I took my chance

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Not great with women but had some successes over the years. But now in my thirties I wanted to marry and start a family. But the boat had sailed you could say, in my neck of the woods, female availability was very limited in my age group meaning none. But just by pure chance a woman 30 was left by her husband, without any money or way to support herself and her daughter 3. He just cleared out on her, for no apparent reason, but he had one he had ripped off business associates (drugs). Not the type you screw with, hence the sudden departure and he took everything of value including her jewelry. I heard of her plight and decided to chance my luck, fully expecting her to divorce him. The divorce didn't happen as the business associates caught up with him (2010) and so she was now a widow instead. She was available and as I had helped her a great deal and being not concerned about her now late husband's connection to the drug trade. I was her go to guy for assistance, I quickly realized it would better for us to start anew somewhere else. So, I convinced her to move away with me to restart her life. She accepted and we left and married on arrival at our new hometown. I'm able work wherever I get good internet and so we started our marriage life, and I quickly got her pregnant. Giving my now adopted daughter a little brother, over the following years my family grew. Until 2019 when my wife had miscarriage and lost the child and the ability to have any more children. But with 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls (one adopted) I was quite happy with that as a family. My wife is a great mother and I'm quite sure she is my perfect soulmate and I'm very proud of my children especially my adopted daughter who is very bright and beautiful young woman now. All my children are perfect in my eyes and as a family we've prospered very well mostly over the years. A slight downturn between late 2017 and early 2021 when everything again picked up again. A bright future before us all.

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