Phoenix Envy: I Need A Sol

Written by , on 2024-06-04, genre voyeur

I need a sol, a soul unlike any other Supreme Supremacy; A temperance templating designating itself God. Telling me a pathway where to transverse. A brussel of rose peddles flourishing in the con creating Nova Novella into a divine divination mirror: Reminiscence of Seasons' gone by; trepidations opposites the cherry blossoms signaling of the beginning/end.

Wondrous, illustrious, congregating sol: A wondering of what my sol will hold. Wondering if my sol got what to hold, Laaaaaaaa; Fire by my side! Verses string dimensions realm area of plead coinciding in a illustrious. Dreary beside the cherry blossoms; Beyond the endless bordering hence; illustrious is my sol is a soul concreting for infinity. Migrant on a name, a singularity Solus Flare: A Temperance Flare within me; Whew, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa aa aaa aa aaa aa
aaa; The darkness turning into visualizations of seasons' congregating illustrious grey; The hearth sat before, Temperance Flare never knowing how to be tamed. Tears pairing of diamonds, forging venture, therefore there forth presence present darkness/illustrious/morning on Seasons' alliterations and temperance congregating; Crystal Diamonds parry my sol! Rise and Fall on a sacred stream. Temperance Flare knows how to be tamed! A brussel of sand dust particles, peddles, flourishing in the Temperance Flare; Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, A darkness/illustrious/morning liquidus flows into a waterfall, cherry blossoms flourish from each rapid.

Current onto my hearth, darkness/illustrious/morning is a sea illustrious in congregation: Current onto my faith; Self sovereign onto solidity state, entailing Nova Novella entailing that never shall I as God shall die. Carrying on my site, over the falls circulating cherry blossoms; I need a sol, a soul unlike any other Supreme Supremacy. Temperance Flare is on my heart, manipulating the sea on a flame. Dreams call a apparition of thy're name! The Temperance Flare bridles me Jade; a sol that is a sun - Befallen/Befalling. A shadow of a forest, a darkness migrant/migrant darkness in casting of sea - temperance in shall it forge, temperance shall it illustrious.

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