grown children. Back when I was 19 almost 20, I went a big party with a group of friends. On arriving it was alot bigger than I had imagined it would be. After a bit of drinking and dancing, I met my older sister Kay 22 and she was there with some of her friends. She and they had been drinking alot and and they decided to stay with me and my friends. We were all drinking and having fun, after a while the party was still going. But we were tired of it and went off in search of something new. We all ended up at the lookout on the mountain, we played around abit and ended up pairing off and going off into the trees. I was with Kay her friend Linda and Brian. We all headed off to the far end of the lookout, where there were no lights. We had some beer and we played a game of hide and seek. I was alone looking for Linda and bumped into someone I thought was Linda ln the dark. I kissed her on the neck and felt her up, she didn't rejected me so I went further. Soon I was kissing her and then fucking her. We laid together after and then got up and started walking towards the lights of the lookout. Only than did she speak and I realised I had fucked my sister Kay. When I answered her, she realised it was me. We stopped looked at each other for a while and than agreed to keep it quiet. We parted and made way back to the vehicles by a different ways. Kay got pregnant and I help her with anything she needed. Kay never married and after finishing a law degree became lawyer. She lives across the road from me and my wife. Richard her son is a Doctor and doesn't know his uncle Greg is his father. Kay and me get on very well still and my wife Elizabeth doesn't know about me and Kay.

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