I heard and read Stories

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During high school and then in university, I heard and read stories about other poorer counties. Where you could easily marry a local woman or buy a wife as they were desperate for a better life. Being a total failure in relationships, I saw it as the only way I would ever get married. I had one large advantage I was rich and not just thru my family's wealth, I was rich in my own right. A very large trust fund and inheritances saw to that, and I was had a great career ahead of me. Mainly thru family connections, but I'm very intelligent with a high IQ. Just not great with chatting up women, gifted in intelligent and lacking in interpersonal relationships. Finishing university, I went overseas to investigate the stories I had heard and read. But told the family I was boarding my knowledge before starting career. I'm able to speak 5 languages besides English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Arriving in Europe I settled in Austria as a base for exploring Europe as it was central and would enable my quest the most. Everything I heard wasn't as stated, but there was some truth to the stories. But it wasn't as widespread I as I thought, after several months I'd narrowed my search area. I didn't speak the local language but could get by with German or even English. I soon found the perfect woman (23) for me; she was intelligent and but no centerfold model. But still attractive to me, she was also available. No suitors as she was poor and had no father or brothers to support her and her widowed mother (42) and no dowry either the main reason she wasn't wanted. She worked as a translator and guide and strictly that's all no night work or extras services provided. Might be poor but very proud and family honor was everything to her and her mother. I wasn't getting anywhere with working for me and so I changed tact. I decided to visit an out of the way old castle which meant being away for at least 2 nights. Knowing she wouldn't accept the job; I made the offer asking her mother and asking her mother to come along as well. As the mother also done the same work as the daughter, I would be paying both. Adding I wanted someone I already knew as the reason. At first, they weren't accepting as I thought, but agreed finally after 2 days thinking about it. I'd great time seeing the castle and got on with both mother and daughter, nothing happened except I was seen as trustworthy. Returning I kept hiring both and after a month, asked the mother if I could marry her daughter and bring them both back home with me. Shocked at first at my request, but most importantly not rejected. She thought about my request and asked her daughter what she thought, and the daughter said she liked me. That was enough for them to accept, and we married a few weeks later. No dowry or mother working as my servant for the rest of her life. Returning home with my bride and mother-in-law, the family already knew and liked them, and we settled on the family estate. Blessed with son with a year of our return and a daughter 2 years later. The only major change was my mother-in-law marrying my mother widowed brother last November. My wife is pregnant again and we were told it's a girl again, I think I've done well in my 8 eight years of marriage.

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