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I join the military for excitement and got plenty of that and after two hitches, I returned home to start my new life. I got several useful skills in the military, that gave me a boost in my civilian life. Settling into a civilian job and lifestyle was strange at first, but I got on with everybody I worked with or met. Anyway, I met a mature woman (49) at my workplace, and we hit it off as they say. Soon becoming lovers on friends with benefit type relationship. After a year I got an inheritance from an uncle, I'd barely knew, and I was his last living relative on my mother's side. I'm an only child and my mother died when I was 13 and my father wasn't around all that much, and I was raised by his parents. My mother's parents died years before my mother, so I've little knowledge of all my relatives whether many or few. I was rich from the inheritance just comfortable and able buy my own home. My friend/lover moved in with me and her daughter did as well. Now 2 years later I'm still fucking my friend and married to her daughter, and we have a daughter together. My wife is still doing her university courses and her final year.

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