Ever Willing

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I'm not a great ladies' man and at 22 live alone and work shifts, which doesn't allow much time for chasing girls. Also, girls don't want a boyfriend who is working nights when they want to go out and party. I'm alone because my mother died 9 years earlier and my father drank himself to death early last year. No siblings so I got the house nothing special 3-bedroom 1-bath ranch style. Anyway, at my workplace I got a new partner as my old partner moved interstate and my new partner is a woman 37 single okay looking. Not that I try and date her as my failure rate had deterred me from even trying. As it turned out she had recently moved here and was having trouble finding a suitable rental. My home is only 6 blocks from warehouse complex I work in electrical maintenance. I'm fully qualified having started training a 15, I knew she was looking for a better place. But said nothing about my place having spare rooms. I usually walk to work unless it's raining or snowing. One day shift we were finishing, and it was raining heavily, and I had a pocket raincoat for emergencies. But my new partner offered to drive home and that how she found out about my house and my living alone. A couple of days later, she straight out asked me had I thought about renting out rooms. I said I hadn't thought about it, and she then asked me would I rent her a room. I was quiet and then okay if you really want. Have a look at the spare rooms after work and decide if you're interested. We finished at 6am and she drove me home again and came inside to look at the rooms. The main bedroom was one and the other was smallest of the 3 and next to the laundry. My room was next to it and then the bathroom and then the main bedroom after that. She asked why I didn't use the main bedroom and I said I've always had my room and hadn't seen the need to move. She was very happy with what she saw and said if I was agreeable, she would take it. I replied it's yours then, she moved in the next weekend, and we started walking to work together. I got to see her in her underwear several times but didn't try anything. Then one morning just after getting home around 620am, we made breakfast together as was now usual for us and she asked what I had planned for the day as we had finished our early shifts and were changing to afternoon shifts starting the day at 2pm. So, I could go out and party if I wanted too. But I'd nothing planned and neither did she, but she said she was going to have a long soaking bath after breakfast and straight out asked me to join her. I was shocked and she added she wanted to have some fun and I was available. I was happy she said available and not the only one available and nodded my agreement. She really likes sex I found out and she drains me often, she can't have children and so protection is needed. I wasn't a virgin having paid to lose it at 19 had paid for all my sex until that day. We usually sleep together every night now, not having sex all the time but it's very regular still. She started talking about me getting married, not to her but she has a niece 20, she reckons would be perfect for me. As yet nothing has come of it, but I'm ever willing.

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